Backyard On Blake

3040 Blake St, Denver
(303) 949-8797

Recent Reviews

R W.

Just Had lunch last Friday and it was our first visit. We tried the grilled lamb burgers and potato croquettes and both were yummy. The lamb was grilled to perfection and the potatoes was a nice accompaniment. Only minor flaw was the service was a little slow. We appreciated their caution (CCV). Definitely worth the visit and will be back soon.

Susan B.

The first time coming to this restaurant was a complete different experience than what I experienced the other day. I was rattling in my britches. First thing, we tried calling and had a difficult time making a reservation. The young boy on the phone was unprofessional and said he was just the host and didn't know if they were taking reservations, after about 10 minutes he figured it out. When we get there, they didn't even know we had a reservation. We get seated, and left alone for 10 whole minutes. We watched 4 employees standing around and none of them asked if we had been helped. 2 of them were making out in out in the kitchen. And I'm pretty sure another one pooped their pants. We finally flagged one of the other employees down to take drink orders, and was kind of scary, acting mad that we had taken him away from doing nothing. Finally we get our food, and it tasted awful. The "lamb" tasted like stinky hoochy. They forgot an entire entree. We asked one of the employees about the missing item and they walked away, so we had to ask another employee. The Mac and cheese came with something on top that looked like a wet rat but I guess it was pork. Who makes Mac and cheese with bow tie pasta? These guy do. The "croquettes" are just bland potatoes. They gave us paper plates that were so small, we could barely eat off of them. I think kids get bigger plates at birthday parties. Where is the piñata? Our server spoke one word per minute. To to to today jr!! I'll be damned if I the sun ever came up in the west before I ever came back to this place again!

Charlie Donahue

Good beer options, good mimosa, and friendly bartenders. I only had fries but they were great.

Mia B.

What the ass... where is Chef Cooper? The Great food and flavor must've left with him! Sad the Preservery was so good... now what do we do? Won't be back... the food tastes like Denny's!

Marc L.

We bought Mac n cheese, Eddie salad, chicken parm and eggplant parm as take n bake items. We have a gluten sensitivity in our family so both parms were not breaded only fried. We Just demolished the eggplant parm. It was phenomenal. I can just imagine if it was breaded. Can't wait to try the chicken parm tomorrow for Easter.

Melissa L.

Thank you for the Easter dinner we just picked up! Had to dig in early and it was better than we expected. Thanks for accommodating our dietary restrictions! Amazing service, awesome decorations and delicious food. Can't wait to come back and hang out there in person.

Melyssa F.

We were recommended by a few locals and other friends who had visited Denver to stop in. So of course we did! We had ate before so we were really just looking for drinks and to sit at the bar. We did just that and the bartender was super awesome, friendly, and knowledgeable. The restaurant has a cool bright vibe and some pretty awesome music choices. The drink I had was a cucumber spicy cocktail which had the right amount of cool and spice. My fiancé had a beer and loved it as well. Wish we had more time to try out the food ad the brunch options looked yummy.

Tina S.

The service and ambience were lovely but the food left much to be desired. We paid 22$ for the "charcuterie plate"; the bread served with it was just white toast and the presentation was terrible. We were also incredibly disappointed to find they had left the tails on the shrimp polenta which was covered in gravy, making for a very messy eating experience.

Katheryn E.

I dined at The Preservery for the first time this month with a friend. The staff were very friendly and we were seated right away. The decor is adorable and the natural light is wonderful from the giant windows along two sides of the restaurant. The food was decent. The only reason I am giving it a 4 star instead of 5 is because our meals came to $50 for two of us and we didn't even have alcoholic beverages. We went for brunch and that was more money than I was anticipating to spend.

Olivia K.

What a cool place! Well located, right next to public parking, my coworkers and I had a great time at the Preservery. Loved the decoration, the long tables, and the atmosphere. We tried the appetizer specials (smoked Brie), the fried Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, lamb burgers, and shiitake entrees. We all enjoyed our dish. Quality and flavorful ingredients, simple menu with a good wine/beer list. Happy hour and taco Tuesday! Way to go The Preservery!

Ben K.

