3775 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs
(719) 599-0880

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Christy Woods

We ordered the twelve piece strip deal. I asked for bbq sauce and a few of whatever else they had for dipping sauce. When I got home there was no dipping sauce at all, only hot sauce, honey and butter. For forty dollars, I expected some sauce. I won't be going back. They do this everytime.

Julie Langness

Food was great as usual...just wish they were open later. 9pm is just way too early for a fast food place. At least have the drive thru opened till 11pm.Food: 4/5

Maxie Frericks

This place is the worst. I place mobile orders so it will be ready. Not only am I told it’s ready when I get here they say it’s not ready their doors are closed had to go to drive thru for them to tell me to park in front with no customers. They had one dude coke out and ask if he could make my sandwich with tenders instead of filet because he didn’t want me to have to wait 15 more minute! What?! I mobile ordered then I say fine do tenders and then they forget my drink. Please do better I was only customer w multiple workers and they still couldn’t do it ridiculous

Scott Burchett

The food was super fresh and hot because we showed up just before the dinner rush.

Candace Valdez

I prefer coming to this location versus wal mart location but tonight I ordered a chicken sandwich and ended up with mini corn dogs. They were good but not worth the 8.99 I paid for a sandwich. Do better KFC on Austin bluffs and academy. There was only one car in line, me, but I had to wait for approximately 5 minutes to get food. JUST DO BETTER!!.

All About Roofing

This has to be the worst KFC. Last visit the drive thru menu light was off and when I told the employee, her reply was that it's on a timer...it was 9:15 pm, so dark anytime of year after 9. menu was completely unreadable with no other lights around on. They were out of original chicken and the chicken sandwich I settled for was cold and hard, obviously made hours before hand. Tried to call to ask about it and they don't answer the phone.

Arianna Curry

Do not visit this location. Every time I go there I’m told they are out of chicken. So how are you a chicken place and have no chicken? So tried to order AW, they said only thing they had to serve on AW menu is cheese curds! ????‍♀️ So we only sell cheese curds for two entire restaurants put into one?!

Lisa J.

Unbelievable horrible drive thru service makes me question the quay of the order from this location tonight just went through this late afternoon at 6:23pm mst. This worker claimed to be in charge as the manager whi

Mari Williams

Service was incredibly good but whoever owns the franchise needs to take proper care of the place as the air conditioning was out when we got there and we propped the doors open to get some air flow. Kudos to those workers for providing excellent service in that heat!

Casey Thomason

If I could leave zero stars I would. I go to order and they wanna tell me they aren’t making anymore food and closing 5 hours before closing time. Employees wanted to be rude as heck. Definitely not returning

Nicole Robinson

The absolute WORST meal I’ve ever had at a KFC. Ordered 5 piece chicken tenders and I don’t know how it’s possible to have dried up tenders that are UNDER cooked… but they did it. My husband traded me our meals. He had a the chicken/mashed potatoes bowl. It wasn’t terrible. It was edible. He couldn’t eat my chicken tenders either. Disgusting. When your employees are too lazy to cook fresh food… do something about it. Biscuits were dry and as hard as a rock. Unbelievable. I’d go back and demand my money back but both my husband and I actually work hard unlike the employees at this KFC. We are both exhausted and too tired to go back and complain.

Candy Thomas

Girl at drive through window had a horrible attitude. Rude and stuck up. Acted like my order was an inconvenience to her

Donnell Lewis

SpongeBob mask guy is pretty cool and the girl at the window with the spongebob mask is adorable. They handled my order and were pretty quick about it. The milkshake he made me was amazing. I like this spot tbh.

Don Juan

Look man the staff is usually pretty cool. But as far as the establishment itself? Trash. They are always out of something. The drive through had pot holes even after they fixed it. The light on the menu doesn't work at night. They need exact change. Ran out of chicken. I mean worst kfc I've been too.

Kate Mondello

Are the owners aware that the workers at night tell customers that they are out of chicken in order to avoid working? They also claim that they can only accept cash payments. How is this KFC still in business? I live in the area and have encountered this at least 4 separate times and have driven off every time. Your employees are costing you money! Find new ones if you want to keep your business.

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