QDOBA Mexican Eats

3670 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Suite 100, Colorado Springs
(719) 265-1858

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Jorge Ramirez

I stopped in after my gym session to try their new Biria. I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. What really stood out was the service from the gentleman behind the counter. Very courteous and friendly. I will be returning for more!

Beth Zeka

I recently lost some weight and don't eat as much during one meal. I came in today and wanted a kids meal because I knew a larger meal would go to waste. They wouldn't sell it to me because I'm not 12yo or younger. This practice is ridiculous. So instead of getting ANY of our business, we left and went to Chipotle where I know they'll sell me a kids meal. Ridiculous Qdoba.

David Gustafson

August & Nate did an excellent job in answering our questions about the various menu items and then prepared our order quickly & efficiently. These young men were an example of what a great employee can be. I tried to give them a tip for their wonderful service, but they declined. By the way, the food they prepared for us was great.

Karma Doll

Today I watched a Manager named Christina verbally assault and curse at a young lady who also was working. She yelled at this young woman and resorted to calling her a B word and then ratchet B word due to the young lady who was a minor and we customer's became aware of that when the manager threatened the young lady stating: " you better be glad I am a manager". The fact that this grown woman treated another worker in such a disrespectful and disgraceful manner at all let alone in front of customers is shameful. When asking for the Company Corporate number I was denied that information by Christina the manager. Never will I spend my money in such a place.


This location specifically skimps out on portions for everything. Protein, toppings, queso, chips, etc, are all skimped on. They don't give you the full amount that other Qdoba restaurants give. I've been here enough and to other Qdobas and I've determined it is clearly a ploy by the management team of this restaurant to pad profits. Save your time and money and go somewhere else.

cory N (Corball)

I had some of the best Nachos from them today. It looked like a picture they would have in the window. They were very friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great Job today

Michelle Martinez

This place has awesome staff and Rosa is THE BEST! She’s full of recommendations and has a wonderful disposition. We time our visits around her schedule. Don’t hesitate to stop in. The food is fresh and delicious.

Summer M.

Food is normally amazing but this time was mediocre and environment was absolutely disgusting. None of the kitchen staff was wearing hair nets or gloves. The person fixing my rice bowl found trash in the shrimp and threw my bowl away but used the same contaminated dish of shrimp that just had the trash in it, and there was a hair in my food.

Mark Moore

Ordered online, employees filled several burritos with only rice and other food tasted burnt and was set aside. Avoid ordering from this store.

Teri Pender

I order from this location all the time. Food is always fresh. Customer service is A plus. Today my chips weren't in the bag. I called the store and the girl I spoke with was so friendly and nice. She got another driver to bring me the missing chips. Definitely recommend this location!!!

Greg Swartz

Food was good (4 stars). Service was horrible. (1.5 stars).Kept on telling me I could remove things but not add them.Read: You CAN'T have it your way.Definitely need to learn customer service. And I told that to 3 staff members. No one cared.

Nancy D

This location has hired a lot of teenagers. Not necessarily a bad thing, however there is almost NEVER someone who can be responsible there with them. They goof off, are constantly on their phones, and we even had to yell at them last time to be quiet and stop screaming back and forth. That day also, two of the boys were trying to clean the hoods over the grills and fryer when they were still on and hot! They were dusting off the lights over the bar and it was falling into the food . Both would make such a great complaint to Department of Health. And OSHA. Management or the owner really needs to stick around over the dinner hour and help and train the staff instead of just giving them free rein. Falling into a hot fryer or on a Hot Grill is just asking for a lawsuit. Otherwise the food is generally okay but not fantastic. Other locations definitely have better food.And they change their business hours all the time. We try to go in for a dinner meal and they're closed at 4. Will try to go in for lunch and they're not open yet even though it's noon. They're closed on one day but open on another. Very inconsistentThe only thing you can count on to be consistent is the fact that the dining room is always a disgusting mess. Food on the tables and the chairs and all over the floor, drink stations that are completely a mess and sticky, flatware and napkins that always needs stocking and the trash cans are always overfilling.How does the owner not Wonder why is store is so terrible and not making money?

Gina June

I used to like this place. They never seem to be clean. The tables, floor and counter are always dirty and there is rarely anybody else dining when I'm there. Today the staff was friendly and suggestive which was very nice. The food was tastier than the last few times I've been.

pamela oakes

The food was amazing! It was hot. It was on time. Door Dash was also great. We ordered from Chipotle two nights ago. Our order was wrong. Food was cold. Grub hub was late. We called the restaurant to tell them our order was wong. When we did they said it was Grub Hubs problem. So 60.00 down the drain. Lesson learned!

Lauren M.

This Qdoba is by far the best I have ever been to! My husband and I are regulars and are never disappointed! The staff (especially Rosa!) is warm and welcoming and the quality of food is top-notch.

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