There are so many amazing places in Rino and this place ranks right up there. Right when you walk in, you see the incredible way the place has been designed and detailed. Everything has been laid out with great care and intention. The retro wood tables and chairs are great and they did a great job spacing everything out. The food was excellent especially the Shrimp and Grits and the salads. The menu is pretty simple with sandwiches, burgers, salads, and brunch items. Love having this place in Rino!

Jessica K.

Our server Amy was so rude right off the start and never warmed up. The burger was lackluster, but the Greek frites were AMAZING! Drinks were pretty standard, nothing special. We also ordered a cookie and boozy ice cream that were killer, but they forgot to bring a spoon and said they'd grab one, but it never came, luckily the cookie made for tasty cutlery. Overall, not worth going again. Will not be back.

Diana K.

The atmosphere and location is great. The service was awesome. The food was just not amazing. We were there for brunch, so maybe lunch or dinner food is better.

Maura S.

We were recommended to go to the Preservery by our favorite plant people at Birdsall. We were lucky enough to be there during happy hour! I ordered the old fashioned to start, which was very well-made. It was nicely balanced and the cherry added just the right amount of flavor. For dinner, two of us split both the tri-tip mac n cheese and the serenity now burger. The mac was just incredible. I will say that a bite without the tri-tip was not nearly as astounding, but overall it was truly great. The burger was pretty good. The bacon was nice and crispy and all the toppings were delicious - although I do wish we had gotten more mushrooms on ours. In terms of the restaurant itself; it's a nice size with interesting art to keep you busy while your friend takes forever looking at the menu! I had two things that I would change about our experience. First, we were seated next to a table of four near the window facing into the little courtyard. We felt like we were basically in each other's conversation since we were seated so closely. When my boyfriend went to the bathroom it took a lot of effort for me to not chime in on the topic of wagyu beef. It would have been great to have more space, especially since the place only had a couple full tables at the time. Second, the music was quite loud. I'm not usually picky about that but it was distracting while I was trying to talk across the table. Overall, we had a nice time at the Preservery and will probably stop back again to try something else on the menu- or at least to get another old fashioned!

Bryan S.

The saltiest food today! Yuck! Great service and space but could not finish my meal. The fries were just bad and breakfast sandwich was mediocre at best. Did I mention the salt? My co-workers potatoes and omelette were just as bad.


I love all that Backyard on Blake has to offer! Every time I go to The Parlour for my hair appointment, I also stop by several of the shops. Blue Sparrow Coffee, Birdsall, and Meraki Moon are my regular stops, and when I can I go to the others. This place is a nice little oasis right in the heart of RiNo and I go every chance I get.

Shayla Frederick

Backyard on Blake is a mini paradise in the heart of RiNo! It has all sorts of cute and trendy shops. I've had some really tasty meals at the Preservery and love getting a good cup of coffee from Blue Sparrow. The Workroom is an excellent place to get some work done. One of my favorite parts about the Backyard on Blake? The patio rooftop which offers an excellent view of the mountains. That's what I've explored here so far... I can't wait to explore the rest :) Definitely recommend checking it out for yourself!

Miya J.

Such a fun spot! Love the art work and the vibe. Staff are friendly. A little on the pricey side but breakfast burrito was yummy. Bottomless mimosa a must! The shut the bottomless mimosa off at 1:30 so make sure you get that last call. I look forward to coming back the second Sunday of next month for R&B brunch. Having a great DJ for brunch was amazing!

Caroline T.

Disappointing for the price and hype. The jalapeno cucumber cocktail tasted like lemon and wasn't spicy. The expensive fettuccine dish was so simple and bland- tasted like something I could make at home in ten minutes with generic pasta sauce. The fried shrimp dish, which costs 17$, was just 5-6 medium average tasting fried shrimp on top of mediocre fries. Redeeming qualities- the appetizer wings are fantastic, and the ambiance is warm and modern. I will only come back during happy hour because the price does not reflect quality.

Mike S.

Everything and I do mean everything is special here. It was one of those mind blowing experiences. Came on a quiet Thursday night and were lucky enough to have beautiful live music as well. Nice volume, chill tone, perfect vibe. Now the food. Pretty standard charcuterie large board. Nothin mind blowing. Also I'm a charcuterie board snob. I make it at home almost every weekend. Let's talk about the best...yes....THE BEST fried I've ever had. Greek fries with ground lamb sausage and feta and heaven and maybe some crack bc I couldn't stop. Amazeballs(and i hate hate using that tween term). The shrimp and grits had nice spice and delicious. Buffalo cauliflower some of the best I've ever had as well. We left full, happy, and taking about how good everything was. This is a SURE stop for me anytime I'm in Denver. Doooo it Decor 10/10. Food 12/10 Vibe music 10/10

Candi M.

