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1590 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 203-3278

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Luke Fontaine

Honestly I’ve been going here for years and up Intel this last year this location has been good. Not anymore though, 5 times I have ordered a sandwich at night and five times I have been called saying we had to cancel your order because we are out of bread, I honestly don’t believe them because they’ll use the same excuse on my friends and family when they don’t wanna make the order especially when I go in there and can see they have bread, I even told them to make it without bread and they just hung up on me. They were also suppose to void my payment and didn’t do it, then I was suppose to be given two free subs and it never happened, they said well we have you a free cookie but I had earned that cookie on my own rewards and then they argued with me about that. I think this is the last time I order there.

Jojo Harris

Just went through drive through and got totally ignored. Absolutely no one there. I tell tem to hold on for one sec and they never get back to me. Made me feel horrible. Thanks!!!

lacey thies

I ordered a veggie sandwich with no cheese and added onion. I received an order with no lettuce and I though no avocado. When I called the store they said they did forget the lettuce but the avocado was definitely on it under the cucumber. When I looked they were correct they just put about a tsp. I added spinach in the picture from home.

Hannah Big

I ordered a sandwich and told them no tomato, because it’s an allergy and I pull up in the drive thru and hear the staff joking about it very loudly. Made me uncomfortable and feel embarrassed. The reason I give three stars is because I’ve met awesome staff during lunch time who has always reassured me they used new gloves for my allergy etc, not like today where they are joking about the customer, in front of the customer.

josh lewis

I just drove by. I loathe Jimmy Johns, its 14$ sammiches i can make at home. I dont get it

Tamara C.

Yes I love their subs because they put a lot of meat in their subs compared to other sandwich places. They also make a sub wrapped in lettuce that is very good.

Brooke DeWitt

Don’t understand why you stopped delivering to our place. We are only 1.5 miles away. They could at least participate with grub hub, doordash, or Uber eats so we could still order from there. JJ used to be our go to when we didn’t want to leave the house.

Francisco Mariano

I am absolutely amazed at how fast they move. I always preorder, through the mobile app and they never disappoint. Not to mention, the sandwiches are incredible!! Thank you for the hard work guys, see you guys again for lunch!

Kathryn Talbott

Not sure if it was a Katie or a Christina that I spoke to today about a last-minute and rather frantic boxed-lunch order but she was ABSOLUTELY phenomenal. She said it was her first day opening the store but she was quick to get the order and had no problems with the short time-frame. Also kudos to Mike who had no issues when I called and needed the order sooner than originally requested. Poor planning on my part is not an emergency on theirs, but this store rose to the occasion and really saved my keister. Ten stars if I could & so much gratitude!


I have gone to this location a few times now and it is constantly slow even when there is no one else there. The bread to filling ratio is terrible (take half the bread off and it would be a normal sandwich ratio at every other location). Everytime i have gone to this location a normal item from the sandwich missing (like cheese). Needless to say I do not suggest this location nor will I be returning. On the plus side the staff is friendly.

Teresa Meade

Nice staff, yummy sandwiches, but I do remember a little more meat than in the sandwiches.


EVERY time I order from here it’s literally like an hour and a half to get my food delivered. I live exactly ONE mile away ? We order JJ almost daily for lunch and for some reason every time we try to get delivery it switches our location to this store! Seriously going to just stop eating JJ and go somewhere else that isn’t ridiculous! On top of that you pay a delivery fee plus a tip for the slowest service in the world! Super disappointed! On multiple occasions! Not even worth it anymore!Also don’t follow up on the link, I’ve tried, they still don’t care!

Jennifer P.

Sitting here right now. Sandwiches are good. Same as any Jimmy Johns. However. Staff is super awkward like they hate each other. The only one who offered any kind of smile is the tall kid with short hair. When we walked in I noticed Linkin Park playing on the radio. I am a fan of LP. The music changed to thrash metal screaming and the volume was way too high. I asked for them change the music as I don't want to listen to that while I have lunch with my 11yo. They just look at me with blank stares. Super uncomfortable. They turned it down. I went back up to order another another sandwich to go and there is the screaming rock music blaring again but this time the word fu****g is heard. I told them them please again just turn it down. I was nice, told them with a concussion I have suffered from is making my head weird out with their music choice. One, the music is not appropriate in an establishment like that and two, people who are employed by this establishment should get trained on customer service and making people who are there feel welcome. Super awkward experience.

Zachary Barksdale

I ordered an hour ago and it say on the order tracker that it's still not even out for delivery.... calling to cancel now.

Lauren Weaver

Don’t waste your time and money. We went for two sandwiches, two chips, and two drinks. The bread was as hard as a rock. They were sold out of nearly every kind of chip and the soda was disgusting. We threw everything out. When I tried to call to speak with a manager, no one answered the phone. Waisted time and money and we are still hungry.

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