Tokyo Joe's - S Nevada

1634 S Nevada Ave #170, Colorado Springs
(719) 208-8366

Recent Reviews

Cami W.

They're like the police when you come in to get your pick up order. Instead of allowing you to get your order yourself like Panera, Chipotle or Noodles, they stop you, ask your name then give it to you. They could've had issues with people taking other customers orders which I understand, but they're not kind so it feels more like I'm being profiled than helped. If it's that serious they should keep all to-go orders behind the counter.

Grayson Andrews

You would think it’s common sense to not put an order of tofu roll with an order of poke tuna roll with raw fish and sauce in the same container all touching

Jacob Jordan

Thinknof it like an Asian version of Chipotle. I favor the "build your own bowl," and it took me a few tries to dial in the order the way I like best, but definitely an easy go-to for a quick and relatively cheap bite to eatFood: 4/5

Ylka Ortega

It's okay if you like to eat hardly cooked veggies. I used to like them raw, but, I can't eat it anymore. I'm not going to return, but, if I could eat like that I would come back. The steak was tender and perfectly cooked.Food: 2/5

Mark Lundstrom

If you want to order from this place only pick up if you have it delivered the managers don't really care don't really put the time in effort to want to have your order resolved and if you want to refund it's like pulling teeth. H*** even if you're missing just a simple thing like sauces that give you the run around and tell you to talk to their 3rd party partners and then when you talk to the 3rd party partners to get whatever you need it resolved they're not willing to work with you.

Paige Gibbs

This was my first visit here and I really enjoyed myself. My boyfriend has been here multiple times and he told me what was good. We got sushi, ramen, and spring rolls. Super yummy!


It's not my first order. But definitely last one.Sushi just falls apart...

Steven Maisto

I had the beef bowl. Nothing but fat could not even chew it. Told them about it. All they could say was sorry. 13 dollars for the trash. Will not be going back.

Maggie Rodriguez

Love their sushi and shrimp spring rolls. The customer service was not the best young lady was very rude. But food was good!Parking: Good location plenty of parking

Laurie Quattro

Excellent food and service ?

Regina Berkowitz

Absolutely horrible food! Kids wouldn’t even touch it. A cup of noodles is definitely better. Better food at the local gas station.

Dessera Solis

First time at a Tokyo Joe's. Cashier was super nice, smiling and attentive, great! Even caught my missing teriyaki sauce before i left. The food was really good and quick. Was just passing through to another state needed something for the road.

Michael Penny

Plenty of good options on bowls and sushi. Lots of different options but I usually go with one of their predetermined recipes.Be forewarned though. It isn’t in the greatest part of town though with homeless and others around so they have a key for the bathroom, etc. We didn’t have any issues but just FYI


I've eaten here many times and I must say. Tokyo Joe's is probably one of the moistest restaurants in town. Most of the time I get a thick tofu bowl with much sauce. It's always very damp in all the best ways. On a different note, the atmosphere in the restaurant is very wet. By no means is that a complaint. Every time I enter I can feel the moisture perspirating throughout my person. The staff is also very friendly. I really appreciate all of the employee's saturated demeanor. Overall very happy with the service, food, and atmosphere. Very slippery! ★★★★★

Jason Giambra

Decent location, no complaints about the food and the customer service was excellent. The only thing that I didn't like was the water coming out of the men's bathroom sink was way too hot.

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