Happy Hour Wednesdays are the greatest. They have cocktail specials & $1 off draft beer. Their large charcuterie & cheese board is only $18. We also had the bowl of cheese fries for $8. They also had $2 tacos & a $10 burger with fries on the special menu. There were several groups there to see the silent film they were screening, but we were positioned at a high top so it didn't interfere with our experience. Our server was also fantastic & waited the right amount of time between visits. Tip: don't add the pork to the fries. The lime in the marinade fights with the already meaty bacon.

Tara S.

This is the third time we have hosted a get together here, the service is awesome, everyone loved their food and their cocktails. They don't let you bring your own cake in but the one they baked was very go

Chelsea S.

I came here to show some support and love to my friend DJing during brunch. My partner and I ended up ordering food and drinks. He got the breakfast burrito and I got the Italian sausage with egg scramble. We also ordered bottomless mimosas. I'm giving this experience an overall 3 stars just because my partner found hair on his breakfast burrito and that made us lose our appetite. I felt bad so I ended up telling him I'll eat that portion where the hair was but just took the piece where the hair touched and ripped it off. I told him he could have half of my meal as well. The music was great of course since my friend played all the jams! The crowd was enjoying the vibes as well.

Shelley D.

Came here on our first night and had the best meal of our trip. The buffalo wings were spicy and smoky, and came with a fantastic dipping sauce. My husband gobbled down his tempura fried shrimp with crispy fries and I absolutely adored the roasted veggie salad with steak. I had mine with a crisp cider and it paired perfectly. A great spot for a date or a fantastic meal in Denver.

Tasha J.

The best part of the Preservary is all of the things you notice after being there a while. When you walk in, you recognize it's an awesome space with cool lighting. Once you're seated you start to hear the soundtrack and every song... IS YOUR JAM! This place takes you back to 2004, a time when you were hipper, skinnier and able to defy hangovers. You look at the art work and shame your friends for not knowing the Goody Mobb by picture. I love this place. I love everything about it! To make it better, the food is amazing and they have killer specials. I had the wings and my friends had the fried chicken and the burger with no bun. No joke, we all had trouble finishing all our food. Everything was perfectly cooked and the staff super helpful! Next time you're in Rino, go to the Preservery, listen to jams, have a great time!

Morgan G.

Cognitively dissonant visions of after-school Cartoon Network marathons and Prom '09 bump-and-grind soundtracks danced through my head walking into this place. If the cartoons weren't already holding our attention (which they often were...subtitles for my deaf husband are a luxury many outings don't provide!), the spray painted street signs of celebrity portraits surrounding the TV were. Our food was indeed tasty and the portion size of the Brussels definitely reflected the price (pleasantly!), and sitting at the patio bar top made for a sunset lit happy hour unlike any other! If it weren't a weeknight when we'd gone before a concert, surely it would have been better staffed -- our poor bar tender was running that place single-handedly, but he wasn't the kind to take credit or complain. Leaving the benefit of the doubt there, the number on the bill surprised us a bit with only 2 meals, one app, and no drinks. We'd love to go back and have another go at the place, ideally before a Rockies game!

John F.

I went to The Preservery for brunch with high hopes only to be disappointed with the service, menu options, and cleanliness. It's currently a good bar but not so much a good restaurant. Here are the improvements needed at this restaurant: 1) anything used to serve food shouldn't have dust, lipstick, and food particles from previous use 2) beverages such as coffee and tea should be hot and not room temperature 3) menu options are extremely limited and need to be expanded 4) service is slow and staff should never approach a table asking the customer to make it available when customers haven't been provided the check. Given the nice atmosphere and decent set-up, this restaurant has potential. We love it's inclusive values and artsy vibes! Hopefully a few of the basics will be improved for an amazing dining experience.

Jamie B.

