Burger King

9690 E Alameda Ave, Denver
(303) 344-1336

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Jason Staneart

I am always treated well and I’m served freshly-made food by friendly people. I highly recommend this location.

Chris Andolsek

Burger King is Burger King - Food is fine for fast food - it is what it is. I do like the flame-broiled taste (always have; always will) but I do notice the "shrinkflation" that is affecting everything - burgers are much smaller than they used to be

Sarah Horne

Was charged for items I did not order...I have a limited budget so I was treating myself. Very disappointed.

Daphnie Youngblood

This location has sub par service even for being a burger king your only hope of getting what you actually order is to no use the app and go inside and check your food before you leave and the. Maybe they will get your order correct on the second try.


Apparently the posted lobby hours are inaccurate. Arrived at what was supposed to be when they opened and was told I could walk through the drive through if I wanted to place an order, which is a ridiculous safety issue and not something the employees should be encouraging if they are too lazy to run the lobby or even change their posted hours.

Matt Lawler

When you order dorr dash they always forgot to give you atleast one item here. The shake machine was “down” and they didnt put a straw in the bag for the order.

Ted Maestas

I had a great experience at this store , employees were very friendly and accommodating, they had just got done with a very rude customer. Fast food employees don’t need rude customers !!!They helped me very professional.,. After they helped the jerk customer .,.5 + ⭐️

burrito mio

I like coming to this place a lot. I love how nice people are to their customers and I love how fast they always give out my food. 10/10 would recommend!!!

Carina Wang

Don't go here. Ordered a side of french toast sticks and a Whopper Jr. Only to recieved a cold croissantwich and cold cheese on the whopper. Also did not include straw for drinks and ketchup for fries.


If you read the menu right they are actually not that bad on price. Ordered food yesterday for 2 people and only paid 8$..

J Eldridge

Stuff is always very friendly and efficient. The store is nice and clean. My only complaint is that the freestyle soda machine they have inside is out of 90% of the flavors offered. If you had your heart set on peach mellow yellow you might as well just settle for sprite. Over the course of the last 3 months I have never seen anything available in that machine except for basic Coke and Sprite definitely not what a freestyle machine is made for.

Debe Alikchihoo

Ordered a combination meal via the drive-thru. The bag felt you light so I looked inside and found the burger but no fries. When I told the girl, she said they took the fries out, so I had to remind her of what I ordered and paid for. Then she forgot to make my drink. I had to ask for that also. Will think twice before returnifir. This BK location.

David Bennett

Do not goto this burger king.....i ordered food at 915pm according to their website they closed at 11 but when i went today to speak to the manager they said we close at 10 and we didnt get your order til 1015....and i had to go thru 3 employess before i got 1 that spoke english!!! Message to the owner of this store. fire your entire staff get people in there who speak english and respect your customers.. i will also be leaving a negative bbb report as well

Michael K.

Online it stated this location was open until 11pm on Sunday. I came by at 1030 and the drive through was closed

Tyler N

I came here after being refused service at another location in the drive thru after ordering on the BK app.Wait was a little long in the drive thru but the food was decent. Burger was kinda dry. Not much else to say…

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