The Purple Onion

1840 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs
(719) 434-7418

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Kim Dessen

We are in Colorado Springs on a trip and happened to find this gem. The food was so good and looks just like the pictures. We had a gyro on fries, and a chicken bowl. It was delicious. What a great find.

Tara Holcomb

First time today.. they aren't usually open on Sunday but we got lucky. Amazing food, great drinks and conversation. We will definitely make this a regular stop, loved it!! I SHOULD say it was my first time, my husband and his work crew eat there on the regular ??


The food was decent, I ordered the Gyro which was tasty, but the fries are frozen and tasteless. The service was sub par, the bartender forgot about me (and admitted it). I was literally sitting at the bar two seats away from another group, and not in the corner. The worst was that on a Wednesday night at 8pm the "DJ" had the music at club level. It was so loud you could not have a conversation without yelling. There were maybe 10 people inside of the restaurant which had terrible acoustics, so not only was the music obnoxiously loud it was also distorted.

Jonathan B

I read some buzz about this place and tried it twice, the second time hoping that the first was just a matter of personal preference. The first time, I had a gyro. Other reviews of them were good, but mine wasn't very good. I've had better in other places in the city. Then, someone from the restaurant posted in FB that we should try their burgers. The photo looked good, so I stopped by. I regret that, now. The patty was overcooked and heavily spiced, making it more like a dry meatloaf rather than a burger. The bun was quite nice, and the fries were delicious, but I'd give the burger a big pass. I could only eat about half of the burger, and when I told the waitress that it didn't do it for me, she just shrugged and said, "Oh." No "sorry," or anything else.

Tim K.

I was on the bubble with how to rate The Purple Onion, between a 2 and a 3. The first impression was really odd. When we walked in I thought I was in the wrong place. The walls were painted purple and there were Mediterranean looking lights, but otherwise it looked completely like a dark - worn out sports bar. The center of attention is in fact a massive bar. There are TVs throughout and even a poster of Michael Jordan. Another off putting impression was there was a strong odor of marijuana. The restaurant was dimly lit, the dark floors and purple walls also made the space feel really dark. The server (the only one I saw) was awkward and made us feel rushed. She asked what we wanted to drink before I'd even sat down. Mind you, we didn't even have a drink menu at that point. She came back several times before we'd made up our mind to get our food order. Aside from the ambiance having an identity crisis, so did the menu. The front page of the menu reads like a pub. Burgers, wings, etc. On the back you'll find a small section with the Mediterranean food. $11.99 for a gyro and fries is a little steep, and if you want feta and cucumbers that'll set you back another $2. The gyro was good but truly not any better than anywhere else. The meat platter was tasty, having several different meats, a salad, pita, tzatziki and rice ($18.99). Oh, here's another weird tidbit... Our waitress apparently has a side hustle. My wife said there was something posted in the ladies' room about her doing loan originations. Yeah. Weird. All in all, the food was good and the only redeeming part. This place would be a good candidate for Restaurant Impossible, just to help them make up their mind what they're intending to be; a neighborhood dive bar or a legit Mediterranean restaurant.

Chrizelda Miranda

I finally made it out to this restaurant. The staff was friendly and the food was good. I will definitely be back when I’m in the neighborhood.


That was a fantastic gyro, and only cost me $10. Fries were nice and crisp, gyro was big and packed with flavor. I didn't sit down at the restaurant to eat but the bar looked it had tasty cocktails and was a great atmosphere. I'll definitely be coming back with friends!

Solange Mendoza

cleanliness and order. how fast it comes out. the food the attention is very good excellent

Jewell F.

Food was fantastic! The waitress was friendly and nice. She was in training and did well except for when her trainer kept her from taking care of us by trying to teach her something in the midst of trying to take of us. The inside dining was really dark and noisy - the patio seating was a better option. Overall a great meal!

Brian Z.

Really good food. Gyro, chicken kabob, and chicken and rice bowl were all excellent and pretty big portions.

Katharine Z.

We were in the area and stopped by for lunch with friends. The staff was so welcoming and friendly. That was a great start. The food was spectacular. I had a falafel gyro and their falafel has great flavor, with great texture. Definitely authentic! Enjoyed a fun beer with the meal. Next time I'm saving enough room for the baklava for dessert!

Chrissy C.

Amazing food and staff! The owner stayed open later to accommodate my bf and I. The other customers were super fun too!

Travis M.

This little Mediterranean joint has excellent gyros, hummus, fries, chicken and what you wouldn't expect, an excellent burger. I don't think I've ever had a bad meal from here.

Zachary B.

The best gyro in town, hands down! It's a must try for sure. I have eaten gyro from across the US, Ireland, and in Korea. This place ranks extremely high amongst all of them

Jessica Davis

We only order from you on postmates, have never been there in person. but the quality of your food is so great we feel like we are eating inside the restaurant. we love all your food and really appreciate your attention to detail on our orders. You always see our special instructions and it is highly appreciated. I attribute your restaurant to making me like okra. lol.

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