Crema Coffee House

2862 Larimer St, Denver
(720) 284-9648

Recent Reviews

Jake Hopkins

Small, busy coffee shop downtown. This is a great spot to host a quick, informal meet and greet or set up a laptop for a short online stint. Their bottomless coffee is at a great price (and tastes extra yummy with agave nectar)! The only drawback is that most of the tables are very close to each other, noise levels can climb, and the mid-morning line grows quickly.


Great way to start the day. True craft coffee from around the country along with a gourmet burrito. Makes this a must visit place for Denver visitors to try.

Jesse Sunday

Great little coffee shop! Delicious breakfast burritos and great latte!

Laura Hancock

The food is absolutely delicious here! Unique dishes that melt in your mouth ! The staff is hip and chill highly recommended. Variety of coffee. Everything is delicious

Marc Beacom

Great coffee and food. This is to my go to coffee shop when on the north side of Denver. I've always have had a great cup and experience here.

Emily Simmons

I'm almost hesitant to post this review, because Crema is already SO busy, with good reason. Their Lattes are the best in town. Hands. Down. They also make all their food in house and I've never been disappointed.

Michael Carpenter

My husband and I are visiting Denver for part of our honeymoon. Stopped in for brunch, we both had the sweet potato waffles, which were amazing! Didn’t catch anyone’s name, but everyone was awesome!

Drew Beatriz

Nice coffee shop. Hipster as expected. I found some good coffee grounds from Denver to buy. The baristas were somewhat arrogant. I suggest getting a bag of Sweet Bloom (Jose Rodriguez)

Just Coach

Great vibe. Great coffee. I had three Lattes. I am a professional Barista and I had 3. Wow.

Brooke H

The staff is crazy nice, the coffee is good, and the atmosphere is amazing. If you're in town, def stop by this cool spot for a cup of Joe.


Crema Coffee House is first for coffee and they certainly delivered! Their French Press Pour Over Columbian was smooth as silk and absolutely delicious. For breakfast the meat Quiche was outstanding. Not your traditional pie crust Quiche but a little lighter with great savory flavors and came with a light salad that was a great surprise. The Sweet Potato Waffle was light and airy with just the right amount of Syrup, Walnuts, and Butter but the Sweet Potatoe taste was a little strong for me. The Yogurt and Granola was excellent as well although if you usually eat light I think this was full fat delicious yogurt so waistline beware. I did not think to ask if they had a low fat version. Their lunch menu looked enticing so I think this would be a good lunch option as well. I would definitely go back!

Andi Falco

I moved away not too long ago and miss this place so much. It was my last stop before moving and I went there all the time. Everything I tried there was delicious and the staff was super friendly. I highly recommend trying the baked goods (salted chocolate chip cookies mmmmm), sweet potato waffles, the sandwiches...... it’s my favorite coffee spot in the whole wide world


Really good coffee and quiche. They open at 7 am to a good crowd. Coffee is reasonably priced and the serving of quiche fed two. Most pleasant atmosphere. Recommend

Patrick Rooney

Grabbed coffee here while visiting my daughter. The space has a fantastic vibe with awesome coffee, terrific staff and laid-back crowd.

Paul Merritt

Vibrant, colorful, and fresh! The food was amazing and the music tied together this wonderfully mellow and introspective vibe. A great place to chill.

Danielle Hickson

Always the best. Awesome employees, a cute space, some of the best chai in town, and their beet salad is divine. Also love that they have oat milk!


We stopped in here on a whim while driving around Denver. The nitro cold press was amazing— so creamy! They have kombucha on tap which is always a plus in my book. And the quiche was excellent. Glad we checked it out!

Adalynn Duran

I love this place always quality food & service. Service is typically good. Prices are appropriate. Not close to my job, I wish it was.

Genessa Gutzait

Delicious coffee, amazing food, and a fun space. Crema is a regular stop because I always get excellent stuff. They’re usually pretty crowded, so it can be hard to find space if you want to hang out and work, but it’s deservedly so.

Cori Anderson

This spot is a gem. Good coffee, no-nonsense staff who are efficient and well-trained, and a nice atmosphere to work or socialize. Plus, they are always showcasing local art and artists. I highly recommend.

Lexi Adkins

Decent coffee, but unfortunately there was nowhere to sit. I would have liked to stay an enjoy my coffee but ended up having to take it to go simply because there was no seating available.

Jerry Davila

i love this place, great food & service. really nothing but enjoyable experiences here, i'll be back. the place has a cool atmosphere. feels similar to a restaurant in new york i loved.


Charming coffee shop and trendy place for business meet up. Great coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Wonderful baked goods.

Christian diaz

First time being there. I was pleasantly surprised. The meat burrito is delicious. Compliments to the chef. And the juice is great. I'm coming back for more for sure.

