Musashi Japanese Restaurant

1765 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 597-0634

Recent Reviews

Thomas A.

I had the worst dining experience of my life at that restaurant. The waiter at our table decided to go on an anti LGBT rant while at our table. There is absolutely 0 reason that is acceptable, especially when people were butchered a few miles away.

Tara G.

This place was so filthy inside that it made me feel gross. Definitely didn't even want to eat the food I paid for because looking at the greasy walls and hairy/dusty vents right above my table totally turned me off. Too bad. This place could be really kitschy-cute if it weren't so dirty. How is this restaurant even allowed to feed people? Has no one come for an inspection in the least five years? The only positive I can offer is that the server and chef were very nice. They deserve somewhere nicer to work.

Zengirl Miller

Just visited there last night withb a friend for her birthday. I haven’t been there in a long time. Food wasn’t bad, . One thing I will tell you if you’re the last person at the table you get very little food. I had the chicken and so did 4 other people at our table plus one to go box that he was filling. When it came time for me to get chicken, I got like 5 tiny pieces. Same with the mushrooms, I hardly got any and everyone else got a decent portion. So don’t be the last person. ? we were at a table in the back and he served left to right.Kid-friendliness: There was a father with his child at our table and she really enjoyed it.

Alice Miles

Overall, this was a great place for dinner. I appreciate the chill vibe of the staff, which is uncommon in these settings. The food was flavorful and reasonably priced, although apetizers seemed a bit pricey but we didn't order those so I can't speak to price/serving ratio.There was a birthday at practically every table, so there was periodic singing, but not nearly as disruptive as most places so bonus points!I definitely reccomend trying this spot, and will happily add it to my list of dinner placesParking: The parking situation is odd here, theres a lot of potholes and the entrances are a bit inconvenient, but the parking itself is typically available

Margarita Varer

Our chef was excellent, we had steak, chicken, scallops, and shrimp, and the food was so tender that a baby with 4 teeth ate it.

Tamika Manning

This was our first time and last time. We were celebrating our daughters birthday. I'm just sorry I chose this location.The fried rice was overcooked and he cooked those eggs until they were brown. You could taste the burn throughout it the rice. Steamed rice was over cooked or possibly yesterday's rice. Our chef was inexperienced and kept knocking food into the grease trap and putting it back on the grill. Absolutely no seasonings were added to the steak or chicken. Butter and lemon were added for shrimp. I told the chef I didn't like the food and was told this is just how it tastes.Let's not forget about the smell as soon as you walk in. It's like a musty, concrete basement. Take a look at windows by your table. You'll see this place lacks a lot.


I honestly didn't even have the food. They were slammed and the hostess was kind, went to the bathroom as I waited for a spot to open up, and the bathroom reeked of human urine. I was so disgusted I left in a hurry. It was busy with lots of screaming children around. It may be a great hibachi grill, but I wouldn't eat there with the smell lingering in my nose after visiting the ladies room.

Shelby Rust

The BEST Hibachi!!! The entire restaurant is hibachi for every seat! The food is always INCREDIBLE! I always get the steak and scallops and they are cooked perfectly! Sometimes there is a 15 min wait but I promise it is soooo worth it! They give you so much food! Every meal includes soup, salad, and shrimp as an appetizer!! We usually spend about $60 for my husband and myself not including tip! Highly recommend!!!

Matthew G.

Very good food just need possibly a remodel or to hire an good detailing crew to clean everything up to perfection.

Sarah Moses

Came here for dinner last night (21 Aug 22)Food was 7/10Rice had too much soy sauce. Charged extra for fried rice ?. I thought Hibachi was served with fried rice automatically?Chef talked waaaaaaay too much. Shocked our food wasn't burnt by the end of his yapping.Environment 3/10 - should be shut down for forced renovation.I felt gross the whole time I was in there. There was years of oil build up around the cooking areas, the vents were caked with dust and oil. You can see the clumps of dust fluttering by the vent output. The carpet was dated.Their bar/waiting area was forgotten about. The chairs in the waiting area had holes or some degree of wear and tear on the seats. Decor was outdated. Their bar area was turning into storage.Bathrooms were disgusting. That's all I can say about that.10/10 would not recommend


The food was about a 3.9 maybe 4... but the place was a bit run down between the *lounge chairs being busted with tape on them.. the table chairs that were pretty cheap... the floor was quite sticky.... they didn't put on much of a show like other places... it seems like the cooks were rushed to try to cycle people through quickly. But at least they were friendly about it. Everything was a bit cramped so if you are claustrophobic i wouldn't recommend. Disappointed they don't do sushi anymore though.

April Parkison

I can not believe what I seen. This place is so disgusting. The amount of grease EVERYWHERE. Dripping and mixed in dirt coming from the vents. The build up of crud around the edge of cook top. Dirt and buildup around the walls n floors. The venting above the cook table is soo unbelievably gross. I thought it was going to drop on our food. Let alone the inexperienced cook, who was cross contaminating and reckless with his spatula contaminating fresh food and grill debris/buildup from the many customers before. Our plates had food stuck to it As we were sat down. This place needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL TO BE CLEANED. I have no idea how this place is passing inspections with the health department. Do NOT eat here!! Your health and safety depend on it!!The lady server was very nice, I will give her 5 stars.

Cartier U.

This used to be one of my favorite places to eat. The problem now is as the place has aged the place has become way more dirty. The smell from the grease in the carpet is disgusting and the build up of grease on the wall is horrible. The food seems to have been lacking as well and I am really disappointed in the way that in a pandemic they don't see the reviews and take the time to deep clean from the TOP down

Jodanna A.

Just like I said this place has 0 customer service.Not a peep from them after several bad reviews. Lots of other places to eat that are cleaner than a hasn't been cleaned or updated since 1990.


Great food service was a bit slow because they were short servers but food was great. I have been coming here for the last 15 years and I must say you really need to shut down and deep clean paint and replace carpet and the wall paper. There is years of grease buildup and there’s no way the city would allow a pass if they saw how much it has changed. For your customers you should put more pride in the appearance and cleanliness of your establishment.

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