Latin Quarters

3958 N Academy Blvd Unit 112, Colorado Springs
(719) 591-1502

Recent Reviews

Yancy Cisneros

Super fun, clean, great prices, love the music, and safe. I've been going here for years, and I always have a great time!!! Thank you Latin Quarters, I love you guys ?❤

Tatyana B.

Met a lot of great people, security is great with tossing out drunks, music is diverse.

Tyanna Cuadrado

Learn how to tell customers the correct times of operation. Not only is the time “wrong” on the website, google, and their doors, but I called and asked and got the wrong time too. Incompetent. Learn how to run a business maybe you’ll be more :)

Chantel Gomero

It’s cool place and all but the problem is there’s a lot of underage drinking going on!!! No bueno at all

Anthony Perez

Pretty fun club. Love the fish bowl. Saturday is the best day to go. Stays packed and the music selection is good. There are a lot of fights though

WildLife L

Watch out for this place they will overcharge you for drinks. They always be changing there prizes on them drinks especially those fish bowls ?. Good music but the dj they have there sucks sometimes. 2021

Bella O.

i literally got SA and then someone sprayed pepper spray or put tear gas? and started shooting ive never felt more unsafe and the security didnt help anyone but it had great music

yaimara Cubana

The drinks horrible. A lot of Fights this place is socks

Cesar Rodarte

We were shot at as we tried to leave.

Cassandra C.

This was absolutely the most traumatic experience I've ever had the pleasure of warning others of. I lost my friends around 1:50 am and I was decently drunk at this point. I'm 18+ and as I was drunk and stumbling around looking for my friends, some random man started asking me very aggressively personal questions about myself. At some point one of the questions was a yes or no and i had gotten very frightened and yelled,"no!". I went into The women's bathroom hoping that they would leave me alone but they did not. I was using my body weight to hold the female bathroom door closed but that same person kept banging on the door and kept trying to open it saying,"I'll call the cops on you since you're a minor" and I kept yelling,"do it!" Since I'm not a minor. They finally pushed me from the door and pulled me from the bathroom. They threw me out of the exit and I was drunk and scared. This will absolutely be the last time I go into latin quarters. Not at one moment had they mentioned that they were security. I very genuinely though that they were trying to kidnap me. I was abandoned and alone in the back exit trying to find a familiar face but this club had only offered me a nightmare. I was and will continue to be traumatized from this experience. They are lucky that I do not sue. Ok, I'm editing a day or two after I had come here and I am sore and covered in bruises from what happened to me. I don't remember how rough the "security" was or wasn't but my body is in a decent amount of physical pain. I'm still also pretty shaken up from what happened and I very genuinely don't know when I'll be back to 100%. This place needs to be shut down.

Mikaela Budzick

This club is pretty fun to go to on Saturdays! It’s always packed & with a younger crowd. They also serve these huge drinks!!

marcus mueller

I dont know how old the last reviews are. But just went tonight. Young crowd. Good music. Good drink prices.

Airis Erazo

Obvio lo recomiendo se la pasa súper bien ahí

Selvin Padilla

Se disfruta de la Mejor música tropical

Adam Phillips

Amazing place to drink and dance the owner is real cool I also met some amazing people the music they play all types of music. So please visit you will have fun just drink responsibly.

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