Danielle Wheeler

Place was recommended to us and we stopped in for breakfast. Got fresh hot coffee, a nitro cold brew, the veggie quiche and a meat breakfast burrito. Both were delicious. Whole deal was about 22$. Service was friendly and quick, and the place has a ton of character. Street parking was available, and we parked on the parallel street (looked like residence parking maybe?) without meters, but metered parking was available too. It's right on the corner, I'd definitely recommend stopping by!

Eduardo Gutierrez

The coffee hear was great! Walked in and there was the assortment of business people conducting business other than that it has a very welcoming atmosphere. The cashier that took my order was very polite in suggesting a very delicious coffee. They also had a board with daily specials great place to check out.

Chris Rizzo

Best coffee house in Denver. Service is top notch. 5/5 Would recommend!


Quiet place, cappuccino was really good. I didn't order food but the couple next to me ordered a salad and a sandwich. Portions were large and it looks tasty. I will definitely go back to try.

Spencer Rausch

Best coffee in Denver!! Arguably some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Fantastic food, great atmosphere, very friendly staff. We love this place. We ALWAYS come visit when we are in Denver.


I loved finding this gem of a coffee shop hidden in the RiNo District! It was so warm and inviting inside and I loved the latte art. Can’t wait to come back to Denver, this will be my go-to for coffee.

Cassie W.

Excellent spot to grab a coffee with a friend or a healthy breakfast or lunch. They offer great vegetarian options, with more than your usual 1 item to select off a menu of meat-crammed dishes. Highlights are the $6 veggie breakfast burrito, which comes with ample egg and cheese and some tasty and artful salsa on the side, and the daily soup selections. Props to them for using glass and ceramic mugs for their in-house orders to reduce waste. A note for those who are thinking of getting some work done at Crema--laptops are welcomed but they don't have outlets, so come fully charged and only expect to stay for a bit. I think this adds positively to the community-oriented vibe of the space (versus a place with a only faces lit up by laptops.) Seating can get tight around 8 or 9am on the weekdays, especially if you're not willing to sit at the high tops in front of the kitchen. The staff is always super friendly and look like they're having a good time despite being at work.

Steven W.

A new breakfast spot for us and being in a great location, no surprise that it was busy. It's a order at the counter, collect your drinks at the bar and the food will be brought to your table. I started with the Vanilla latte and while it was good-definitely not the best I've had. The meat breakfast burrito however, was great!! I loved the crispy outer tortilla-was a nice touch with just the right amount of fillings and it tasted great! I would definitely have this again. The quiche was good and with a bit of salad-a nice healthy touch. Another good breakfast spot in Denver, check them out for yourself.

Steven S.

Very good coffee, chill vibes, good location, fair prices. Check them out if you have the opportunity!

Beau Lebens

Solid breakfast burritos, but really good coffee.


This is a nice place off of 29th and Larimer in RiNo. It is a standalone and not a chain. It is highly rated here on TA and on other sites with good reason. I had a meeting nearby and stopped in for a couple of hours to get some work done. Lots of places to work and hang out. An eclectic clientele for sure. I had a quiche which was great and a tea done right. While I was there I saw a ton of burritos get ordered and devoured by many patrons, pls french press coffee and really good coffee too by the cup. Friendly attentive service also.A nice find in a good location with plenty of street parking nearby. I will be back to check out more options on the food menu also.

Stella P.

Where else can you get a bahn mi and choose from two different types of craft espresso? It's unfair to call this place a coffee shop because the food they serve is some of the best and healthiest in the area. They have ample seating and a cute patio in the back. I can't imagine a more perfect start to my morning than a visit to Crema.


I definitely consider myself a bit of a coffee shop connoisseur and Crema definitely did not disappoint. Delicious lattes and french press along with a comfortable nice vibe to work in. I only wish I was able to come here more often.


Great French press and lattes. Quality beans and roasts - unexpectedly nuanced w depth. Really nice, unfussy place to work - friendly service. Hope to frequent regularly.

Cherie C.

This neighborhood had changed a lot since they opened, but Crema remains the same. It's a reliable source of great coffee and delicious food. It's comfortable and hip in a less polished/packaged way than newer joints. They use great coffee. Their baked goods are always delicious. Ask about the savory brioche--you won't be sorry. My husband enjoys the quiche. It's also a good place for lunch. Check out the specials and try something new. They have a lot of regulars, but all are welcome. Since moving a different neighborhood, I don't get here as often. But I make the effort to come back on weekends because this place is one of the spots that makes me feel at home in Denver.

Haley R.

Excellent cortado, hip space, very friendly staff. Pricing seems a little wonky, $3.50 for a beautiful cortado but $4.50 for a day-old burnt croissant...