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James Douthit

Beckon is the best restaurant in Denver. Intelligent wine pairings and perfectly-crafted dishes. We sat in the room where they plate your food in front of you before serving and it was magical. It was more than enough food (if that’s a concern for you) and all the flavors came together beautifully. Impeccable service if that’s something that matters to you — the soft skills of the servers are immaculate. Their menu was very cosmopolitan while still including Colorado flair. My only wish is that the wine pairings included something more local, but it may be the case that no local wines are up to snuff.

Melissa North

If I could, I would give my experience at Beckon a 10 star rating. Everything from the food, the service, the ambiance, to the knowledge of the staff was spot on. Chef Duncan knows what he is doing. It’s awesome to sit at the chefs counter & watch the chefs work on the amazing multiple course meal. Every single course they brought out was spectacular.If I could - I would eat here every night!Vegetarian options: The entire tasting menu had veggie and non veggie options. So even vegetarians can feel included!Dietary restrictions: They give you multiple opportunities to speak up about dietary restrictions & the chefs work hard to accommodate each and every guest. While I think its best if you go in with an open palate - if you need restrictions for health reasons - they work hard to accommodate.


The food and the service we experienced were absolutely incredible. Our party showed up 30 minutes early and we were immediately taken care of and made to feel at home. After we were sat at the chef’s counter, the wonderful service only continued. One of the most wonderful examples of this: my father, who we were taking to Beckon to celebrate his birthday, has recently become hard of hearing and is a bit shy about the fact. When the staff *immediately* picked up on his hearing they began to explain all of our dishes from a place where it would be easy for my father to hear. It could be considered a small detail… but it really made my father (and our family) feel taken care of on a deep level. And this was but one of many small details that made our evening special. The food was incredible — we were still talking about it today, Saturday, before my father left. The pacing of the meal was fantastic. All of the food was of such high quality that even when we could agree on what we felt the weakest dish was… we agreed that this particular plating’s weakness was only revealed through the superlative quality of the menu; the “weakest” dish could only perhaps be considered weak in the context of the great strength of the inspired menu we were lucky enough to be served. … which is to say, we couldn’t even dream of a complaint regarding our experience. This was one of — if not the best — dining experience of our lives.

Benjamin Thomas

Super accommodating. We made a last second reservation and had a work emergency and they were able to make it work for us. Food was phenomenal. Wine pairing was magical. Service was amazing. The girlfriend and I are from New York and a huge foodies. We’d rate this over Frevo in NY for a 1/4 of the price. one of the best restaurants in the US. Don’t miss out!

Lauren Meier

Terrific experience at Beckon! The food is fantastic and we did the Premium Wine pairing, the sommeliers are so knowledgeable and great at what they do. Absolutely recommend this place for a special and memorable night out in Denver!

Aaron Klingensmith

This is the best restaurant in Denver. I'd be willing to stake that claim and be open to any challenges (because, please, get more top restaurants, Denver), but for fine dining, I think the title would go Beckon. Of the courses we had, there wasn't a single one that stood out as an afterthought or a time-filler; every dish was a delight and purposeful in conveying the theme of the season's menu. On top of that, the opportunity to enjoy a chef's counter is a truly special experience for anyone who loves food and, as far as I can tell, a rare occurrence in Denver. In addition to the food, my wife (who had the wine pairing) and I (who went the NA pairing) found the beverages to be thoughtfully selected/created and paired pleasantly with every course. The service was also superb and we enjoyed every interaction we had. It goes without saying we've already picked the times of the year when it makes sense to return so that we can experience the menus to come.So it is with all of that in mind that the following critique should be considered-- it would certainly not dissuade us from returning. Having done one other chef's counter experience (the wonderful Catbird Seat in Nashville), one of our favorite parts of the experience is being able to observe professional cooks in their element--seeing the work and thoughtfulness and beauty that goes into a truly exceptional dining experience. So while I think Beckon had great ambiance (I especially enjoyed their music selections), I personally found the lighting to be better suited to a more intimate environment and less so the most expertly choreographed performance that a chef's counter allows you to witness. It also might explain why a significant amount of plating preparation happened towards the back of the counter, as the main source of light for the cooks emanated from above the cooktop. While we were lucky to be seated at the two seats nearest this section of the room, allowing us to still see, I'd imagine it'd be a different experience being on the other end of the room (towards the bottom of the U-shaped counter) where you might have a harder time seeing the nuances.That being said, I'm sure there are pros and cons to any particular seat in a dining room and the incredibly minimal cons (that may largely be chalked up to personal preference) do not outweigh the numerous pros Beckon has to offer.


