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Recent Reviews

Natalya Weigel

BEST RESTAURANT IN DENVER! We?ve been to many Michelin starred restaurants around the world and this restaurant definitely is up to par with most of them! The food was amazing, the ambiance was perfect and the staff was incredible! Thank you for a wonderful evening! We will be back

Jeff Somers

Best dining experience in Denver. Gracious and knowledgeable service and impeccably executed food. A can't miss!

Mike Trent

One of the best meals I've had. They have very limited seating, which means they have about one staff member for every patron and can provide incredible service. It felt like we were being welcomed into their home as a dinner party guest as opposed to a customer. The interior is one room with a "U" shaped table. Guests sit around the outside, and food is prepared and served from the middle. It's engaging to watch the staff work with such care, precision, and teamwork. Everything about the experience was phenomenal. Worth the price.

Zachariah Blechman

An amazing meal with a great experience from the attentive staff. Lots of really surprising and delicious dishes that fill your entire meal time. Great wine selection and a cool atmosphere. I'll be bac!

Sam Griffin

Absolutely incredible meal. Very attentive and knowledgeable service. They did a great job explaining each dish and pairing. Impressed with the amazing amount of detail that went into each plate. Highly recommend, amazing experience. Will definitely be back!

Julie Mosley

I?m so happy that we have this place in Denver. It?s truly special. The space and the service are unpretentious but excellent. The food is innovative, delicious and seasonal. It feels super intimate and cozy and is paced well. I really enjoyed the wine pairings as well. We?ve been twice now and both times the staff was extremely accommodating, warm and generous.

Jeanne Landes

Amazing! Just wonderful. Amazing food, great service...I cant find the words to express what a great experience. Went for my birthday and was just the best night. Food was delicious and I recommend getting the wine pairing. Definitely a treat and I cant wait to go back!

Renee Maxwell

There are no words. Their customer service at the front of the house and the food and presentation of it; just takes everything to another level for me. I'm gluten-free they went above and beyond to include me in the fare. Usually I leave a restaurant feeling a little sick because while most heed my gluten-free request, it's not followed with great care. It was good to eat well, be treated so well, and to feel so well upon leaving Beckon. This place is an absolute 'must' for any true 'foodie' in Denver. I truly appreciate them and will recommend to all for their great care and service. Nice work Beckon!

Christa R.

Disclaimer: this was my first real fine dining experience ever. I have been to some top steak houses and what not, but this was the first tasting menu experience I have ever attended. As expected, this place blew me away. Looking back on it, it felt like the 2.5 hour dinner went by in a blink of an eye. I had very high expectations of this place after all the awards it has recently won and the wide range of publicity. And honestly, expectations were met. From the greeting to the small details in the presentation to the different plates and bowls used, this experience was exceptional. The plates, bowls, utensils, cups, etc. really elevated the experience. Those are items you don't notice if they are bland, but the different contrasting colors, textures and sizes were incredible. Every dish had the wow factor. From the start with oysters and watermelon, to my favorite bass with sunflower foam, to the best cooked lamb I've had and of course the tart yogurt which frozen local plums (which tasted like frozen yogurt and was incredible), I am still reminiscing. I would 10/10 recommend the wine pairing. First of all just to learn about the great wines that they hand select but it really does elevate the meal. They also give you a card with all the wines you drank that evening to take home. Which is genius. Because no way do I remember any of the names of bottles that I loved. My boyfriend asked question about everything. As an incredible chef himself (just at home), he is always interested on flavors, spices, cooking styles, etc. . And they graciously answered all his questions. As there are only 18 seats, it truly felt like an intimate experience where we could interact with the staff and chefs. I also wrote in the reservation that we were celebrating my boyfriends birthday. Did not think much of it but they thoughtfully asked in the beginning about the celebration, continued to mention it through out and gave him a candle with dessert. Those are the small, easy, thoughtful gestures that go such a long way. The place wasn't too loud and we felt very comfortable in our chairs. Nothing new here as most reviews rave about this place, so if you've read this far- brava- I hope you make a reservation at this place! Also the menu changes seasonally so if you love it, you can keep going back for all new experiences. And because this is all positive, sunshine and flowers: if you want a compliant: the utensils were heavier than classic utensils you use at home. But it wasn't even bad. Just an observation of something different.

