Famous Original J's Pizza

715 E 26th Ave, Denver
(720) 420-9102

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All pizza is pretty expensive these days. Their pizza was huge and only $25. Great value. Judging it solely on their meat lovers, I would have given this place 5 stars. The pizza crust is crispy and flavorful. Plenty of toppings and good sauce. On the contrary, the white pizza was disgusting. Most white pizza have some type of white sauce and/or olive oil base. Not sure if theirs had sauce but all you could taste was an intense amount of herbs on dough. Threw it out. Also my other big complaint was they need to have clear signs for pick up and ordering. I ordered ahead but still waiting in line for 20 minutes to get my pizza. The whole time I was waiting the pizza was done as I could see the box with my name on it on top of the oven. Not sure if I would go back simply because of the hassle to pick me up

Chris C

Been here a few times before, and never a bad experience. Placed an order tonight at around 6PM. I noticed something was wrong as soon as I opened the box compared to the last couple of times I went. Started picking it apart and the cheese was like playdoh, the dough itself felt undercooked in some spots. No idea what went wrong, disappointing.

Shingo S. Ishida

Good pizza at this restaurant in the heart of Five Points area in Denver. The pizza passer is actually a part of the 517 Bar/Lounge. You can buy pizza by the slice or get a whole 18-inch pizza. The crust is very thin, so you shouldn't expect any deep-dish action here, but for people who like them thin, you might be in to a good thing. Menu also has other bits like a mixed salad and garlic knots. Seats and tables (benches, actually) are all outside facing the Five Points intersection, and it's all self-serve seating. Overall, not a bad place for pizza.

Stewart L

Tried on multiple occasions to order a pizza for pick-up. They use Toasttab. Well, the online ordering interface says that 90% of their pizzas are "out of stock." So I tried calling. Nobody picks up. Waited a few days. Even more things are "out of stock." Still nobody answers the phone. It's a shame, I've heard their pizza is really good but apparently it's also inaccessible.

John McRee

The pizza was okay. Most of it was stuck to the lid of the box, delivered by bicycle. I ordered it with the garnish and it came pretty damn spicy. Almost too hot to be enjoyable. Honestly, one of the major chains would probably have been better.

greg weiss

Best pizza in Denver hands down. Not gonna argue, nor do I GAF if it's true NY style( and I am from Brooklyn originally) it's just damn solid. Huge pies, generous toppings, great crust great value and good people working the window!

Andrew & Maria White

Late night dinner rezzies foiled by a delayed flight. Looked up late night dinners in Denver and we are hooked.Outstanding customer service even near closing. This is our new favorite pizza place. Love the crispy crust! Great vibe- we ordered 4 ( huge) slices to take some home. Ate every last crumb while there.

Sammy Kosechequetah

Their slice is big and generous...one of my favorites actually. I love the meat or the white pie. Not NY but good.But...their gluten-free pie is the absolute worst. Do not get it... Plus it was cold from my 8 min drive home. My friend is gluten free so i eat gluten free pizza occasionally. We will never order one here again.

Zac R

This is very good pizza, but as many reviews have said, it's not "true" NY style pizza and no one who's eaten real NY pizza would say so. NY pizza has a crust that tears. This is closer to a crisp style, cracker thin crust. Still good pizza though. Very fair prices too. The environment is meh. Homeless people everywhere. One guy sat there at the fence as we were eating and pulled out mounds of trash and threw it all over the sidewalk, despite a trash can 4 feet away. Disgusting and unbelievable.


The wait was long but some of the best pizza we have had. We were in town from Nebraska and wanted the best pizza in Denver. Hot, made to order, fresh, big size, reasonably priced. Would recommend, but pre order if you don’t want to wait.


Excellent New York thin crust pizza. Tasty crust. They put the right amount of cheese on the slices and it is tasty. Pepperoni and Cheese slice were both great. A must try if you like New York thin crust.

Michael Ko

Best NY pizza in Denver Metro by far. Maybe changing the water does help. Crisp crust. Decent sauce. Proper cheese and toppings. Oddly, I couldn't order a whole pie an hour before closing.

Emily C.

2.5/5. The slices were bigger than we expected, but overall pretty disappointing. We got a slice each of cheese, pepperoni, grandma, and white. The only one with any amount of flavor was the pepperoni. I don't usually eat pepperoni pizza, but found myself liking that one the best. We had to drench all of the slices in parm & red pepper flakes and frankly still struggled to get through it. The crust was decent, but the sauce and cheese really just did not pull it together. The grandma especially was disappointing, as the corner piece we got had a noticeable lack of cheese. Great patio for people watching and I could see coming back after a night out, but I will not be back next time I am craving a slice.

Charles Young

In my opinion this is the best pizza in Denver. They know how to knead the dough properly and how to cook the pizza for right amount of time and temp. The ingredients are always fresh. Nothing tastes like it comes from a can. It's thin like new York style which is the actual legit pizza. They only come in one size and they are LARGE. Only draw back I can think of is their topping selection is limited. This is my go to spot. I'm originally from eastern PA and grew up on bangin, non- chain restaurant, local shop pizza. Anyone from the northeast, where they make the best pizza, will def be absolutely pleased with this spot.

Ali G

Loved the crust for the roll-ability, and the slices were a great size. Unfortunately this pizza is too bland and not greasy enough to be, what I would consider as an East Coast native, a good New York pizza.

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