Crema Coffee House

2862 Larimer St, Denver
(720) 284-9648

Recent Reviews


I love this place with all its yummy selections as a respite for the wine I drink at Curio. I don't think I have still sampled all I would like despite multiple visits.


We stopped in here for a quick pick me up as we were wandering around the Rino District brewery hopping. Cool little spot with friendly people behind the counter making great baked goods and crafting a good cup of joe.

Faith G.

First visit. The staff were incredibly friendly. I enjoyed a nice cappuccino. I wanted to order lunch but they sold out. I am however super happy with my cappuccino. I would definitely recommend this place and 100% am coming back

Alice Schott

First time in, I was starving and surprised to see a lot of really great food options. Good chance out really quickly, even though they were busy. Before burrito was tasty. Would definitely go back.

Tanya A.

Good coffee and a nice sunny interior with lots of tables for working or hanging out. I also got a cinnamon roll but it was a bit too sweet for my liking. Good WiFi. My only complaint is that this isn't a great place to work because there were no outlets and it was too loud to take calls. (For working, I'd suggest ink! coffee across the street.) More food reviews on Instagram: @newyorkcityfoodie

Abandoned Gaming

I love this spot! The staff was a great help on choosing what to eat and the latte is my favorite. The ambiance is great. The art on the walls is amazing, with bright colors and charm. I would say the best afternoon is spent at Crema.

Thepractice Squad

I love this spot! The staff was a great help on choosing what to eat and the latte is my favorite. The ambiance is great. The art on the walls is amazing, with bright colors and charm. I would say the best afternoon is spent at Crema.

Joseph Crawford

Always worthy. Great atmosphere and vibe. Great coffee and food choices.

Candy A Edington

I wanted to love this place. I am a proud native who resides in the neighborhood. However, after three strikes, I am out for good! Every time I have been here, I have had terrible customer service. Today, I went in, the young girl behind the counter did not greet me nor did she smile. She gave me my change, when I put it in her tip jar she rolled her eyes. Then, when she poured my first coffee she said “latte ready.” I said “thank you.” She looked me in the eyes with no respo

Maria F.

I visited from New York and not only do they have amazing coffee but they also have the nicest staff! I started talking to one of the baristas there who ended up being from New York. She made me feel right at home and was also super knowledgeable about coffee and some fun things to do in Denver. Will definitely come back and recommend Crema to everyone i know visiting Denver!

Luis B.

Got a classic vanilla latte and a cubano sandwich. The cubano was all I needed for lunch it did come with a side so I got the Caesar salad, pork was nice and tender, the pickles tangy and crisp. Overall one of the best coffee shop I visited in Denver.

Caine K.

Definitely my overall favorite coffee shop .. what really makes it great besides the cappuccino? The food! First rate breakfast burritos and the quiche are excellent. Always has a good texture . I highly recommend Crema

Alphaz 161

I love this spot! The staff was a great help on choosing what to eat and the latte is my favorite. The ambiance is great. The art on the walls is amazing, with bright colors and charm. I would say the best afternoon is spent at Crema.

Rohin S.

Came to check out this spot to get some work done (blame myself for not checking yelp or calling ahead: no power outlets). Anyways, that was a major bummer but the rest of the place was lackluster for me. Atmosphere: -Pretty large coffee shop/cafe with plenty of space to sit (everything was full when I showed up). Though not a great place to do work, it seemed like a local spot to quickly meet up with people and/or hangout for breakfast. Food: -I didnt really check out the food menu too in depth, it didnt interest me. -Coffee options were unique, they had pourover options from a local roaster and a portland roaster. Opted for the Portland one (ProudMary) and it fell super flat. Didnt appreciate paying 4+ for an average cup of coffee. Overall: 3/5 for my personal experience. Whatever coffee, crowded yet large area. I see the appeal of the place as a spot to meet up with friends so I'll update my review when/if I end up back here.

Andrea Esselman

These people make INCREDIBLE espresso. None of the burnt beans that we’ve become so accustomed to. Amazing quality, rich flavors, hip vibes... best coffee a person can find.


Expresso and chai were good. To go cups, make me chuckle, not sure everyone gets..Service not so friendly, but I may have reminded the young staff of their great aunts.

