Mollica's Italian Market and Deli

985 Garden of the Gods Rd # A, Colorado Springs
(719) 598-1088

Recent Reviews

Michael Soller

Great Italian deli. Go for lunch go for dinner. Great place

Ernest Rodriguez

Always love this place. Owner is very friendly and always comes by to ask how everything is going.Of course food is delicious and prices are great. Have never gone away hungry.

Michael Wickwire

This Deli is absolutely incredible! They have so many food items and desserts to choose from. The food is so flavorful and delectable! I highly recommend Mollica's as you will not be disappointed.

Carol Marshall

Mollica’s is a little jewel of an Italian restaurant at985 Garden of the Gods Rd, near the highway. We’ve been doing more and more take-out ordering since the pandemic, and Mollica’s is a favorite. Their subs & sandwiches are substantial and very tasty. Tonight my husband had the hot Italian beef sandwich, with a hot au jus. He loved it. For the first time, I had a Mollica’s calzone, with Italian sausage, basil, & sweet peppers. Wow. It was amazing! The sausage was so flavorful, and the braided bread for the calzone was fragrant; hearty enough to stand up to the filling, and yet lightly chewy at the thickest part.The dining room is open, so eating there or at home is a win-win for everyone.

Allison Gray

DO NOT GET CATERING FROM THIS PLACE.I chose this place to support small business and it has good reviews, this was not my experience. When I first called to get a catering quote the owner was rude and seemed flustered. I thought about it and called back later and asked if they preferred not to do catering? The kid on the phone and said oh “Jerry the owner is rude he is just like that” I should’ve stopped there but i didn’t and all other communications were normal not nice but normal and acceptable. I waited for a quote for a week but when I called back he said it wasn’t done yet but we could do it over the phone right then. We worked up a quote over the phone together and I asked for food for 30 even though our guest list was only 25 so we would have extra. I also ASKED EVERY TIME WE TALKED that he would bring the food hot. He assured me multiple times that he would and that he had an oven in his van. I paid half over the phone and I SENT HIM a confirmation email since he couldn’t figure my email address? I sent him an email confirming the food we wanted and the details of everything and I paid half to reserve the date. He asked I call him the day before the wedding but instead I called the week before the wedding to just go ahead and pay the other half and to touch base. When I called they gave the phone to jerry and he HAD NO IDEA AND NO RECORD OF ANYTHING. He pretended to remember me but I went over everything in detail AGAIN WITH HIM so everything would be correct. I asked again that the food would be hot and he said yes and that he would mix the alfredo on site for us so it wouldn’t be gummy I told him delivery at 7:00. I also went to the store to the day before the wedding to pick up a meat and cheese tray (which they did a great job on) I paid the rest of my balance and told him again delivery at 7 and asked again that it would Be hot.DAY OF he showed up 30 minutes early with COLD FOOD EVERYTHING WAS COLD. He told my sister who received the food that it was hot even though it wasn’t and even mentioned his oven in his truck to her again? Also for some reason he brought three huge things of salad and make a comment to my sister that I ordered too much? I didn’t have anything to do with the quantity ordering he had full control and I overquoted him on the amount of people so we would have extra. Half of my wedding party had to rush into the house and try to heat up all the food so we could eat it was ICE COLD even after time in the oven and we RAN OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! THE RAVIOLI ran out Halfway through people getting their food. We had to order pizzas and some people didn’t eat at all until 9. I have no idea why he would LIE TO ME ABOUT HOT FOOD MULTIPLE TIMES AND LIE TO MY SISTERS FACE. AND HE DIDNT HELP SET UP OR PUT ANYTHING TOGETHER. Just dropped off cold food early and with an attitude and left. Worthless steer clear of this place for catering.

Pete Myers

Excellent every time. I love little places like this and the food here is beyond the best.

Jeff Thompson

Fantastic!!! Fresh fresh fresh .Everything hand made and very tasty!! Great staff. Very popular so you may have a little wait during peak hours!! Well worth the wait.. hats off to this spot for sure!!

Matt Westenburg

Food is always so good, I forget to take a picture! You must eat here. Excellent food and great people!

Sherry Rodaway

Best Italian food in Colorado Springs! I would highly recommend Mollica’s for any catering event. Jerry catered a big event for us at the Xfinity Roller Sports Arena and everyone could not quit talking about how amazing the food was! Thank you Jerry!!!

Shane French

Such amazing food and staff. Sandwiches are the best in town. I can only speak for their sandwiches since that's all I've ever had there. The rest looks amazing though. They even have pre-made lasagna to go.

Caryn M.

I love mollica's and their patio in the summer! Great sandwiches, pasta and antipasto platters ! I also love the mini market. Thank you!!

Rob P.

Excellent food quality, experience, price point. Very busy restaurant on a Saturday however worth the wait!

Ryan K.

Was visiting from out of town. Wanted some Italian food and was suggested to come here. It's a cute little Italian deli with a small dining room and they have a display cases with all the meats and cheeses and behind you have some refrigerators with like frozen and premade Italian food like lasagna ,manicotti another Italian dishes. I decided to go for a salad since I'm on a diet I got the grilled chicken salad. It was a great portion and it was delicious the chicken tasted great but their dressings were phenomenal. I got a balsamic vinaigrette and an Italian dressing and they were both out of this world. My girlfriend got the Italian hero sandwich and I had a bite and it was absolutely delicious as well. They also have the stuffed peppers which are phenomenal I believe they're stuffed with prosciutto and cheese and in like some kind of vinegar at all man spicy but so mouthwatering delicious. The pasta salad they also give you with the sandwiches was one of the best pasta salads I've ever had We even decided to get some cannolis and they make them fresh there and it's pretty decently priced they have different kinds regular and chocolate dipped so we got half-and-half and oooooohhhhh man they were so so good. The other people we are with also got a pizza and even the pizza was absolutely delicious and looked really really good. So if you're in the car Rado Springs area and you want some good authentic Italian food I strongly recommend checking this place out you won't be disappointed

Lunar Void

Mollica's is a little different than your run of the mill Italian food place. It's a restaurant/mini market that feels like the cozy family run restaurant/market that it is. They don't really have any form of presentation for you like most restaurants try to do. And honestly, they don't need it, the food here speaks for itself. Their Italian Sandwiches are all authentic and delicious. Their American style Sandwiches pull their own weight too. Don't expect to be dazzled, but know that you're going to be leaving with a belly full of great food. Their staff is attentive and nice, adding to their comfy atmosphere. If you're in town, make sure you stop by the one and only Mollica's at least once, you won't regret it. They've stolen the hearts of many locals already so ask around and you'll hear their name often.

G withacapitalG

Great Family restaurant. I have never had a bad meal here. Staff is friendly. We special ordered a Stromboli and it was delicious. Love their pasta salad too.

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