Tan Phat Vietnamese Restaurant

1512 N Academy Blvd Suite A, Colorado Springs
(719) 203-5471

Recent Reviews

Kara Church

It was ssssooooo good. I just wished they had had pho ga but the #14 and #5 was just perfect! Great dumplings as well.Kid-friendliness: Very sweet family own business that understands family values

Lychll Jayobo

My mom's fave is the #14. Pork soup with egg noodles and wontons. And I request extra shrimp. This hits the spot for her.Their egg rolls are bomb! But the down side is, they don't serve it with the lettuce, rice noodles, and bean sprouts, like I'm used to back home. But still good. Thumbs up ??!

Ella Bookman

A clean, pleasant atmosphere. Lots of large plants and fish tanks. Absolutely outstanding food and friendly service. Also very good pricing. A large pho bowl fed two of us easily. Will be returning for sure!!

Brandy Lueck

Wait staff was very rude and short. Asked for brisket and pork and he stated they could not do that and said we could only get one or the other. The pork was a bright neon pink which was alarming because using dyes in your food may suggest it had lost its freshness and needed to be dyed to look fresh again. Not going back but at least I know now to check that one off the list.

Benjamin Cockrell

Pho was a little sweet and not as nuanced in flavor as I'd like it. I'd come back for sure, because there are so many other dishes to try, but I think it could've been stepped up a notch. Not the cleanest place, but not dirty, and the staff was attentive and quietly friendly. Great for an evening out!


This is an excellent stop in for awesome pho. Fresh ingredients, great flavors. They really care about their food. Always a win when we come in. Thank you!Kid-friendliness: Families are welcomeParking: Plenty of parking for this restaurantWheelchair accessibility: Easy, one-level access from the parking lot

Lindsey Brown

I don't generally leave bad reviews even when things aren't perfect because I understand the industry and have compassion, but I would have never sent out burnt anything to a customer and our egg rolls were literally burned. We then received two exceptionally limp and wilted excuse for a vermicelli bowl with the grossest and weirdest beef I've ever seen put on a vermicelli bowl. I've had hundreds of vermicelli bowls from hole in the walls to fine dining and never had anything as disappointing as this. I feel absolutely ripped off and so disappointed. Paying $36 for gross and poorly done food is just inappropriate.

Cassondra Oetken

My family and I absolutely love this place! The owner and his family are pretty awesome people! The food is great and consistently delicious! Try the #14 it won't disappoint, everything we have tried there has been tasty though! Quality and freshness everytime!

Audrey M.

The exterior isn't much to look at but the food is AMAZING. We ordered spring rolls and pho tai. The springs rolls tasted delicious and the pho was very flavorful! Every time we come to visit CO we make sure to eat here. The food tastes amazing every single time. I would highly recommend this place to anyone! It's never let us down. We always leave satisfied.

Ryan Anand

This place is freaking outstanding. It is by far the best Vietnamese food I’ve had in the springs. The ingredients are fresh, the broth and noodles are perfect. This might be the only pho place that has soft boiled eggs in their soup. Truly authentic recipes, not that Americanized “pho” that people keep complaining about not getting. Just gonna put it out there that if you don’t understand the cuisine you probably are unfit to be reviewing it. Rare steak is supposed to be rare steak, and the broth here is exactly as it should be. If you want legit Vietnamese food this is it. It’s also one of the cleaner restaurants I’ve been to in a while.

Adlib TV (Yourebrokemetoogaming)

Owner is friendly with a positive attitude. Great food, good prices. We had the beef pho and loved it. I recommend this restaurant for anyone that loves Vietnamese food.

Ted Stevenson

We have been going here for at least 5 yrs and are ALWAYS happy. Those who have left low reviews ( which is not many) are not clear on what is real Vietnamese food is. Having spent time in Vietnam I can tell you it's real and as any restaurant there will be variation, but real reviews should be done when you have tried multiple dishes on multiple visits. 1 visit with a review is like meeting someone 1 time and making my judgement of their personality.Great family run place and very good menu! Be adventurous and try a few different things!

Jonathan Carrasco

It's ok. The Vietnamese egg rolls are not what I'm used to compared to Phonomenal and Saigon Bowl Restaurant Dong Khanh at Alameda. Ordered the #1 Beef Pho and although broth wasn't bad it's not something I would go back for. Not for us.


The food was very tasty and authentic! My son, wife and I enjoyed our dishes. He had Pho and we both had Bun Bo Hue. I definitely would be back!

Jennifer Stahl

I had been craving Pho for days. I needed a quick place on the way to the office. I walked in and was treated like the queen. The person that took my order made sure I was seated comfortably at a table while they prepared my order. Got a beautiful order of Pho to go and it was packaged perfectly so I didn't dump it in the car on the way to work. Really tasty too! Will definitely stop in again. 5 star service!

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