Gabby Garcia

Amazing coffee, super modern and cool shop with awesome breakfast and lunch. Glad that they had some vegan options, the PB&J was classic with a really good toasted french bread. The sweet potato waffle was super thick and filling.

Janessa Bledsoe

Food is great for a quick bite. It is always delicious and impressive that bread and pastries are made in house but overpriced for amount of food given. Coffee is good but female cashier staff are always terrible. I don't think they understand the correlation between good service and a tip or how customers are the driving force of their business. Would not reccomend.

Kelly R.

Loved everything about this place ! The perfect cafe, they have great breakfast and lunch options at affordable prices. We had the veggie breakfast and veggie quiche, both had amazing flavor and great quality. I prefer the quiche over the burrito though, it's a must try. The lattes were perfectly made and adorable.

Alexandra Fieber

Veggie Sandwich was super delish and the chai was perfect but the true winner was the potato salad!!! Definitely get that as a side. Great ambiance as well!

Kel Rice

The vibe here is amazing. It's always got a crowd and it's always buzzing, and the energy is contagious. The art here is always interesting and fun to check out and there is such good food and coffee here. I'm always impressed when I see people studying here because I could never focus on anything if I tried to here, but it's a great place to bring out of town guests for a great cup of coffee and some catching up.

Drew Roy

Top notch coffee shop. Probably the best in Denver for a latte or pour over. Great art, cool hangout in the back.

Nicholas Kaoudis

OK, but I've had better. BTW, music volume is Not for the employees! Turn it down and maybe sell more?

Crackle Resting M.

Love this place. Wish it was in my neighborhood. Cool vibe. Cool and helpful people. Def recommend.

Anna B.

This is seriously my favorite coffee shop in Denver. Let me list the reasons: - Amazing coffee. The best cup you'll find in town. And if you get brew to stay, it's free re-fills while you're there! - Excellent delicious food. This is my favorite breakfast burrito in Denver, the quiche is amazing, and all the other breakfast & lunch options are yummy too. - Atmosphere. Great work environment (but no plugs, so come prepared!), or place to gather with friends. Always friendly, but also helpful staff. There's also an outdoor patio! LOVE Crema. Add this one to your list.

Tony S.

Climb into a vintage Cadillac, but rebuilt with a Tesla motor. Smooth, classic, yet suited for today's demanding consumer. That was the distinct impression I got from my visit to Crema last week. Good service that delivers fantastic coffee, and pairs perfectly with their great quiche and sweet potato waffles. There was ample seating room, and the urban yet warm ambiance and crowd just seemed to click. The mood was the perfect welcome back from a crazy night of partying and dancing. Crema was my perfect mistress that morning, and I look forward to coming back.

S. D.

TERRIBLY RUDE and slow service. I waited in line for several minutes, and when it was my turn, the girl at the register turned to her left and started talking to a friend of hers. Despite my standing just across the counter from her, she did not make eye contact with me and continued her conversation with her friend for NEARLY FIVE MINUTES. I literally stood there looking at her--occasionally checking the time--wondering how long she would make me wait before acknowledging my presence. I was in AWE that she could be so rude to a customer. And if that was not enough, after finally placing my order, it took TWENTY minutes to get my drink! And they weren't even busy!! Needless to say, their behavior towards customers is utterly disrespectful. They quite literally epitomize the cliche of the hipster baristas who don't understand the meaning of customer service. My friends and I will never go here again.

David M.

Do we grade restaurants on a curve or by some more absolute standard? If there's a bunch of bad quiche in your area restaurants when you find a place with a very good but not great quiche does that dish all of the sudden start tasting "spectacular???" These musings are not just, well, musings. Turns out we're in the middle of a quiche catastrophe in Denver. First Andre's home of Denver's best quiche closes. Then the Sugar Mill (a Troy Guard place in the 2400 block of Larimer) shut down over 2 years ago. Now they also made some damn fine quiche--creamy with an excellent pastry pie-styled crust it rivaled the quiche from Crema (which has a more soufflé-like filling with a bit flakier/lighter crust). And just last month the Rolling Pin Bakery that had some very good but not "spectacular" quiche locked its doors. So that leaves Le Trompeau (around 3000 S. Broadway) and Crema (around 2900 Larimer) as the north/south guardians of a 60-or-so-block-long quiche desert. Crema's quiche is still great and maybe I'm calling it 5 star-worthy because of that grading curve thing but dang I wish there was more quiche-competition in our town. Every place you go in Denver these days you trip over yet another street taco shop but quiche . . . good luck with that. So if no one can give up any better recommendations you've read my thoughts about the topic: Hit up Crema for what now must be seen as the as-good-as-it-gets quiche if you're on the north side of town. Sign me, David "Whip one up and find me some more" M

