Hungry Howie's Pizza

4272 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 266-2663

Recent Reviews

Amanda Riffe

Fix your oven. Everytime I get a pizza from here it’s undercooked has a very distinguished gross taste.

Rick B.

Got one of these the other day just my simple pepperoni and mushroom when I got it. It was aesthetically pleasing I was like oh this is gonna be goodbut into it had. No flavor sauce had no flavor. I was shocked for as good as it looked, I don't know maybe it was just that one pizza but not impressed right off the get-go.

Patrick Gardner

Hungry Howie’s always has good deals on their app. Got 40% off a Large Double Duo pizza. Only cost $8 for carry out. The seasoned crust options are unmatched. I always get the garlic herb and butter Asiago crust. Pizza was hot and ready by the time I got there. Smooth transaction.

Christal Mackey

I called to ask my local Hungry Howies if there was red dye in the sauce for digestive sensitivity. The franchise owner told me “ what are you asking me for go call corporate” I was really surprised with the hostile and irritated attitude he had with me. Just a simple ingredient question i really thought my local owned store would be happy to assist with. Boy was i wrong. It was really hurtful the way he spoke to me, i felt a kind of defeat for awhile. I hope i don’t ever make someone feel that way.

Leslie M.

I'm very disappointed with my service. I noticed the manager Nate slacking off. He ignored me multiple times while the employees were working hard. I love pizza from here but I will not be returning due to the managers service

Riley Ellisor

The pizza is great and the service is even better. Thanks for the full belly!

John W.

Try Hungry Howie's pizza for the very first time every I call got your meat eater's 14 x 10 deep dish!!! me and my dad move to Colorado springs from Lafayette, In. to be closer to my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew . the pizza very great and both the man who took my order and deliver man where both very great.

Ayden Myers

There Pizza Is Always Mouth-Watering,The Sauce Is Always Hot, And There's Always A Cheese Pull When You Take A Bite. If You Go There, The Flavored crust is to die for, *I Recommend the garlic herb. And if you want to spend extra, try the bread sticks, and cookie pie. You Won't Regret coming here!


Love Hungry Howie’s. Definitely the best pizza chain. I just wish there was one further down south.

Megan Dulin

Every time we order, delivery shows up incredibly fast. Sometimes, pizza us not done all the way. Today it wasn't. However, I called the store and they delivered a new pizza and it is DELICIOUS and perfect. Love this place.

Nick Cimino

The pizza is amazing but the crust is on another level. So many flavors to choose from. I've never been huge on eating the crust but no matter who you are they will have a crust flavor you like!


I love the energy here. Mathew was super friendly as well as the rest of the staff and the food of course was great.

karen m.

May 2022 Attached please see the photo of how it is advertised and what I actually got. It weighs 11 oz on the scale. Taste was ok.

catherine Miller

One of the best places in my opinion to get a delicious pizza for reasonable prices.

Oorah Callaghan

Very nice place to get a pizza. The workers are all friendly,the place is clean and the pizza was delicious. Will definitely be back and recommending to others ❤️

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