Gail D

My husband took me for my birthday and it was a wonderful evening. We experienced a 9-course tasting menu paired with wines. If you are ready to splurge - go here. You will have a great experience. The sommelier is extremely knowledgeable, and the pairings were amazing. You watch the preparation process since the kitchen is in front of you. The presentations are amazing and the wait staff is extremely well trained. Each seating lasts for about 2 1/2 hours, so prepare to relax and enjoy spending an intimate evening watching the masters at work. There are only 18 spots at the bar, so it's a fun evening. Our table mates weren't very interested in talking with us, but we didn't mind as there was plenty of good conversation between us, and we had lots of chit chat with the servers. Plan to go here when you're ready for a memorable evening. (And save up - it's an investment!)

Kirstan Borne

Wow, amazing food, atmosphere and service. Must plan in advance; this place is in demand. Looking forward to next celebration here.

Holly C.

Either I'm missing something or there aren't a lot of fine dining restaurants in Denver. I enjoy fine dining. I don't eat out as much as I used to. So I was excited to go to Beckon. Good news - the food was delicious. And I was super impressed that they let us share a wine pairing. First time for me a restaurant has offered this. And not, "Yay, you can share a glass." They actually split the 3 oz wine pairing between two glasses. My main problem with this place was how cramped it was. Mix in some large white men who don't give a damn and it's a recipe for disaster. Upon seating, they had to ask this guy to move over because he spilled over into my seat. Same guy elbowed me during dinner and was oblivious. I've dined at similarly designed "counter-service" fine dining restaurants. L'Atelier in Las Vegas and Momofuku Ko in NYC come to mind. I've never had this problem because they space the seats apart appropriately. Beckon appears to be trying to squeeze in as many people as possible. Another thing that drove me nuts was that they served from all different directions. Sometimes from the front, but sometimes the food came from behind or even sideways. The wine service always came from behind us. She'd explain the wine but I couldn't look her in the eye. It was awkward. I can't understand why they can't serve everything from the center where we can make eye contact with the server. All in all, great food, great service. The concept needs some work in my opinion.

Kristina P.

Just went here tonight for our anniversary. We had an incredible time. We had the courses with the wine pairing! The wine, and ambiance were amazing. The place is set up in a u shape, but you feel like you are at your own private table. We had the harvest moon dinner. My favorite courses were the corn snack, the bread, the monkfish, the quail, and the lamb. Everything was great, but those were standouts! The monkfish was insane! I highly recommend Beckon. What a fun, cool experience! Also, the service is impeccable! 5 stars!!!

Tom M

Great evening of great food, service and atmosphere. Dishes were very interesting but not too â??out thereâ?. Loved the caviar ebelskiver add on and the wine list and somm were amazing.

Julie F.

I took my husband here for his birthday in July. We were blown away by the food, the wine, and overall impeccable and extremely enjoyable dining experience. We cannot wait to go back, would love to bring friends our family here when they are visiting as it is an amazing memorable experience. We opted for the premium wine pairing (there were two choices) which was fantastic. I don't think I've ever had dinner anywhere ever with wine that was so perfectly complimentary to every course we were served. Service was top notch, every course and wine was explained. Our server asked us throughout dinner if we needed anything additional, we didn't... it was perfection. To add to all of that, the ambience at Beckon truly sets it apart from most (if not all) fine dining restaurants. Bar top seating with minimal decor and soft lightening. I felt like I was in a small little cottage which made it both intimate and cozy. The soft background music of the Rolling Stones was ridiculously on point. Beckon is worth every penny in my opinion, makes for a wonderful special occasion or any night out. I cannot wait to go back.

Elyse F.

Our dining experience at Beckon was positively fabulous from start to finish. The staff really went above and beyond on a recent visit to make sure our entire party enjoyed themselves and all dietary restrictions were accommodated discreetly and elegantly. Big winners personally were the quail, lamb, summer salad, and Meyer lemon-infused dessert. Every course was fantastic though. Oh, and I'd be absolutely remiss not to mention the puffy bread rolls with a to-die-for cultured butter. A little about me - I'm not always the biggest fan of tasting menus and small, thoughtfully curated dishes, but this menu was out of control delicious and filling! This would be the ideal restaurant for a date night or anniversary celebration. All seating is in an L-shape around the kitchen so you can watch the brilliant staff at work. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend it for a huge group. Staff were impressive & top-notch, explaining every step of the way with alllll the details. Don't forget to check out the cocktail menu and if you're feeling a little wild, ask the bartenders to create a special concoction just for you.


