Bierstadt Lagerhaus

2875 Blake St, Denver
(720) 570-7824

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Kevin Tipton

Wonderful Brewery. Tasty & Refreshing Beer. Lots of jumbo size yard games. Good Prices. Friendly Staff. Fun Atmosphere. Overall a great place to have some fun and enjoy a good beer.

Christine M

Beers, vibe, food: all absolutely stellar!!Bierstadt is likely my favourite brewery and beers in the entire *country* - it's definitely top of my list and *always* a must-visit in Denver ? Crispi perfection, AND that perfection is made by a girl!!Slow-pour pils is crushable perfection, and I also 100% dig the radlers- a perfect mix of Bierstadt Helles and your choice of blood orange or lemon Italian soda - so dang delicious!!There's often live music (my very first steps into Bierstadt were to the soundtrack of a massive live brass band churning out Gangster's Paradise ???) and always an array of giant yard games - corn hole with giant bean bags, massive beer pong, enormous connect 4, and also pinball (not ginormous. ...Yet??)

Shane Martin

Bigger A** Pretzel is not for the faint of heart.

Shane Martin

Bigger Ass Pretzel is not for the faint of heart.


This place thinks it is German. A bierhaus in Germany would never treat a customer the way this place does. Yes, solid beers. But that is all offset by an odd online ordering system, personality-less service, and forced tipping. What an excrement show.

Yatin Pradhan

This was the last stop in my DIY Denver brewery tour. The lager was absolutely awesome and takes about 7min to pour. Great old school vibe, great beer and great taste.A must go spot if u like lagers.


Massive warehouse brewery with a industrial yet cozy atmosphere. Not the most extensive beer selection but the Dunkel worked for me during my two visits on the same day. Plenty of seating inside and out and lots of oversized bar games to keep you entertained. You can place your order and pay from your table and avoid the line at the bar.

danijel brdar

Best playlist ever. Brought me back to high school/college days when all the good emo/punk was playing. Vibe was cool as well with plenty of places to chill. Def worth the visit. Beer is good but when it’s summer and hot last thing I want is a heavy German beer. Anyway cheers

Tim Faith

I wish every brewery had just 4 phenomenal beers. The atmosphere at this place is second to none. Skip the larger brewery brewpubs and come here and grab some classic German lagers and a pretzel. It's very well worth your while.

John Hayes

One of the best lager focused breweries in the United States, great atmosphere, lovely staff.. Obviously the beers are fantastic, but start off with a Slow Pour and you won't be disappointed.


Had heard this place has good beer. Boy, do they! Enjoyed the lager, dunkel and Baltic porter - all very good beers. German food -schnitzel and sausages were terrific - and I'm fussy about my German food and beer. Place has a really cool, industrial, warehousey vibe. There are a lot of great places to go for beer in the Denver area. This one is definitely worth a stop!

Seung Baang (sungflower)

This place is the first brewery I went back to after spending time on a remote Alaskan island. Their pilsner is the best I've had in the US and worth skating down dodging Friday traffic. Their Czech dark lager is also superb. I remember when they brought in a Mexican corn lager and it also slapped. They serve splendiferous beers here. During events (like wrestling) they serve their helles in liters at their outside biergarten. They only make lagers but they've mastered it. I wish they have experimental rotating lagers like a good rauchbier or an eisbock. They also serve other alcohol but they stick to the classic Bavarian lagers for beer (if you want a solid IPAs there's other breweries nearby). Quick fact, what's the difference between lagers and ales? The yeast used. What's the difference between a Bierstadt pilsner and the apotheosis of all pilsners, the Ayinger Pils? Easy, the bierstadt is canned fresher than a king salmon out the Alaskan waters (and easier to acquire).Prost!

Jessica H.

Great sports bar brewery, watched NHL playoffs here. Big space, cool vibes, a bit hot/ slow service

Heather Harrington

Definitely a go-to place, especially if you plan on having a group of friends! HUGE Tall Boys of beer, fun slushy cocktails, & easy mobile ordering is what makes this place an easy night out! Large warehouse type vibe with huge open garage windows. Live music is playing sometimes on the weekends & there is some fun over-sized games everyone can play! - Garbage Can Beer Pong, Connect Four, Ladder Toss, & Bean Bag Cornhole!

Gregory Gordon

Place was cool. Beers were so so. They charge you 20% tip on everything you buy here. Not a fan of that. You place your beer order and food order at the bar. No one actually waits on you. You sit down and someone brings out your food and that’s it. Not quite sure why a 20% tip is added when there is no wait staff. Who gets the tip? If you like having to automatically pay money to staff that doesn’t actually do anything, this is your place.

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