Deep Roots Winery & Bistro - RiNo

2875 Blake St Ste C, Denver
(720) 328-4786

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Alex McAlister

I definitely would recommend looking elsewhere! We had a party of 6 and unfortunately were 0/6 on getting our correct orders. The workers were clearly drinking behind the counter and the system is so messed up. You have to order food at the bar then point to the table you are sitting at. Every time a new entree was done in the kitchen, we would watch the server go to every single table and ask if the order was theirs before moving onto the next one. We waited 1.5 hours before they refunded us for our food - which nobody on staff seemed to know how to do. I gave them an extra star because they ended up giving us our pizza for free after they worked out the refund. The wine is really good although they have lines on the glass for where the bartenders need to pour and it’s almost always an inch lower than that. The atmosphere is awesome but I won’t go back until new management is running the place and they have an actual system in place for their food process. In case you think it’s just me, check out their reviews on Apple - where their rating is much lower and everyone else seemed to have a similar experience as we did.

Mike Inzano

Brussels sprouts are great, so is the pizza. Fantastic wine selection, & the servers are so sweet.

Javier Zuniga

Easy, accessible parking. Spacious and great for conversing with bar or having a more private experience. Good vibes.Had a mulled wine to warm the bones as it snowed today. Really hit the spot.Riley, Austin, and Cameron were great hosts. I’ll be back to try more varietals and food.

Paula Bezark

Loved it! Tasty wine and great outdoor seating. Plus the sweet potato fries were probably the best I ever had.

Kristen D.

I tried booking this venue for a work party. I was speaking with the owner, Steve Walters, via email for over a week, discussing details, as I have some staff with dietary restrictions and wanted to ensure they would have dinner options. He sent me a proposal and stated in his response, "We can design a menu for any food restrictions your guests may have." I asked what additional options would be available. TWO days later he emailed me back stating there were not any planned additions to the menu. Moments later he emailed me again, stating his GM booked another event on my requested day so I would have to offer other dates if I wanted to book with them. The communication was so slow and it took over a week to secure simple details about something THEY advertised to me upon an initial inquiry. It turns out they do NOT design menus around dietary restrictions, nor do they want to work with anyone who may have any. When I shared my disappointment and requested he as the owner override the GM, his excuse was that "about 1 in 10 inquiries result in a booking"...I suppose that is due to their false advertisements, unwillingness to work with customers, poor communication and their slow response time.

Benjamin Torres

Andi singlehandedly held it down for the entirety of the bar. Shout-out to her for making the experience what it was. My wife and family loved it, give that woman Andi a raise!!!

Trish J.

We were excited for a fun girls lunch at Deep Roots. Everything took a very long time and they blamed it on being busy. There were maybe 4 other tables in the winery. We ordered appetizers and it took about 45 minutes. Once we ordered them the server let us know that it would be bar service only for the remainder of the day. We ordered food (3 pizzas and a charcuterie board) at the bar and after an hour went to check on it. They told us the food order was never sent back to the kitchen. We waited another 20 minutes and finally got the charcuterie but just cancelled the pizza. It's a cute place but the service was terrible. Proper staffing for a Saturday would be beneficial to everyone.

Harold Mayfield

Definitely enjoyed spending the day here and drinking lots of very good wine. Say hello Lauren was awesome!

Timothy Tranchilla

Large venue situated next to a brewery and an adult games slash live music space. We ordered a cheese board and a flight of wines. Definitely drinkable wines, though the cheese board wasn’t anything special (though not bad). Easy enough to make a reservation and the space felt very open and airy.

Nestor Cerami

Nice wine flights and food. We had a great time.

Michael ogez

Had a wine flight and a pizza. The wine was pretty decent. Unfortunately, the pizza was under done with the dough still a bit raw and a bit too much oil. The other person in our group had a pizza as well and that one was also a bit raw still. Id come again for the wine and service but would eat somewhere else.

Avery Thompson

Cool spot, good selection of wine. Would recommend a stop by.


Really good wine. Their zinfandel is fantastic. They also have a really good smallnplates... Friendly staff as well.

Brett Sterling

We've been Deep Roots fans for years and just visited the new location this weekend (for my wife's birthday). The new place is absolutely fantastic! Although in some ways we liked the more intimate feel of the old location, we both agree that the new location is better in so many ways. We look forward to having a glass of wine in the outdoor area sometime soon!

Amy Moore

Loved this place. Great food, beer & wine plus games.

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Deep Roots Winery & Bistro - RiNo

2875 Blake St Ste C, Denver, CO 80205
(720) 328-4786