2843 Larimer St, Denver
(303) 749-0020

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Rohin S.

-This is an old review, visited about 1 year ago, but still a memorable experience. Came here for a celebratory event/birthday with the fixed menu. I've been to some great fine dining experiences as well as some which I regretted spending money on, but this was 100% worth it.Atmosphere: The place is awesome - super well decorated, small and intimate from the "hidden" / tucked away entrance to the chefs table itself and the entire room decor. The entrance is nextdoor to Call, the sister restaurant but tucked away behind a fence with a small fire that you can relax by while they set up your spot. Drinks were available here as well. The inside is a U-shaped chef's table and we fortunately ended up at the head of the table so I could see all of the things going on. The music was specially catered by VMP (Denver Business) with art on the wall curated by a local artist. Liked that they really went out of their way to support the local Denver establishments.Food: 5/5, every course was phenomenal. Honestly don't remember them currently but I thoroughly enjoyed each course of the meal. I was fascinated with how they elevated simpler foods (oysters specifically) and then surprised me with foods I don't commonly order (liver mousse, etc). My date's first fine dining experience and she was blown away by the meal and overall experience. Both of us got different cocktails which we really enjoyed.Overall: The meal was pricey, but for a fine dining experience it was well worth it. I would put it on par with other fine dining experiences I've had in food destinations (chicago, etc) and better than some of those as well.

Honest M.

What a disappointment- two tiny salad courses than a decent but smallish piece of duck with nothing more - oh a dessert that was also small and not very good. A prix fixe menu that leaves you hungry - a first for me. Points for social distancing and other solid covid protocols. A fun wine list with some nice bottles. Friendly but inattentive staff. These guys were great on the takeout when all the restaurants were closed. Spare me the pretentious "local ingredients" nonsense and serve a tasty meal. The veggies were tasty but come on now - the sauces they used with them were blah. I used to enjoy the Call Coffee Shop from the same folks - Come on Beckon step up your game

Jordan F.

Pretentious as all get out - but they just don't deliver -Not one but two salad courses - both skimpy - tasty but not that good.A solid duck course as an entree - than a mush mash of a dessert that was mediocre at best.Look you want to love these guys but they come no where close to delivering - Tell em to skip the attitude and deliver a real solid experience -Wines are eclectic and actually quite good - servers are very friendly but inattentive and not very good -OK blame the pandemic and than do your job.SKip this joint until they step up their game

Cee D.

This is the best restaurant for an exquisite dining experience in Denver. Get over the price, it's worth every penny. Add the cheese plate. ADD THE WAGYU BEEF. Add the dessert. Try different cocktails. Talk with the sommelier. Enjoy every tasty morsel.

Scott Izat

If you are into fine dining with a wonderful experience, you will love this place. Certainly one of the best restaurants in Colorado.

Virginia C.

Came here right before the stay at home order in March and I am so so excited that they are doing patio reservations again. It won't be the same as the indoor intimate seating, but this place is just top notch. First - the service is fantastic. They don't skip a beat and I have a lactose intolerant issue, so they were gladly able to accommodate even though it was a fixed menu. But for this social distance/covid era, I would call first to see if they can make dietary accommodations because they have to do less of that now a days. There was a request on their new menu that they might decline, etc. The menu is seasonal and rotational, but everything was generally amazing. I think I disliked the squad/quail dish - b/c it just looked like a live quail leg. Even for my Chinese-American chicken feet eating soul - I had to pass, but I applaud the vision. So - it is probably the closest Michelin star type restaurant without being in NY/SF, etc. The benefit of Covid - they are doing family style/per a person take out. Plus - there is even a kid's menu!! Normally - I have never never see a 10 year old in here. But for $10 at home - let your child be bougie for a special night. This is the thing - higher end restaurants def. have it hard during covid - b/c while there is take-out/curbside... it doesn't beat the experience here. Check out the patio, reserve everything online, and pay for everything online beforehand... this place is in a little house in RINO in the middle of it all.

Alla S.

We went here once for a fancy date and it was just pure magic. It feels exclusive and glamorous. The fanciest restaurant to date in Denver! It felt like we were in a posh Manhattan restaurant. The food is so creative and delicious! This will be our anniversary and special occasion go-to!

Yvonne D

Loved the take out! Chicken was excellent. Don't forget the Aebleskiver! Highly recommend.

Colleen McCoy

Beckon is AMAZING. The chefs are no less than artists. We’re booking for their next menu. Can’t wait!!

William W.

An amazing experience for a date night, birthday or if you're just looking for something new. Believe the hype - this restaurant is well worth it and will not leave you disappointed.


The whole experience is great and honestly, I felt that I was eating in a restaurant in NYC or Napa. The service was outstanding and the food was delicious. It was well worth the price.

Scott C.

Went here while visiting Denver because me and my partner love fine dining and tasting menus like this. It was wonderful and definitely worth the price. The Michelin guide doesn't come to Denver so they're giving you this quality of food and service just to make you happy and give you and experience you won't forget. All the dishes were inventive and delicious.

Jarod Farina

We love dining at Beckon! Outstanding service. Delicious food. Extremely talented Chefs. Great wine pairings. This is the closest you can get to a Michilin style tasting menu in Denver.

Scott S

An unparalleled experience in fine dining. Each small plate was delicious and the sommelier pairing was knee-weakening. Expensive, but well worth the price. The staff is excellent.

Yasmin Zenhari

I had no idea what to expect. I consider myself an adventurous "foodie", as pretentious as that sounds, but I had never had a gastronomic experience. This was out of this world, literally. I don't even know how to explain it. We went yesterday for my birthday celebration. I was nervous going in, intimidated by how cool the people there were. That immediately went away. They made me feel like I belonged there, and the food was truly an experience. Delicious, meticulously crafted, and I think I was literally seeing colors when eating. I tried things I had never eaten before. The attention to detail the chef, sous chef, and staff put into the food was so appreciated.

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