Average at best. I won't be back. TLDR: -overseasoned, inedible chicken on the mediocre-hardly any grilled veggies on the "grilled vegetable salad" $14 salad -unimpressive, overpriced cocktails -short, curt, waitstaff -no canning jars in sight -what they do "preserve" however, is their money in lieu of employment costs because they can't man up and pay their kitchen staff "livable wages" and instead pass a 4% charge onto the consumer to do for them. Meanwhile, they have a $30 cheeseburger on their menu. Uhm ok. Unimpressed. Not returning. Not my job to pay your staff. It's the cost of doing business; If you can't afford to pay them appropriately then you shouldn't be in business.

Natalie T.

I would actually give this 4.5 stars if i could! Sunday brunch apparently fills up very quickly so reservations are needed. Patio seating is open seating as an alternative if you dont have a reservation. Service was a bit lackluster. Our server wasn't very friendly and when brining out food didnt even ask if we needed anything else. Food itself was amazing! Perfectly prepared and seasoned. I ordered the Don't Mind a Thang breakfast which was VERY filling. My sister had the brunch fries- the cheddar bechamel was damn delicious! My sister and I agreed that we could drink that sauce all by itself! Lovely restaurant. I can easily see this becoming a frequent favorite

Isa8ella L.

Brunch is absolutely amazing! If you have a sweet tooth I HIGHLY recommend the French Toast! It has this amazing caramel drizzle on top, which by the way is a perfect add on to the French toast! It is absolutely delicious paired with the Whipped Cream and Preserves added with the meal! The bread used for the french toast is AMAZING, so dense and perfect! I love French toast and if you do. YOU NEED TO TRY IT!

Jordan P.

Oh. Man. What a night we had and I can't believe I haven't reviewed Preservery before! We have been patrons for a minute and every time we go, we're impressed and last night was no exception. One of my favorite things about The Preservery is their ever-changing menu and more importantly, they impress us every single time. There is always a variety of options for every type of eater but they definitely have comfort food down!! Our go-to is their charcuterie board that while a constant on the menu, the board itself always changes. Now on to our epic feast last night - a ribeye and a burger. So, just reading that you would think "okay, that doesn't sound exceptional..." but, they were. The ribeye was cooked perfectly, served over a massive pile of mashed potatoes and asparagus. My husband is a ribeye guru and was incredibly impressed - finished his leftovers for breakfast this morning. And that burger I mentioned. There really aren't words to describe a burger that stands about 6 inches tall. Yes. 6 inches. I'm not exaggerating and I did not stand a CHANCE taking it down. Comprised of Wagyu beef, bacon, braised pork, cheddar & Jack cheese, sauted onions, barbecue sauce, field greens, and roasted garlic aioli on a house made bun - this thing was the Eiffel Tower of meat. And 100% amazing. The meat melted in my mouth, the flavors were incredible and my to-go box weighed about 5lbs. This thing is unreal - if you're burger person you've met your match!! As usual, the service was awesome - our server Ra was fantastic!! Personable, funny and just on it - we'll look for him in the future for sure! Cool vibes, good music, awesome food and fantastic people - you need to make them a regular in your rotation for sure!!

Anna Long

Love Backyard on Blake! Such a refreshing place to be with amazing small shops and even more amazing people. The BYOB team is wonderful and willing to help in any way.

Mary S.

A group of us went for brunch today. We had reservations, but we could have gotten a table without them. This restaurant is surrounded by little specialty shops that are fun to browse through. The restaurant itself is trendy, the music was pretty loud so it wasn't easy to hear what was being said. Very casual atmosphere. They have a beautiful patio, but no umbrellas or shade, so we sat inside. I ordered the shrimp and grits and it was the best I have ever had, and I have traveled all over this country and lived two years in the south. The creole tomato gravy was spicy and delicious. Outstanding. My friend ordered the same. My other friend ordered the French toast and we split that. It was served warm with just a drizzle of maple syrup, and a side compote of berries and creme fraiche. Divine. She also ordered a biscuit and gravy. The flavor was excellent but I would definitely order extra gravy if I ordered that again. The prices were quite reasonable, except for the drinks. I had a glass of water, but my friend ordered a Bloody Mary that was $11, served in a tumbler. Not very impressive. French toast for $7 and an enormous biscuit and gravy, $6. My shrimp and grits was $16.00 and it will probable 3 meals for me. They do not skimp on the portions. I did have to stop another server to get a refill on my water, but our waitress just had a large table seated. Parking is street or there is a small parking lot for $3/hour. Very nice experience.

