1762 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 266-0530

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Hot chocolate was horrible.Staff was friendly though. Tossed my drink. Went to Scooters instead.

Ashley Meek

I’ve given this location A chance far too many times this morning I went in for a cold brew pumpkin spice and when I question the girl at the window and told her it doesn’t look anything like The specific drink I ordered she said ha ha OK so then I drove off thinking well maybe it is nope it was completely bitter tasted like garbage and hate that I just spent close to six bucks and a drink that’s bitter and nasty. To the girl at the window you need to lose your attitude.

Dina Farmer

One of my favorite locations to get coffee. I love that it's a shipping container! The only thing is q strange entry to get into the drive thru. I think that's the mall's doing and not the store cause other stores with drive through at the mall also have a strange entry.

Daniel Henschel

Austin greeted us with a smile and great 5 star service. The coffee was good, but the service was even better.

DT Rail

I feel this Starbucks deserves 5 stars. 1000/10.

Daniel Mancuso

Possibly the best Starbucks in the world. The staff is always super fast and very personable. My wife and I have never had an issue with our coffee, ever, and we frequent at least once a week. One time there was a bit of a wait and the coffee was free :) If you see a bad review here I would be highly, highly doubtful there wasn't more to the story!

Endie Borghi

Very helpful

Maria Alvarez

We get coffee every other day love it

Anibal Hernandez

Everything is good


Austin was super nice! Great customer connections and perfect drinks!

Dean Chaney

This drive through only store has the best customer service and are very personable. Only Starbucks I visit pretty much daily ?

Donald Olsson

Great Service. Baristas worked hard and fast in 27 degree weather.

Erica Lynn Shephard

Gave me warm milk. When I went back through the line, they knew they made a mistake. Really!! Poor service!!

Cage Frizzell

Worst service ever the girl at drive thru charges you what she wants to don’t understand basic math.

Arthur Gallegos

Green tea is refreshing

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