My Neighbor Felix Centennial

7209 S Clinton St, Centennial

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dave ortuno

Love their mega Rita’s

Iain Smith

Any update to the anticipated opening day? Thanks!

Sarah Howard

Excited for you guys to open!!!Food: 5/5

Benjamin Parham

Love the Lo-Hi location and can’t wait to eat at this one. Can’t believe someone gave them a 1-star review before they were even open. Here’s a 5-star because you guys rock!

Yana Abramowitz

Only reviewing to get the rating back up — idk why that person put 1 star! Will update review once we try it out.

Lindsay Millspaugh MSW LCSW

Is there an estimated date of the opening? ???

April Ure

The building looks amazing and we can’t wait to eat here when it opens! I feel bad all of these people are leaving 1 star reviews already right off the bat. Let’s give them a great head start! I hear wonderful things and I’m certain this review will stay at 5 stars once they’re open and we try the restaurant out! :)

j Sanchez

This place isn’t even open. How can someone claim great service?

Josh Freely

Looking forward to going when they open!

Luis Hoagland

great service

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My Neighbor Felix Centennial

7209 S Clinton St, Centennial, CO 80112