East Side King

3501 Wazee St, Denver
(720) 460-1978

Recent Reviews

Phil M.

it's closed, this listing shouldnt still be here. it honestly looks abandoned. eighty five characters

Matt Sylvester

The girl working there with the pink hair is the slowest worker I've ever seen! I don't understand how you can move so slowly and still have a job and tuna was chewy like saran wrap. Not worth the wait

Andy Allen

One of my favorite restaurants in Austin, so I was stoked to try it in Denver. The quality and flavor of the Denver outpost was significantly worse than the Austin locations. Plenty of other great spots in Zeppelin Station to choose from.

Jesse L

Super weak. Employees didn't seem to know what was going on or care. Made my himatchi hand rolls with no fish. Initially made 1 pork bun when I paid for the set, I had to tell the employee and they had to go check with someone else if they should have made another.Lethargic, apathetic mood from the employees about any questions/help/fixing their errors.After all that, for 3 tiny handrolls, 1 set of fried rice balls, a poorly seasoned salmon bowl (with 4oz of salmon), and 2 pork buns that were over half fat, $70.Hard pass.

Hailey How

My favorite restaurant from Austin is in Denver!! Wow!! Great food.

Kashad G.

After waiting about 30 mins for something as simple as 3 handrolls, it's a little hard to give anything more than 3 stars. The 3 stars is because it was not the person at the registers fault (although he did not apologize for the delay). This place is located inside of Zeppelin Station which is a food hall. My bartender was the one who had to walk over and ask where the food was. When he asked, they then began to make the order. Mediocre hand rolls. Mediocre pork buns. I will be back to Zeppelin, however there is better food there and Temaki Den is around the corner at The Source for some real handrolls.

collin schull

There’s several other restaurants to spend money on…I do not recommend this. Food is bad.

Kevin W.

Located at the Zeppelin Station in RiNO, East Side King is one of the food halls serving japanese bowls. I decided to go with their karaage bowl since I wanted to compare it to the ones I've had in Japan, Hawaii and back home in Guam. The portion itself is good and will definitely make me food but it was very underwhelming and not as flavorful to the ones I've had at other places. The rice had too much kick from the rice wine vinegar and would have been better off without it. The chicken itself was comes great but it didn't have that karaage crisp and seasoning I'm used to. It's flavor was lackluster and could use a little more soy in the marinade. Compared to other bowls I've had, it was lacking some sort of sauce, maybe a dynamite sauce, Japanese kupie mayo, or even some bulldog sauce. It's not fair to compare it to the famous mochiko chicken from Tin Roof in Maui, or the many karaage bowls I've had all over Japan, but I would expect a place to get it right especially since Denver needs more of these type of Asian food.

Linh H.

A lot of my coworkers recommended this spot and raved about their bowls. Unfortunately, I did not feel the same. I got the Spicy Tuna bowl, and while the flavors were good, I found the portion a little small for the price. I had maybe a fistful of tuna that was very lightly seasoned with spicy mayo. I appreciated that my tuna wasn't swimming in sauce but at the same time, it didn't really seem to scream spicy tuna. Maybe the spicy tuna was also in reference to the jalapeno slices in the bowl. I found that to be a strange fusion creation. Something just wasn't cohesive about this Asian fusion for me.

Netia I.

I've eaten at a few places at Zeppelin Station and found most of the food there to be of poor quality. I ordered the crispy rice sushi from this joint and found it to be solidly average - not terrible and not great. Not a whole lot of food for the price (4 pieces for $10-13). And not a whole lot on the menu. If you're at Zeppelin, perhaps this is one if the best options, but I certainly wouldn't go out if my way to eat here.

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