Old Chicago

4110 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 536-0633

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Andrew Bassett

I’ve had some really great experiences with the bar staff at this location. Chris, Heather and Ashley have all been very knowledgeable about what’s in stock and helped find a drink to match my taste. They also seem to serve the larger bar area which makes their help even more impressive when it’s busy.

Mark Valdez

Place was the best place to go on weekends, great, fun outgoing staff now it's a dead, oversized, grumpy place. The early 2000s this was the best, couldn't get a seat. Now all waitresses are not happy, it's boring definitely not the same. Best place in town is now an oversized dead bar with food, too bad this was a amazing place to eat, drink, play pool and definitely meet people. Total bore....

Jake Payton

Top 3 pizza joints I've ever been to. I've been to Italy and other origins of the classic pizza and this place nailed it. Also, my bartender Ashley was so amazing!!! I drank too and it was a busy Friday and she handled it like a juggler that easily throws chainsaws without fear. Great experience, I will recommend friends and family all day!!!

Bryce Tallent

Food was pretty good, as were the drinks, the service on the other hand was terrible. We were here for over an hour and twenty minutes, saw our server 2 times in the first 10 minutes. After the food was served (by someone not our server) we never saw her again. Went to the bar to get drink refills. After the meal we sat for 40 minutes until we went to the bar to close our tab. After speaking with a manager we were offered a free pizza on our next visit. I explained that would not work as there will be no next visit.

Alex T.

If I could give it 0 stars I absolutely would. My husband and I walked in to the bar. We had one bartender BARLEY say hello to us then walked away and started working in the service well. The bartender to relieve her in shift change came in didn't make any eye contact with us. Then another customer sat down at the bar right next to us. She immediately went right up to him and grabbed his drink order. My husband was a little confused but being in the service industry myself I told him it's fine she will come to us next. That in fact did not happen instead she instead poured his beer and went straight to the kitchen. So we just left because clearly the two bartenders on duty do not want to make money. After we left I decided to call to speak with the manager. When I got on the phone with him he sounded less enthused to speak with me. When I let him know the problem he didn't really seem to care. He said "sorry it's in the middle of shift change. It's no excuse but yeah that's probably why." I said to him "that's a lame excuse. I'm a server and I will take care of the guests first." He said "thanks and sorry again." I have never had a GM not care like that before so I felt talking to him further would be a waste of my breath. Being a server and the time we live in now every dollar counts, but the servers/bartenders at old chicagos will not being seeing mine. No one go to the Austin bluffs and academy location they clearly have no idea about customer service.

Jennifer J.

This establishment has gone way down hill. We ordered the Italian Nachos. The portion Was so small there was hardly any cheese on it -we could only find 3 pepperoni's. We basically paid for a large cup of marinara sauce. When we talked to the waitress about it she said I'm sorry and walked away and did nothing to fix the issue. When we asked for our check the waitress just stood there and watched us while we were trying to split our tab. She should have put it down and came back for it when we were ready. The locks on all of the stalls in the women's bathroom are broken so the doors don't even stay closed. There was toilet paper and paper towels all over the floors. This would be more understandable if the place was busy. The staff is all just standing around by the front door. Our first clue about how terrible Old Chicago has become is how empty the restaurant is on a Friday night during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This place used to be hopping. The only thing that hops around here now are the crickets.

Richard Glitz

Past its prime.On entering, you're greeted with the stale, permeating aroma of decades of spilled and mopped-up beer.Ordered some wings. Flavor was good, but both orders had sections that looked undercooked and therefore not especially appetizing or safe to eat.Server was friendly and helpful, but could know the menu a little better. Her attitude pulled the rating up to three stars.

Joseph Timberlake

Change machine was down and they were out of their old Chicago beers, but the service and food was excellent... Manager came and opened up a pool table for free for us since the change machines were down and he knew we were riding through and just stopping in for a game and beer to wait out the storm. Very enjoyable experience and atmosphere! Prices were perfect for service received.

Ari M

Unfortunately, had to send back our Deep Dish Pizza as it had around 2 inches of raw dough at the bottom. One bite and my stomach was turning at how much raw dough I had just eaten.This is the first time in my memory that I can recall having to send back food because it was truly inedible.The waitress was kind and had it sent back to be remade. I asked how long it would take as the rest of the parties food had just made it to the table with considerable wait. I was told 10 minutes which I was happy to wait.After 30+ minutes later we received our check as everyone was finished dining. Our check included the pizza, even though it still hadn’t come out of the kitchen (we had asked about it multiple times and was always told “a few minutes”)We tracked down the waitress and politely asked her to remove the pizza as our party was ready to leave and we didn’t have the time to wait for whenever this pizza would be ready. They kind-fully obligedAll in all our whole party had quite a subpar experience. Inoperable “Change Machine”. Broken darts to use for the ancient dart machine. Watery cheese sauce. Unseasoned pasta.The wait staff was nice, but seemed to be doing the job of Waitress, Host, and busboy at the same time with only 2 of them their and 1 bartender.My main blame goes towards the kitchen staff and the management. No one in the kitchen should have been Ok with the food that was served

Re O.

This place is filthy. Tables are dirty near the bar area. First thing that you notice when you enter is the smell. It really stinks and clearly needs to be deep cleaned and sanitized. I ventured to the bathroom and it was like a gas station. The Health Department needs to visit this place!

Samantha G.

Where is everyone? I've been sitting in the lobby for 10 minutes. I see wait staff at the bar. Nobody is at the hostess stand. No one has even checked to see if there's anyone waiting in the lobby. One customer came and left because nobody was here to greet him. It is only 3:15, but still. I'm getting ready to leave. I went over to the bar and I saw no employees! Finally, after 15 minutes, I go to my car and call the restaurant. No answer! This is pathetic! I left. I hope the owner sees this and is aware that he's loosing money and there's nobody here to greet and seat patrons.

Jonell E Gillis

We just ordered $180 in Pizza and Wings. This food has been sitting in your place for a long, long time. The Pizza, Cheese and Bread is hard and we can't even cut the boneless chicken wings. Never had problems in the past. VERY DISAPOINTED. ?? We did enjoy the Cheesecake.

Bryan N.

Great service but they don't even serve actual Chicago style deep dish pizza anymore! Very disappointing. You go to a place that's famous for their Chicago deep dish just to find out they quit making it? The pizza they make now is just OK. I won't be back unless they serve actual Chicago deep dish again. I mean, it's in their name!

Nikki C.

I came to this place after working a 12 hour shift in the hospital and 60 hour to work to enjoy sometime with my kids and got turned away by staff because I wanted to sit comfortable in a booth seat and not at a tall table. Because staff did not want to walk over and serve me and my kids all thought the manger corrected the staff the waitress still made me and my kids stand and decided to seat the people that came in behind me their customer service maybe due to the fact of our race I am not sure but I work hard and 17 hours from home and being that they denied me service because I wanted to be sat in a booth after working long hours and a long work week I left because I did not trust them to make my food. They are on the clock to work and walking a little ways across the room to serve a customer to make them comfortable should not be a issue and I also was then sat at a table with ants on it after complaining about the walk the sat my black a** way in the back which made it a longer walk

Janet van Aswegen

The food is pretty good and the whole setup ‘pubby’ yet with an Italian spin hence the pizzas and pastas.

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