Upon arrival our seats were not quite ready, so we sat outside on their patio and enjoyed delicious cocktails with other diners. The setup indoors and out really encourages friendly chatter amongst diners. Once seated we enjoyed a well-paced, leisurely meal. Each course was personally presented to each party with a thorough description of the dish. Of course we had our favorites, but overall we were blown away by the beauty and flavors of each dish! The dining experience is intimate, yet comfortable, with 18 seats around the counter. It was so fun for us to watch the staff carefully prepare each plate. Overall, we had a phenomenal meal at Beckon! One of our tops for sure!

Jeff Bell

Fantastic dinner when I went in April. Great place to go with a group of fellow foodies. Highly recommend to spend extra and get the wine pairings. A truly one-of-a-kind culinary experience here in Denver.

Amy Northcutt

One of the best meals I've ever had, for sure. Wine pairing was excellent as well.

Steve Thompson

Amazing. Food and service are outstanding. We added the upgraded wine pairing. It was incredible how well each pairing enhanced the food.


Celebrated my Birthday in May and plan to return this Fall for my wifeâ??s BDay. We enjoy great meals, perfect service, and everlasting memories. Beckon succeeded with all of these. I believe the only thing we had to ask for was the bathroom location. I love that everything is paid for when you make the reservation, including gratuities. Our goal is to visit every month. We did opt for the wine paring and have no regrets. It can get a tad bit loud but that did not bother us as we had fun with those sitting on both sides of us.


What a delicious experience at Beckon! Loved our evening there and enjoyed the meal. Only thing is that gratuity was captured at time of reservation/ticket purchase and failed to realize that. Ended up tipping double ð?¤¦ð?»â?â???

Roger S.

It's hard to rave enough about our experience at Beckon. 18 leather seats form a U-shape around an open kitchen where executive chef Duncan Holmes, sous-chef Tim Lu and a talented team of chefs prepared and plated a bounty of inspired courses. Each course was expertly paired with hard-to-find wines selected by sommelier Zachary Byers. We started out with an amuse-bouche consisting of savory abelskivers with caviar, sour cream and chives; followed by a light turnip salad and sourdough and burnt birch bread. The next courses included a summer soup of snap peas, fresh English peas and geraniums; smoked rocky mountain trout with crispy skin and wonderful broth; seared monkfish with mussels; grilled quail leg with sweet cherries; and perfectly cooked lamb loin with roasted carrots and mushrooms. The evening ended with a palette cleansing ice cream with lemon sauce that, when eaten together has tasted like a light lemon sorbet; mini waffle and meringue cookies; and a rhubarb dessert. Food: Service: Atmosphere:

Jamie B.

Denver's only chef driven, fine dining, tasting menu. Had a great experience here last night. Food was on point - we opted for the reserve wine pairing which I highly recommend. Michelin contender when/if Michelin comes to Denver.

Rebecca M.

If you're worried that Beckon is over-hyped, don't - it's not hyped enough! What to expect: - Excellent service - we arrived 10 minutes prior to our reservation and were greeted warmly right away. We were to told there would only be a short wait, so we sat outside and a waitress came out to take our drink orders. Throughout the meal, servers were always checking on us and making sure we had enough water, drinks, etc. - Amazing and innovative food - each course was fantastic! With most tasting menus, I go in expecting to not like one or two of the more experimental courses. However, every single course at Beckon was amazing! The ingredients were SO fresh and used in some really interesting ways. - Great atmosphere - I was worried that it would be a little intimidating to be sitting so close to other diners in such an intimate space, but it was so cozy! They have great music playing, and the chatter and cooking made it feel very lively.

Khaled A.

A great tasting menu option in Denver! Obviously we do not have a lot of tasting menu restaurants in Denver relative to Chicago, NY and SF. I believe that Beckon is as great as Michelin Star rated restaurants mentioned in the above locations. The nice thing about not having Michelin rating in our area is that prices will not inflate as fast as the other areas. Ok enough with Michelin! Would recommend booking a month in advance given tickets are sold out pretty quickly. Only 18 seats available, forming a U shape with the kitchen in the middle which add to the experience. I liked that they do not force you to talk with strangers as Lazy Bear in SF does. Their menu consisted of 5 dishes, 1 dessert and 3 snacks. The menu and all dishes are pictured won't go into detail. The pics are not great cause the restaurant is a bit dark and understandable due to the small size of the place no flash allowed. My favorite was the sourdough dumplings served as a snack, then the lamb and all of the trout , quail and monkfish. Didn't care much for soup maybe cause I'm not a fan of cold soup. Worth visiting for a special occasion or just a treat! Sourdough "dumpling": 9/10 Turnip: 7.5/10 Bread and butter: 8/10 soup: 7.5/10 Colorado trout: 8.5/10 Monkfish: 8.5/10 Quail: 8.5/10 Colorado lamb: 8.5/10 Palate: 7/10 Rhubarb: 8/10

Nathan Kimata

The food is delicious. There wasn't a single course in the meal that I didn't like. Note that they will modify the course to accommodate any dietary restrictions. The service was great overall as well, although it was a little slow in the middle of the meal. Worth the price for a great experience in my opinion.

