Copper Kettle Brewing Company

1338 S Valentia St #100, Denver
(720) 443-2522

Recent Reviews

Ian M.

I love this place! The patrons are simply the best. And the bartenders (Matt, Gabe, Megan, Anna, Sarah, Donovan) are amazing. Going to Copper Kettle after a long day of work makes my day every time I go. In short: great beer, great people, great times! Highly recommend to anyone. Come have a taste of the crisp, refreshing Pilsner. Try the lush, light tasting Helles Lager. Enjoy the hoppy, bitter American IPA. I guarantee, every time you come in you'll have a fantastic time!

Peter G.

This place has a very "local" vibe - it felt like people knew each other which was cool. Their beer is good and they always have interesting small batches. Service is great as well!

Natalia Yasmine

Good variety. Smaller brewery. Nice layout. Board games. Pet friendly. Food trucks that alternate.


Good hearty (and some lighter) brews! Enjoyed both of mine. Spooky Hollow porter was a seasonal delight, and Snowed-in Coconut stout was a feat of drink engineering and is aptly named.

Mark W.

Stopped by on Halloween evening. They were having trivia but a rather small crowd participating. Music was awesome. They have indoor and outdoor seating. Dog friendly and a couple of large screen tvs. It is a little deceiving if you use your GPS. As soon as you turn into the parking lot go left and you can find it. Matt, bartender was super knowledgeable and friendly. Not a huge selection but very good beers and I am picky. Would definitely visit again. No food but they do schedule food trucks.

Steven Vigil-Roach

We stopped here for one beer and ended up having two each. Relaxing atmosphere, with a spacious outdoor and indoor area to hang out. Also tried the Peyote food truck and some of the best churros to compliment our stouts. Would totally come back.


I really enjoyed the beer. Showed up for a drag show, which was excellent and wonderful energy. The location has a great setup for all seasons.

Jessi K

Great experience at Copper Kettle. Looks like they have recently expanded and the extra seating is definitely a bonus. Good selection of beer (enjoyed the Raspberry Lime seltzer, Freedom Kolsh, and Guava Thai Chili). Would recommend a flight.Outdoor seating. Indoor seating. Bar seating.Merchandise: beanies, t-shirts, tank tops, assorted glassware, dog leash, hats, to-go beer.

Michelle Aldrich

We really enjoyed the outdoor area at Copper Kettle Brewing. They had a lot of great beers (my personal favorite was That Tree is Far Away, a delicious sour!). Out of 5 people we all rated this the best beers this week! Citrus Paradisi was also a group favorite.Added bonus, review the food truck schedule for some great bites!

Jennifer Mendoza

One of my favorites breweries in CO. Their beer selection is always on point and top quality ?? I love the Mexican chocolate stout ❤️ yumm. They have board games and a food truck usually, trivia on Mondays.

Susan Patierno

Loved the chill atmosphere and the beer!

Pete R.

Love this place! We stopped in for a Sunday afternoon beer and were not disappointed. The vibe is cool, with ample seating inside and lots of picnic table seating on the patio out front. There was a Thai food truck (Over Rice) that looked incredible. We had dinner plans, and being close to 5:00 pm we opted to pass until next time. Bar tenders were awesome, informative, and provided great service. I had the Moral Support IPA and my lovely wife had the Helles lager. Both were cold and tasty. We will without a doubt be back for more!

Sarah H.

Giant patio and a good variety of beers to suit every palate. Location is a bit difficult to find as it's in a business park, so turn that GPS on!

Graham M.

As a beer lover the CK is a really nice place to hang out. And it also helps that there is a night for Dungeons and Dragons called Dungeons, Dragons, and Drafts. The Mexican Chocolate Stout is awesome, as are the other beers for that matter.

Ivan Kostadinov

Was there on a Sunday afternoon. Wasn't too busy, but it appeared only one staff member was present. She was holding down the fort all by herself and did a great job!

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