French 75

717 17th St Ste B, Denver
(303) 405-7575

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James H.

Love a place that answers food menu questions for my son's peanut allergy without hesitation for good late lunch! The Casino Hanger steak salad with blue Cheese was delicious. The Breckenridge Bourbon recommended by the waitress hit the spot. Service was friendly & inviting for enjoyed meal. The CHP Fee at 22% was a little bit of a surprise. It was an easy walk from our Hotel.

Ivana Hub

Requiring customers to pay ahead for their reservation is unnecessary and inconvenient. It is also a sign that the restaurant is not confident in its ability to attract customers.Charging a 22% tip is excessive and unfair to the customer. The tip should be based on the quality of the service, not on the restaurant's preference. The restaurant should give customers the option to choose the tip they want to pay.My husband and I ordered the steak frites and the filet de boeuf. They were perfectly cooked but were salty. The roasted potato and fire roasted bell pepper were flavorful, but they were not served hot. This suggests that the dish was not prepared fresh. One positive aspect of our experience was the high-quality live music that was playing while we were there.. Overall, I believe there are better dining options in Downtown Denver for a superior meal experience.

Richard Zinno

Could have been great. Went for a business dinner with 6 people. The food was fantastic, but they kept the music so loud! Despite asking three times to lower the music, we could barely hear someone on the other side of the table.


The food is very delicious here. I and another person had the French Dip sandwich (him with a side salad me with fries), the other two people at our table had the Nicoise salad. Everyone was very pleased with their food and found it to be quite delicious.The portions and the presentation also are very pleasing. The French Dip is BIG so show up with a hearty appetite or be prepared to take some home as leftovers. I was also quite pleased with their fries. I'm a little bit of a fry snob so I was pleasantly surprised to find the fries quite good (not the best part of the meal by any stretch but good).The restaurant was quite empty when we were there for lunch so we felt like we had the place to ourselves.The downside of this was the speakers for the background music were still pretty darn loud, so it was still like it was a full restaurant. The brief moments the music stopped were something of a relief and we all would relax and luxuriate in the brief respites from the loud music so we could converse easier.Over all a quite good place to eat lunch. Pricey but if it's in your price range it's a great place.Vegetarian options: They have some selections that are vegetarian or can be made such but this is clearly not their focus. They do prioritize meat in most of their offerings. If you're strictly vegan this is not your place to dine with everything having at least dairy involved if not dairy and eggs.Dietary restrictions: The server asked about any dietary restrictions or allergies when she took our orders so they are on top of this

Isaw W.

The ambiance and service is good but be ready to have a second meal later if you are hungry: their portions are tiny.

Mike A.

The food and service was great. However, the problem was they waited until they presented the check to inform us an additional 22% was added to pay the staff. Of course then they pointed out the "tip" was not included...

Miss S.

I was unpleasantly surprised at the 22% automatic gratuity fee of which I was not aware of until they brought the exorbitantly high bill! A $40 automatic gratuity added to our bill and the waitress had the nerve to say that we can leave even more if we’d like when I asked her what this was all about. They say it’s so all their staff can earn a living wage? Well maybe they should pay that to their employees themselves rather than sneak it in the bill forcing their patrons to pay! I felt this was dishonest, and shady business practices since it was not listed on the menu they would do this. I was wondering why it wasn’t very busy there on a weekend but now I know. They also don’t have a very big selection on their menu. I will never eat here again because of this.

Tristan B

Great service! Good food! Alil pricey but worth it! Definitely suggest getting a reservation though, it gets packed faster then most places

Keith Griffin

Very nice French fare. The French onion soup was amazing. Steak frites was on point and the mushroom creme pasta was

Mark Chapman

Excellent venue.Madison (Waitress) was very friendly and helpful.Madison suggested an "off-the-menu" selection (see photo) that combined an excellently cooked steak and their Mushroom Fusilli. Delicious!!!The only downside was the lack of Jack Daniel's as a whiskey choice.

Greg Zabikow

We enjoyed an evening out at French 75. The french onion soap, filet de boiled, and crème brûlée created an excellent meal. Madison also added to our positive experience as well.

Ayako Howard

I went to this restaurant because I wanted something different for lunch. Some of my coworkers asked where I went. The Caucasian coworkers spoke highly about the food and service. But the minority had a different thought. Their thoughts were the same as mine.Yes the food and atmosphere was great! But the service was a negative twenty stars.I ordered something that was quick and easy. It shouldn’t have taken 20 minutes from the time ordering it to receiving it. Plus it wasn’t even busy. So my dear Caucasian coworkers, I’m sorry about your feelings on how exceptional this restaurant truly is. The Palm restaurant was an exceptional restaurant when it was in the Downtown Westin hotel.

Miss J.

No thanks to ever going here again, they charge a sneaky 22% upcharge on your bill for an automatic gratuity without telling you first no matter the size of your party, there was just 2 of us. Took over an hour for our entrees to come out also and menu options is small with only a few things to choose from.

Julie Golden

Service was very prompt and very helpful. While I was there the staff showed me the lounge to host private events and had details back to me on event packages within an hour.

James Musick

Casual ambience with formally amazing cuisine. Great wines, excellent food and attentive service. Everything you need for a delightful meal.Definitely ask for staff recommendations on food and wines.I’m looking forward to my next French 75 experience.

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