Richard Goggins

I was very excited when I saw that Denver was finally getting a restaurant that offered the sort of culinary experience you'd only get in larger US cities or eligible Michelin Star cities. We just don't have restaurants that really only provide a tasting menu. Chef Holmes has experience in some incredible kitchens and a clear vision for the kind of dining experience he's striving for. The experience Beckon seeks to provide is novel for Denver - it's such an intimate and special setting. It's not just a meal, it's a show.

R G.

I was very excited when I saw that Denver was finally getting a restaurant that offered the sort of culinary experience you'd only get in larger US cities or eligible Michelin Star cities. We just don't have restaurants that really only provide a tasting menu. Chef Holmes has experience in some incredible kitchens and a clear vision for the kind of dining experience he's striving for. The experience Beckon seeks to provide is novel for Denver - it's such an intimate and special setting. It's not just a meal, it's a show. Other restaurants in Colorado try to offer that experience. Yet sometimes when you are blown away by something, subsequent visits/plates don't hit the mark. You just get lucky on some nights. I've had excellent dishes at Frasca, the Kitchen (Boulder), Tavernetta, and other restaurants, but no dining experience in Denver has ever brought that consistency throughout a meal or from one visit to the next. I went in March for their tasting menu for my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes in the meal. In that dinner, a coffee flavored radicchio salad was the standout plate in the whole meal. Every other dish was very good, but nothing approached the wow factor of that salad. But sometimes the service could be a little too friendly and casual in a Colorado sort of way. It detracted a bit from the "showiness" of the meal experience. But it was still enjoyable and tasty enough to return. Last night we returned, and incidentally had the same server and the same seats. And what a show. As a whole all the service and food came together for a consistently exceptional experience plate after plate. Once the salads started coming out with the second dish, you could feel and see the pieces in place. Pacing was better. The staff was there, but only to amplify your experience. Then most importantly, there were consistently excellent plates of food. So many dishes had that "wow" factor. It was so exciting to come back and have a dinner exceed what were already high expectations. Chef Holmes has the experience and the vision for what Beckon could turn into. He's put the parts in place to create a consistent experience for diners. I'm excited to see how he improves it even more. This is going to become my special occasion restaurant from now on.

Yan V.

Wow! Simply Wow! Run, drop everything, and go to Beckon! Holy cow, hands down the best meal I've had in Denver and in the top 3 best meals I've had in my life, and as a foodie that is really tough for me to say. Beckon offers a tasting menu each night that is set and rotates monthly. You walk into a restaurant that looks more like a converted house, with 18 bar seats looking onto the kitchen. Throughout your night you get to see the chefs prepare your meal in front of you and explain the delicacies you're about to eat. The experience itself is worth coming for, so cool to see all the action take place right in front of you, and somehow the staff makes it look tranquil! As for the food -- seriously each plate was delicious. My SO and I have been to tasting restaurants that practiced molecular gastronomy, which more or less means you have no idea what you're being served. It could be a steak, could be decoration, could be dessert, no idea. But not here, at Beckon your food is comprehensible (think fish, lamb, vegetable soup), but elevated to ridiculous levels. For example, one course was poached fish with crispy fish skin, which nearly made me leave my body. Each course was amazing, but there's no point in reviewing all the courses since they will be different when you go. But based on what we saw, no matter when you go, you're in for a treat. Yes it's expensive, but if you can afford it, it's highly worth it!

tyler mcgrath

Best part of the dinner was the wine parring, hands down. Food was creative and presentation was exceptional but fell short on flavor. The experience was great except for the up sell. After spending what we did for 4 people to dine here we were asked or an additional $13 for a cheese upgrade? It soured the experience. I would try it again if someone else was footing the tab. For the money i would rather go to a handful of other places around town.


