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William T.

Every week, I came to this grocery store to buy our weekly needs. Since the quarantine started, I do the grocery and other things to buy in our day to day lives. This COVID-19 has a big impact on our daily routine and foremost the supplies get higher on the prices but this place remains the same.The location here is super convenient and despite it being pretty busy there isn't a shortage of things. The staff there are very helpful and cheerful so it makes shopping feel fun even though it can get crowded at times. The lines for check out can get kind of long but they move swiftly. Health safety precautions are also highly observed. Everyone inside wears a mask and sanitizes their hand every entering the inside.Such a great time and experience! Salute every worker doing their job as it's best despite the threat of this virus!Keep safe guys!

Hayan B.

This has been my local Whole Foods for a long time. And the consistency of service has been on a steady downward trend. Just came from their deli department. An attractive older woman with a east European accent helped me. Out of plastic bags again so I'll have to rebag for our camping trip and hope the sturdy plastic containers get recycled Got ambushed, hate plastic containers The gal weighed my deli with the container and charged me the cost of both. When I mentioned the other machine was calibrated to remove the cost of the container she said it didnt matter. It's just a few cents so I suppose it's not important. But it's typical of their attitude, casual inaccurate sloppy and attitudinal. I hate to think of what goes out of the customers view. If this goes on I'll have to go to Marczyks on principal which sucks as they are even more inconvenient to park at.

Lindsay A.

An employee is at the entrance monitoring that each customer is wearing a mask as required by the state. Inside, there must have been about a dozen customers without masks. If you're going to monitor this then please enforce it. As a healthcare worker, I find it very disrespectful to say you're customers safety is a big priority but not taking the steps to actually prove this.

Marshall S.

This review is from a former Prepared Foods employee. This store doesn't represent the values of this company at all. I've worked at a few different stores across the country and never had issues. I used to be proud to call Whole Foods my family but 'family' isn't the environment this store cultivates at all. It was really eye-opening reading some of these reviews having experienced it for 3 years from the back of house. Even when I was first hired, I was ignored and disrespected by a majority of coworkers. The feedback loop "they dont care so why should I" wreaks havoc in this store on a monthly basis. Anyone buying food from here should know that the main production kitchen is located in a basement, where overlooked corners and crannies often support mold and mildew. If you have any respiratory sensitivity (see 'sick building syndrome'), you will feel it in this store. Whole Foods will preach that they care about their employees, up until the point where an employee brings up a problem with an expensive solution. I wasn't able to get leadership to work with me to rectify the problem, so OSHA was brought in and ordered the dishroom to be redone. The walls and ceiling, due to years of faulty plumbing leaks, were absolutely infested. They finally addressed the issue, but at the cost of an employee's long term health. I also witnessed a period of about 2 weeks where the store lacked hot water due to a busted heater. Employees were forced to carry large vats of stove heated water all over the store because Whole Foods didn't want to close and miss out on any possible sales. Avoid this "top earning store" if you are averse to hypocrisy and water damage. I gave 2 stars because there are genuinely amazing people working here who go unappreciated and unnoticed and they are the ones who will make your experience positive.

Sean F.

my experience here was so bad that I do no plan on returning for any specific items like the scallops i was attempting to purchase. brandon in the seafood department was disrespectful and unprofessional, when i asked for scallops he was irritated immediately. I said if they do not smell i would take four, and with the digust on his face he puts them over the plastic barrier, in my face, and asks me if they smell!!!! I was so upset I asked him what he was doing and he responded " last time you were here you asked me the same thing" , what?!?! I think it had been 3-4 weeks since I hd last interacted with this guy.. how can he remember me, and why, and why did he put the scallop in my face for me to smell them i said if they dont smell i will have 4.... i told him if i was a larger man would he have done this to me and he just repeated the same thing ( for the third time) " last time you asked me the same thing" ... he told me i can go complain so i turned around and went to customer service. i told the manager what i just wrote and he said he would follow up, I walked out!!!

Abbie B.