Jack D.

Upon walking in I immediately noticed that I was going to struggle to find a seat and I wasn't wrong. I noticed a spot near the back of the shop and took it with speed! I ordered a vanilla latte and after a short wait, my order was called and it joined me at my table. The coffee was overall - good. The texture was ideal but the rest just wasn't quite there for my personal taste. The latte didn't have enough of a punch of coffee and although they charge a little extra for flavouring - I didn't feel that was justified after tasting the coffee.

Rafael J Milla

The coffee has a good flavor and the space and vibe help you feel relaxed and welcomed.

Christa R.

This place does coffee right! Smooth and bold. Fast service, cozy atmosphere and friendly service. Denver Central Market is great for the grab and go but I love sitting for a cup in house at their other location.

Paige E.

This is my go to lunch spot. I work in rino and for those who also work here, you know it can be difficult to find a good casual place to eat. There are definitely some great restaurants down here but sometimes you just need a quick bite. Crema has you covered. I get the daily meat quiche almost every single time. It's made in house so it's super fresh and super delicious. I've tried the banh mi and a few other sandwiches but they've got nothing on the quiche. And honestly, what's better than a cup of hot coffee with a quiche? Nothing. Plus, the quiche comes with a side of greens so I'm getting my veggies in at the same time. Depending on what time of day you come, the line can be brutal but for the most part it's only 1-3 people deep and they move fast.The coffee is amazing. I typically get a regular latte or an oat milk latte. Both come out delicious. I have a couple suggestions- for the sweet potato waffle, I'd love to see some sort of cinnamon-y homemade syrup to go on it rather than just maple syrup. This is my inner chef pretending to come out but I feel like it would just taste amazing. Also, Crema will probably roll their eyes at this, but a matcha latte on the menu would be fantastic. Sometimes I need caffeine from a non-coffee source. Really you can't go wrong here. The atmosphere is cool, food good, and staff friendly.

Mark Holaday

I’m so impressed! The coffee was Ethiopian but they French-press instead of Drip, so it was super full-bodied, almost a medium roast! And then the sweet potato waffle... wow, so fragrant and delicious. Super high quality ingredients in their food. Made with care.. The vibe is both chic and a little grungy.

Jennifer Kaufman

Awesome French press coffee. Delicious quiche. Great coffeehouse!

Mackenzie Brisben

Great coffee. Cool wall paint. Kewl location.

Jennifer Kaufman

Awesome French press coffee. Delicious quiche. Great coffeehouse!

tina c

Coffee and a muffin is my favorite light breakfast. The place was busy and seemed to be very popular. It was my first trip out to see Larimer on my own while visiting family a couple of blocks over. The outdoor seating was nice and it was a warm day in late September. I enjoyed my time spent there. My food and coffee choices were very affordable.

Tabby Hilton

Great coffee, even better quiche. I’m not sure why you’d bother going to a sit down breakfast place in Denver when you can get a killer quiche (with a small salad) or delicious breakfast burrito at Crema. Pastries also looked great. Really nice outdoor area and friendly staff.

Maritza Vázquez

First time here. Saturday 9 in the morning. Getting busy, but the cashier and barista are moving quickly. Friendly, efficient service. Meat Quiche, Cherry Nut Muffin and a hot, spicy chai. Delicious, beautiful presentation. Hipster atmosphere, chill decor.

Chase Worth

Phenomenal coffee, but the customer service and staff was horrible. It felt like they were irritated to be there and didn’t want to interact with customers. While I loved the coffee, I would not recommend going there for a good personal experience.