Beckon is a pre-paid, reservation only, small plate dining experience. The price is $95/pp plus 20% gratuity. If you opt for the wine pairing, it is an additional $100/pp, but you can also go with individual glasses or a bottle of wine. We had 4 glasses of wine and a beer between us, which was almost $100 with tip. It has about 17-18 seats around a U-shape table, which surrounds the preparation and cooking area. There is a small attractive waiting area in the front, and it looked like there was another one in the back, in case you arrive early. There are two seatings/evening, and they allow about 2 1/2 hours for dinner. Diners who have seatings before 6 are expected to leave in time for the second seating at 8. Reservations at 6 do not have to leave until 8:30. There is one waiter for each 2-4 people, so the service is wonderful. Our waiter, Matt, took great care of us, including bringing me tastes of several different white wines before finding the one I wanted. We went in June for our anniversary when they were serving their 'Strawberry Moon' menu. (Each month has a different menu.) There are 9 different courses, all prepared very differently and presented beautifully. There are no substitutions, except for dietary reasons. One of the highlights of the evening comes after you sit down: Beckon bread, which they make at the restaurant/bakery next door, especially for Beckon and butter sprinkled with salt. We were told you can occasionally buy loaves of the bread if you let the bakery know ahead of time and they hold one for you. We enjoyed the first four courses, which consisted of various fishes, a soup and vegetables. The three 'meat' courses - rabbit, pork and duck - we didn't care for at all, however. In particular, we thought the rabbit was salty and the rabbit liver was not appetizing. After these courses, there was an option to have Wagyu beef and a cheese course, each for an additional charge. We passed on them. The last course, a dessert, served with little cookies, was nice, but not memorable. For these prices, I would have expected a truly spectacular dessert!The setting, service and small plate theme of the restaurant sets the perfect backdrop for an exceptional, leisurely evening and meal. But, if the food doesn't live up to the experience, and for the price paid, then it doesn't matter how wonderful the setting or service is. If you want to spend over $300 on a dinner for 2 people, there are lots of fantastic restaurants in Denver to choose from, many for much less.

Amy M.

Great food experience for Denver. Really elevates the dining scene here. Staff was knowledge, helpful and provided proper serving skills. It is as much an experience as a meal.

Eric Maginniss

This was truly an exceptional dining experience. Each dish was elegant and delicious. The service was excellent and just the right level of attentiveness. The tasting menu was perfectly sized to leave us satiated, but not stuffed. This was definitely one of the best dinners I've had.

David Sherman

Beckon is one of the best dining experiences in RiNo, perhaps even the best restaurant in Denver. Experience course after course of the finest and most unique flavor combinations paired with a perfect glass of wine, beer or cider (depending on your preference) served with each plate. And since the menu changes throughout the seasons, youâ??re guaranteed something fresh and different each time. I canâ??t wait to make my next reservation and experience what else the chef has to offer.

Kyle Kilgore

Wow! Every course was the best thing I've ever eaten!

Katie R.

I was planning a trip to Denver to celebrate my birthday and came across Beckon. I decided to treat myself and booked a reservation - one of the best decisions I've made! The booking process was super easy, and the follow-up they provided to ensure there were no dietary restrictions, etc. set the tone of what to expect as a customer. I was a little nervous dining by myself, as most tend to book these meal experiences with a +1 or larger group, but once I stepped foot into the venue they immediately made me feel welcome. Being able to watch the entire team cook, plate and execute the meal is a show in itself. Some of the menu items aren't things I'd typically order, but trust me, just go with it. Each bite is amazing. I opted for the wine pairing and again, it's just beautifully executed when you may think "hmm...I'm not really a Riesling fan, but let's have a go at it". Zachary Byers (Sommelier) knocks those wine pairings out of the park. I truly felt like I was at someone's house for a dinner party - one that you don't want to leave. I've encouraged local Denver friends to book a reservation, as well as other friends that travel through the city to add it to their itinerary's. I can't think of a better way to kick off a "new year" and plan on returning each time I'm back in the area!

Alison Heller

Wow. Just wow. This was not only am amazing meal but it was truly an incredible experience. The food was delicious and the wine parings were perfect. Service was great and the atmosphere was lovely. I highly recommend spending an evening with the folks at Beckon. If you like good food, you wonâ??t be disappointed. I can not wait to go back.

Kyle Robertson

Hands down the most incredible dining experience I've had in Denver. Expensive but if you're going to treat yourself or someone you love this is the place!

Alison H.

Wow. Just wow. This was not only am amazing meal but it was truly an incredible experience. The food was delicious and the wine parings were perfect. Service was great and the atmosphere was lovely. I highly recommend spending an evening with the folks at Beckon. If you like good food, you won't be disappointed! I can't wait to go back