Jennifer M.

Great stop in spot for a work day away from home. I ordered the CBD nitro cold brew; sooo good. I would say one of the best cold brews I've had in a long time. Spent some time on the rooftop patio before my computer decided it was too hot out, then finished up inside. A little tight, but great music and relatively quiet. The only downside was that the woman who helped me when I was leaving (I asked for a to-go cup and just a bit more ice, because it's 95 degrees out) was extremely rude and made it seem like my request was out of this world. I paid almost $10 for a cup of coffee and tipped my barista. I don't feel like I was asking too much. Hope to have a friendlier experience next time- and because the coffee/ambience was so great I am not knocking any stars.

Meg L.

Unfortunately, my group must've caught The Preservery on an off night. We were so excited to stumble upon this spot, and our party of 7 all loved the vibe. Pros: the cauliflower buffalo wings were a huge hit and the highlight of our meal to be honest. One of our servers was very accommodating and even gave us a discount. The charcuterie board was unique and delicious. Cons: we were overwhelmed with two servers (one was "helping" but it turned into just annoying us and the true server) to start and orders were getting confused between. Out of 7 entrees, 3 were WAAAAY over-salted; server accommodated with alternatives on pasta but not the steak. Our drink orders also got messed up, and three wrong drinks were delivered. Overall, cool vibes, but the chef needs to ease up on the salt!!!

Victor B.

This was our second visit to The Preservery and once again it did not disappoint. On our first visit we had a charcuterie board which was top notch and an order of the buffalo cauliflower, very tasty and makes you think you're actually eating a buffalo wing. The sauce is a bit too mild though for "blue cheese" so there's that...but all in all the dish is good. On this, our second visit, we had the pulled pork nachos which were so very yummy and we ordered the buffalo cauliflower again. The buffalo cauliflower was better the first time but that might be because they had some new staff on board as our waiter came by and said that the portions were quite a bit larger than normal (but not to worry we weren't being charged any extra...haha). Located in a fun little space and with friendly staff, you can be sure you'll have a tasty meal at The Preservery.

Lauren D.

I knew about The Preservery before it even opened thanks to a girl in my book club who had already been hired there, but STILL it has taken me until last weekend to make it there! The good news is, I LOVED it! We got sat right away on a Saturday night and our server was amazing. Not only did she have perfect timing every time she came to check on us, but she also boxed our appetizer, hid it away and remembered to pack it up with the rest of our leftovers at the end of the meal. Food-wise, we loved everything we ordered. Started with the buffalo cauliflower, which had a delicious tempura batter and a good kick of heat. For entrees, I ordered the shrimp and grits while my husband ordered the fried chicken. The grits were creamy and rich and flavorful and my only complaint was that the shrimp comes tail-on and maybe that's the authentic way but I always find it slightly weird. My husband liked his food for the most part, though the chicken could've been a bit more seasoned. They do not skimp on the portions here! We can't wait to come back for happy hour!

Allyson M.

Maybe it was because they were closing but the coffee was terrible, extremely bitter. Cream hardly helped. And it's one of those places where a small was over 3$ -people were nice.

Rohin S.

Atmosphere: Pretty awesome coffee spot and study space. There is an immense amount of natural lighting and the place is pretty small. Good for small group (inside) and the outside can accommodate larger groups. Water is available at indoor tables. Charging spots at all indoor tables. Really thoughtful small things that make it a good spot to get work done or hangout. Drink: Drip coffee is made from their artisan coffee, flavorful and comes with a refill. Love this place. Cool location as well, next to a bunch of other small shops to kill time and distract yourself from getting anything done.

Jim H.

An amazing coffee shop tucked away in a cluster of businesses in Rino. I would highly recommend any of their coffees, I was particularly a fan of their espresso and anything made with it. They also have a unique option in their CBD Nitro Cold Brew, which is smooth and rich in flavor with just a hint of sweetness without sugar! To summarize, great coffee, friendly staff and chill atmosphere. Jeff the owner is a wicked nice dude, took time to give me suggestions of places to visit in Denver.