My Favorite Muffin

8719 E Dry Creek Rd, Centennial
(303) 290-1027

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Cindy Coker

This was my first time not only at this location, but any location Fast service was fast , but not in a good way. It was rushed, and it wasn't busy. . I stopped because i wanted a coffee. I wound up ordering bagels for my office since it was a good selection. I ordered an iced coffee, and did get a chance to offer any other preferences. I was handed a cup with cold coffee. No ice. I asked about ice , and i was dirdcted to the ice machine behind me. And told cream was there as well. I prefer almond milk and sugar free flavoring. These are good details to get prior to judt pouring cold coffee in a cup and handing it over. Hard to add ice to an already full glass of liquid. I guess a little better customer service would be nice


Terrible experience. Was charged for a product I didn't even receive. Bought 1 American sunrise bagel sandwich and a jalapeno cheddar bagel but was charged for an additional bagel sandwich. The guy at the counter said "southern tradition" and I told him no it's an "American sunrise" since that was the sandwich I got and was more expensive but he just went ahead and added both to my order. Will not return.

Anna Overley

Large on-line order waiting for me when I arrive. Manager is wonderful and always helps carry out my order to my car. Muffins are huge, delicious and speak for themselves. I'm a frequent flyer.Food: 5/5

M. C.

Consistently poor customer service. Our order is wrong about 25% of the time. Most recent issue was a completely missed sandwich, and the store wouldn't fix it because we ordered online. Menu offerings are similar to other places with better service, do not recommend.

Tom O

First time in 28 years of living in Colorado that I stepped into MFM!Was pleasantly surprised at the variety and taste of their muffins.I will definitely return again soon.

Jen W.

First time here. Got to the cashier and ordered a muffin and coffee. She gave me coffee cups and I waited for the muffin. A few minutes later she asked if I had received my muffin and I said no. She asked me if I ordered it at another station. I had no idea about this other station and said no. She started bitching me out for not ordering earlier. A male employee said he would get the muffin. The lady kept complaining I should have ordered earlier. Forget customer service. Husband went next door for burritos, came back with them, and we still waited ten more minutes for a coffee and to get bitched out. One and done.

Matt Maletz

This place came highly recommended by locals, who very much enjoy the breakfast bagel sandwiches. I found the bagels to be more akin to bread rolls: soft and very little difference between crust and crumb. If that's the kind of bagel you prefer, you'll like these. If you're more accustomed to New York–style bagels, you may want to look elsewhere.Parking: Plenty of parking in the lot.

Jennifer N.

We've been going to this location for years now and are so impressed with the people and their service every time! The people are so helpful and incredibly friendly. And the muffins are tasty, too! Highly recommend.

Annie M.

Food is delicious, but prices seem to just go up and up. I understand inflation, but seems a bit ridiculous to pay $14 for a single breakfast sandwich. Plus they take forever, so don't go if you are in a hurry!

Jamie Leben

Delicious muffins and bagels with good food quality and great variety.Clean and comfortable.Polite quick Service.

Alejandro TORRES

The best customer service! Muffins are always to die for ! And their coffes are the best ones I haved ever tried ! Highly recommend toGo !

Sheri Jaramillo

Amazing. Got a large box of muffins and bagels last minute for the office. In and out so fast as well as suuppeerr yummy!

Chris M

Horrible drinks. Horrible service. Multiple visits. Warm and watered down iced coffee drink. Wrong orders during pickup. Attitude when asking for the correct orders. Muffins are always great. Drinks are subpar at best. Never had a good one.

Anastasia Y.

I had an excellent experience here this morning. I work down the street and was looking to grab a quick bagel before work so I stopped on my way in. Lots of parking, quick service, and after asking for my bagel to be double toasted, the lady working even held up the bagel to make sure it was toasted enough for me! So awesome and the cream cheese ratio was amazing. My visit ended with a very nice gentleman happily dancing at the register to Katy Perry as he ran my card. So happy I stopped in this morning - be back soon!

Lisa S.

Visiting my daughter in Englewood, I was looking for an easy breakfast spot within walking distance. My Favorite Muffin came up on reviews. I phoned ahead as I was walking with my daughter's dog. The staff was awesome. The restaurant is clean and inviting. Better still my breakfast order was ready to go. The muffin and coffee were delicious! I have now returned to My Favorite Muffin two days in a row. I highly recommend this restaurant.

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