French 75

717 17th St Ste B, Denver
(303) 405-7575

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I hate to give bad reviews let me start by saying the waitress was beyond sweet the service was great! The food was another story . We were celebrating a birthday and there were nine of us. Everything tasted like they had poured a salt shaker of salt on it no one could eat the fries. The Philly sandwiches, hamburger and pasta all were beyond horrible only two people in our group had an eatable dish. That was the roasted chicken and the duck. The bread was okay until you added butter, pure salt. They remade the fries and the next batch was better I just don’t understand how the whole meal could be that salty My husband who salts everything to death couldn’t handle the salty flavor of everything It was the biggest waste of $350

Kirk Bohn

Great couples date nite. The kitchen was short staffed...we only knew that because at the end we told our server we were impressed with the food, service, staff etc and she was most appreciative and said they were short staffed. We did the chefs tasting with the wine pairing and it was fantastic! They were out of the mussels but made a fantastic superb substitution. Abby and the staff were great. Can't recommend enough! We wished the live jazz would have played longer into the evening.

Benjamin Grimes

The experience of this place was excellent.The atmosphere of the venue is immediately as well as gradually laid and introduces one to an engaging calm and the enticing romance of dining done well.My date and I were both very impressed with every course and accompanying drink - I recommend the salmon.What solidified our pleasing with French 75 though was through and through the service and welcome of its people.Kindness and helpfulness from the receptionist on the phone as well as in person, welcome and comfortable engagement from the bartender, professionalism, flexibility, and grace from the hostess, connection and admirable table manor from the server and consideration along with skill and precision from the chef… THIS PLACE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE.WILL be back.

Lisa Cook

Landed in Denver yesterday and just finished a more than fabulous meal at French 75 In Denver! I can not tell you the last time my husband and I had such a wonderful time dining out and we do that a lot. It is Sunday and they offer an assortment of appetizers ( the charcuterie was exceptional) and a 3 course dinner. The food was Devine and the Service we received from our waitress Sydney and the manager Abbie was beyond our highest expectations. Welcoming, attentive to our every need and just the kindness of exceptional people! If you are in town, don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience! We can’t wait to come back.

Mary Cox

I have enjoyed many of Bonanno’s restaurants and have always been given great service. This was more than a disappointment. Our server was negligent at best and the food tasted like a good Trader Joe’s frozen meal. The cocktails were good, when we could get one.

Damien Fabio

Very good food!!! Pretty close to authentic French food!Very nice setting!Personel Very kind!Little pricy but worth it...Was not a huge fan of the 22% automatic tip. Plus when you sign they put ANOTHER chance to tip again...Absolutely recommend!!

Claire Lee

Pretty disappointed with this restaurant. We ordered the salmon and duck confit. The salmon was grilled quite well, but the duck was quite hard and dry. Also, both dishes were way too salty, so it was hard to even finish the meal.

katherine q.

I've been here several times now and I'm sorry to say that I am less and less happy with the place. I'm going to echo what I've seen in other reviews- music WAY too loud, service pleasant but very slow (15 minutes for first round of cocktails?), food seriously over- salted (steak tartare had to be remade , salad dressing on Little gem too heavy and beyond salty, butter that came with bread (that was not fresh) super salty and even the butter on top of the teensy filet had to be pushed aside to eat the steak). I appreciate the desire to create Happy People but a 22% surcharge on the whole bill including wine seems off to me - especially when it is rather aggressively described as "not a tip."


Overrated, bland and overpriced! Pork dumplings, were nothing more than frozen gyoza from a supermarket. Lobster ramen was very lacking, was like a packet of freeze-dried noodle, dish water miso and flavourless lobster. Drinks where nice, however didn't appreciate the $12 specialist surcharge because a Moscow mule wasnt on the menu. Service was ok, 1 server was eating fries off a customer's (assumed partner in eating dinner) plate while standing chatting at the bar. Also witnessed 2 members of the kitchen eating while plating up. Just not a vibe!

Genevieve S.

I'm stunned that this place is reviewed as high as it is. We came here for dinner on a Sunday. We were required to place an $80 deposit for our reservation (that did not go towards our bill and was not reimbursed - usually restaurants do one of either) despite it being completely empty inside. Once seated, we were told that we could only order off a 'Sunday Dinner' menu, which was not information shared when we booked. The menu had minimal options and was not at all what we were interested in ordering. We would have eaten elsewhere had we known there was a limit. When the food came out, it was clear they had some type of food supply/shortage because the food we received looked nothing like pictures online and were MUCH smaller portions. All of the food was incredibly over-salted. The dessert was the worst part. The ice cream in the ice cream sandwich was still frozen, and the cake served was a disgusting 'deconstructed' cake version that was very different than what we were expecting. If you plan on serving a deconstructed cake, it's important to tell people this before they order. We also were told the 22% surcharge added to the bill was NOT a tip. This is something that should have been communicated at the start of the meal, rather than at the end, so we were not surprised. The service and waitstaff were the only pleasant parts of this experience. I can't believe how much money was wasted on one of the most sub-par meals of my memory. Go eat anywhere else.

Pamela M.

A favorite happy hour place of mine! I have been a couple times non-happy hour but haven't yet had an all out order all the courses off the menu experience. The place is pretty inside. I like the u-shaped bar where you can kind of talk to a lot of people while sitting at the bar, the design really carries your voice. The happy hour menu is pretty good, love the charcuterie and the truffle fries, the mussels and beef sandwich are also good. The egg rolls flat out suck. The calamari was great the first time and gross the second. I really think they should consider rotating the happy hour menu once and a while. Take off the egg rolls, please! They're not even made at the restaurant anyway! Sell what you make yourself. Egg rolls don't even make sense at a French restaurant.

Candice M.

I loved French 75 pre-Covid and was so excited when they finally reopened. But it's definitely slipping now, in terms of both food quality and service. I've been in for happy hour and/or dinner 3 times in the past couple of months, and each visit has been progressively worse than the last. Last night, our server was both slow and unfriendly, despite it being a Wednesday night and the restaurant not being very busy. All six of our meals were over salted, and five of us paid up charges for truffle fries and received fries with no discernible truffle flavor. They still make a great cocktail, but I think I'm otherwise done with French 75.

Jeremy W.

Nice people, but very mediocre food... especially dinners. Appetizers were decent but every person in our party of 12 said the dinner was not good ... not even the French onion soup. If they can put a little work in the kitchen and improve the menu and or quality, certainly the restaurant can make it. But as is this will probably be short-lived.

Chuck N.

The food was good and the service was good. However , they required a vaccination card to enter . I complied only because I had friends in town and didn't want to look or wait for another place. I will not go back until they discontinue that practice. Also, they add a 22% service gratuity charge that is compulsory. I do and don't understand that. I would like to set my own tip according to the service. I understand the tip is distributed amongst the staff so they better make sure the server does a damn good job! my rating is low because of vaccine card and compulsory tip.

Clemens Wan

This was the perfect date night restaurant pregame right before a show at the paramount theater. Must have the French onion soup and the duck confit had some of the best zesty sauces I've ever tasted. I'd also be okay just filling myself with their baguette and salted homemade butter spread. Can't wait to go again when I'm in the neighborhood!

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