I called the store to ask a genuine question and the employee I spoke to on the phone laughed at my question and acted as if it was ridiculous. I have had reasonably good experiences at this store in the past but this was an unacceptable response to a customer question and I will not be shopping here again.

S. B.

Meat and bakery department were helpful, but when I had a problem at the salad bar and asked the deli for help, I got two non-English speakers (perfectly all right; I am an ESL teacher) and then a woman who appeared to understand me, but then disappeared into a back room. I selected another item and went on my way, only to have two male managers, in sequence, approach me to ask me what was wrong. Both acted as if the problem was my fault, and both called after me with sarcasm, "Have a good DAY." Wow, Whole Foods! Is it ever a good idea to blame the customer? How about, "Sorry you had a problem. Did you find what you needed?" Discovered later that the "fresh" blueberries I'd bought were soft and squishy.

Deb S.

Why is Whole Foods even "a thing"?! Staff is rude and the specialty foods are nothing special. Twice I've gone to the deli counter and had an employee look me square in the eye and subsequently ignore me. So overrated! I wish Wegmans would come to Colorado and give Whole Foods some serious competition.

Meghan B.

Great Whole Foods location. I came here to grab a few things for my work trip in Denver. They had hot pizza that was delicious, great sushi, a killer bulk section, and the store was easy to navigate and very clean. Parking was plentiful out front. I am a huge fan of Whole Foods and this location was great.

Bri B.

UPDATE: IVE RETURNED BACK TO THIS LOCATION. THE RESTROOMS HAVE BEEN ATTENDED TO. THEY SMELL AND LOOK AMAZING! The staff here is amazing and very friendly. Our family was originally going in for just muffins but decided to grab food and eat dinner there as well. Upon entrance my little one had to go potty. The cleanliness of the restroom is the main reason why this place didn't get 5 stars from me. It smelled horrible, like pee and when I entered both restroom stalls to detect the smell locations there were dark stains from toilet and along the wall. So I figured that was pee that had been sitting and it was disgusting. My little one had a very difficult time sitting long enough for her to do her business. Nevertheless, we did grab dinner and eat near the coffee and smoothie bar. The wife and I ordered a byo sandwich and had soup from one of the soup stations. My daughter had the pizza and also the mac-n-cheese. The bread was very fresh and the toppings were just as great. It was a really great dinner choice and we will definitely return. Happy Yelping!!

Lauren K

Our family has been on the road so much recently, we are a bit tired of eating out and everyone being on the same “hunger” schedule. I was on an early morning walk and saw Whole Foods. It just clicked that groceries for a brunch in our hotel room would be perfect. I returned with berries, cut pineapple, deli meats and cheeses, fresh baguettes, yogurt, and a splurge with shrimp cocktail. The room mini fridge was perfect to store everything until each of us was ready to eat. It was close to our Hotel Halcyon too! Only wish I had a reusable bag that morning. Hope this helps. Thanks!

Holly M.

I want to love Whole Foods but the salad bar always looks like a heard of buffalo plowed through and trampled the place lol . The guys that work here are hot though ! Now that prime is here I get like 60cents off my orders ... woo hoo! I'll still come cause I girl needs to eat ! It's easy for me to walk so I definitely be back !!

Shan c.

If I could give zero stars I would! We have been going to this whole foods since it opened years ago, we will not return. After being spoken to rudely by the one of the cashiers in the express lane we asked to speak to a manager. I went to the customer service desk and asked if a manager was available. Ben the "front end manager" put a pad of paper in front of me and said "go ahead and fill this customer survey and I will share it the team leader". Unprofessional, dismissive and competently inappropriate. Perhaps, you should invest in training your employees and "team leaders" on how to better communicate. They failed miserably!

Jacques D.

This is what you would expect from a Whole Foods. Large store, lots of selection, fairly pricey, but in general worth it. Lots of fun stuff here.

Andre R.

There was all of parking available and good selection (the salad bar was great) and the place was clean and staff were friendly.

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