Fortune Wok to Table

2817 E 3rd Ave Unit E, Denver
(303) 321-7788

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Loren S.

I normally love Fortune but today must have been an off day. Flavorless , dry fried rice. Barely any shrimp. Need to look at kitchen a bit

McKinsey J.

So good! Generous portion sizes and dumplings were amazing and authentically made. Confidently would recommend to others

Sarah R.

Minimalist menu but I'm personally ok with street noodles and dumplings as options! You can feel the mom/pop vibe as soon as you walk in. Tasted very authentic and the price was right. Will definitely be back for dinner on the second floor.

Nolan Carson

chinese food and service at this place is super good. it's so delicious. the staff was helpful and kind. this place has a great design.

Winnie D.

Some of the best dumplings I've ever had. Driving through Denver we were on the fence about visiting just because we weren't sure what we wanted, but after multiple people recommended it, we decided to give it a try. Super simple menu with some seasonal items. The pan fried dumplings were some of the best pork dumplings ever! Such good quality pork. And the beef noodles were equally delicious. The staff was also super friendly!! I love good food with good service. Definitely recommend if you have a hankering for dumplings.

Dede D.

Cherry Creek's hidden treasure! Now with tiny outdoor space, only 4 tables. The duck street noodles are spectacular, and vegetable dumplings both fried and steamed are fantastic. Alsosurprising wine list, both usual pino and unusual rice wine varieties.

The F.

Have passed by this place and see people eating outside, laughing and making ohhh ahhhh sounds when the food was bought out...said to myself : I have to see what this is all about ... is it worth the wait...(saw many hungry looking people waiting outside for togo orders). Is it as good as the reviews, will it live up to my New York Chinese food savvy should I say snobiness (is that a word) I am a snob or should I say selective when it comes to Chinese food. Chinese is my favorite food as u can see by my NYC roast pork fried rice profile pic..that you CANNOT find in Denver. I have eaten in China , both Hong Kong and Mainland....stateside the closest to authentic I've found is in New York and San Francisco. I digress ....the food: Had Duck Street Noodles; very good execution, nice portion of duck to veggies noodles were a little dry/ but overall good dish. Duck Fried Rice; I liked the rice, the grain,combination of veggies, seasoning and Duck was good. It was Moist, fresh and hot after short ride home. Tried all three dumplings, pork, beef and veggie...liked the pork and veggie the best. (Will be back for the soup dumplings). Nice authentic homemade flavor and texture, nice size as well. Wok fried Green beans ; were tasty, a little soggy from the togo box/ and sauce(which was good, but excessive) I had to try the jasmine tea lager since every one who's had it raved about was ok, I prefer the taste of Tsing Tao, maybe it's because I got it in the bottle, On tap may be a whole different animal. Overall great food, nice people working/ running the place during pandemic. Pretty much authentic style dumplings, noodles and rice ... for a spot in Denver, I'd highly recommend trying it out..I'll be back to help support this little gem in the Creek....

Rohin S.

Take-out/COVID order: Was looking for something to eat after a day of moving and normally love dumplings, but knew that a take-out experience wouldn't be the best but was still pretty underwhelmed. Anticipated (correctly) that I would get soggy dumplings and was not surprised. Ordered 3 pan fried dumplings which all felt steamed and two orders of noodles.Food:-Pan fried pork dumplings - 4/5 - Very flavorful actually. Well spiced and well filled. It was the personal favorite of all the ones that were ordered. -Pan fried beef dumplings - 2/5 - Would personally pass, it was similarly seasoned to the pork ones but those were just overall better.-Pan fried veggie dumplings - 4/5 - Not sure what the filling was, but it was green and pretty flavorful. It was pleasantly surprising.-Steamed pork dumplings - 3/5 - These were extremely similar to the pan fried, steamed and healthier (i guess?)-Duck noodles vs Shrimp noodles - 2/5 - ordered both of these and they were thinner style noodles, obviously came from the same batch and they just tossed in whatever meat you ordered. Got like 6 pieces of shrimp for a 10-12$ order and the duck itself was underwhelming. Also unsure if you are supposed to get bones in the duck but I ran into atleast 4-5 smaller bones that were unpleasant and annoying.Overall: I was more disappointed than expected. The food would probably (?) be better if I was able to dine at the restaurant and enjoy the textural components of the food. Will probably pass on this next time along - could be a gem for others but not for me.

The B.

Fortune Wok is my go-to spot for dumplings. Over the course of several visits, this restaurant has delivered consistently tasty and well prepared food.. including beef Shanghainese noodles which are made in a pan but not greasy.. just flavorful and somehow clean tasting. The folks working at the restaurant seem to really care about providing a nice meal and experience and it shows in the food and calm, clean and casual ambiance. Note, I have only dined on the ground level but hope to try the upstairs dining experience soon. It offers a more extensive menu and as I understand more formal dining experience.As someone who lived in both New York and San Francisco and became accustomed to excellent Chinese restaurants I can recommend this restaurant without reservation.

Scott C.

The Chinese gem of cherry creek! Came here for date night craving authentic Chinese food, and we were not disappointed! Fortune Wok has a small simple menu full of authentic taste. We ordered pan fried pork dumplings (7 pieces), Shanghai style beef noodles, and Hong shao tofu. The chef is from Shanghai, and his cooking tasted like the cuisine I was used to growing up. The pork dumplings were perfectly crafted filled with a rich pork and vegetable filling. They were decent sized and served with soy sauce. The noodles tasted like the street style noodles from Shanghai served with a good portion of beef. The tofu was a bit more expensive but worth every penny. Hong shao is hard to pull off as most places tend to make it too sweet, but Fortune Wok has the perfect recipe. Check them out if you're in the cherry creek area!

rebekah costley

I love the food here it's so good and you get huge portions. I just am sad the phone number doesn't work and I can't order pickup anywhere online.


Very hard to find Chinese food in Denver, but this place nails it - great soup and yummy dumplings. It's clean, timely, and everyone's really kind.

Vidisha S.

Really good food! I would recommend steamed dumplings over pan fried if you are getting takeout. The fried pork dumplings were a little overdone and the meat was chewy. Veggie steamed dumplings were amazing and I definitely recommend the Singapore Street noodles. Will def be back!

Tania Espinas

Best noodles and dumplings I've had in the 5 years I've been in this town. I used to drive all the way to Aurora for China Jade - I'm so glad I found something that is much closer and within delivery distance. Food tastes clean, not too many additives that you can actually taste all the ingredients (good quality ingredients) PLUS not at all greasy besides noodles and dumplings being street food.

Tiffany H.

All I have to say is YUM!!! The dumpling dough is seemingly homemade, the sauce is absolutely delicious (very vinegar forward which is my favorite) and each one is big compared to every other dumpling I've had in the US. DEFINITELY recommend

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