Lovely nine course tasting menu. The servers were so nice. The wine parings were excellent and the food was delicious. They were great with food restrictions. We sat outside and enjoyed it!

Luke Vernon

The most incredible restaurant in Denver! The food is exceptional. The staff is incredible. Every course was superb. It was fun not knowing what was coming next and it was a great way to explore a wide variety of items. We absolutely loved it. Highly recommend! Allison, the manager, is one of a kind with her service and hospitality.


This is a true dining experience, not just a multi-course meal. The plating, attention to detail, personal service and cuisine are all phenomenal. Despite small plates, after 11 courses, we left very satisfied. Watching all of the chefs work meticulously on each dish was addictively entertaining. This place is now the highbar for all other fine dining establishments I visit.


Staff were very attentive & friendly. Food was eclectic, unique and good. Definitely an experience - 2 1/2 hours of 8 courses. Celery dish the best, the rabbit least favorite. Drinks are a separate cost at $28 per glass of wine. 4 stars instead of 5 only due to excessive cost. The experience and food were enjoyable.


Staff were very attentive & friendly. Food was eclectic, unique and good. Definitely an experience - 2 1/2 hours of 8 courses. Celery dish the best, the rabbit least favorite. Drinks are a separate cost at $28 per glass of wine. 4 stars instead of 5 only due to excessive cost. The experience and food were enjoyable.

Vanessa Pence

Unbelievably special dining experience. This is a top 3 restaurant for me - perhaps #1. Each course was impeccably created and presented. The staff was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I loved how the chefs came over to present their courses in partnership with the servers. Highly recommend the wine pairing, too - excellent sommeliers and impressive selection. The ambiance was awesome, too. Thank you for the wonderful service, food, and special night!

Havilande Lodge

Words cannot describe my absolutely amazing experience here. The staff was incredible and I was enamored by the chefs expertise and appreciation towards detail. Every bite was bliss and they have certainly carefully curated their dining experience. I sincerely hope they will be Michelin rated because their efforts and experience is BEYOND anything in Denver. Thank you Beckon!!!!! Food was fresh and beautiful. Best date night I’ve ever had- all thank you YOU

C H.

Best restaurant in Denver. Service, food and preparation were impeccable. Deserves a Michelin star.

Talisa D.

If I could give this place ten stars I would. First of all, Beckon has by far the best service I've experienced in Colorado. The staff are all incredible and went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and happiness. We went during the May snowstorm for our anniversary so it was like 30-40 degrees out only. Despite reserving an outdoor seating they offered indoor due to the cold but upon arrival the outdoor seating was so inviting, intimate, and warm they were happy to switch our reservation back to outside per our request. They were very flexible. Multiple members of the staff then quietly bustled around to ensure that the area was the perfect temperature for us and closed off all cold drafts even though this meant they had to duck under the wall drapes every time they came in an out of our outdoor seating area. They made no fuss at all and made it seem like they were somehow happy to have to do this. They were incredible at working with my food restrictions (pregnancy) and far more knowledgeable then I was about what I couldn't eat haha. There were so many perfect mini courses (10-11) from unique and fresh sources. Each course was described in detail to us. I don't want to ruin the surprise completely but if you desire see the attached photos for the items and the Spring 2022 menu. Honestly, it's probably more fun to be surprised. Everything was fantastic! The amount of food was perfect for a couple - I had to give some to my husband so I wasn't too full, which filled him up nicely. The drink menu was also incredible - including nonalch mocktail options. At the end you receive a cute surprise goody bag to take home and a souvenir copy of your menu. As I mentioned earlier you can sit inside at the countertop (where the chefs prepare the food in front of you) or outside. Most people recommend inside to watch the chefs work but I liked the quiet garden-vibes of the outside. The tables are spaced out outside so are much more intimate and private than sitting at the countertop inside. I'd probably prefer sitting outside again in the future. Depends what experience you're looking for! Finally, while an odd thing to review the bathroom was so relaxing with spa music and delicious smelling soap and hand cream. Haha trust me, it adds to the experience. Overall, I cannot recommend this place more. The price is more than reasonable considering comparable restaurants/experiences in other cities are at least 50% more. You absolutely get what you pay for here and the experience is worth more than every penny. We cannot wait to return for another menu (they have one each season)!

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