Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

1998 18th St, Denver
(720) 726-4068

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Harrison Le

Great lil restaurant, the meat here was incredible possibly my favorite grill it yourself place I've been to so far. Their course meals were well balanced and had a lot of variety. Only thing to watch out for is the tough parking in the area.

Samrawit A.

I love this place and all the options they have. I believe it's an ahi tuna appetizer that I enjoy so much! Garlic noodles and all the options of meat, you can't go wrong.

Alma P.

The meats you grill are great, their salad and garlic noodles are super bomb. my kiddos love to grill their own food - they love the kids meals - , and HH has $3 ice-cold beers, and the s'mores at the end are fun.

Jessica Anita

Ordered delivery on Easter. Forgot to add soda,I called and they were able to add it on. Must have been busy but was worth the wait. Great combo deal. Didn't get my wontons, but it was so good and still so much food I didn't even think about it until the next day. ??

Jessica Mendoza

Ordered delivery on Easter. Forgot to add soda,I called and they were able to add it on. Must have been busy but was worth the wait. Great combo deal. Didn't get my wontons, but it was so good and still so much food I didn't even think about it until the next day. ??

Sam S

Decent place to go for BBQ. Their beef toro is delicious, and really nothing I've had here has ever tasted bad! I recommend the lunch special since it's the best deal for sure. It's fun to grill the food and it's all nicely presented for you. Make sure to get their app so you can get some points at the end of the meal for the next time you come in!

Monica T.

I went this past Saturday for "brunch" after my bff and I decided to ditch our original breakfast plans. Between 11am-630pm, Gyu has happy hour, where some of their small plates are only $3! We also got their chili wings but there's no happy hour price for those :( Between the two of us, we went for the Happy Hour KBBQ option and it's so worth it, you only pay $55 for 4-5 plates of meat varieties and veggies. The plates came out very quick and the waiter was super nice. This is actually my second time here and I absolutely recommend coming. If you go during dinner though, be prepared to come with a reservation though since it can get pretty packed sometimes.

timliu75 tim

Food is tasty and price is reasonable. Ordered a lunch combo. Waiting time can be ~10 min between courses. I enjoyed the freedom to BBQ meat by myself so I can fully enjoy my meal with own pace.

Y Xiong

SO MOUTH WATERING GOOD! The food from start to finish was absolutely the best! We got their Brunch special and picked 2 or 3 items, upgrade options, and add-ons. You can find their menu on their web page. The BBQ does not stick to your clothes as others have mentioned--which is awesome bc who wants to smell like food the whole day??

Kevin L.

Finally had a chance to come here. I wish I would've came in sooner. Parking is a bit odd though. We went to some little parking garage and when we went back to the car later in the night we had to walk up where the cars drive because we couldn't find our way to any accessible stairs. I took out a reservation just to be safe, I would recommend you do the same - there were quite a few people there after 5. We were greeted and sat, our waitress was really friendly, she was training some guy who was friendly. We ordered our drinks and decided on the Samurai option since there was 4 of us. Food started to slowly trickle out, which in this case is great. Shrimp came first, and it was delicious. Fun to cook your own stuff! Once the shrimp was done, she brought out our Miso Soup and the Salads. Both were great! I'm not a fan of Miso soup but hey, this one was really good. I added in some of the spicy sauce that was at the table. Made it so much better. Next came 4 meats, Filet Mignon, Chicken, Pork, and Premium beef. The only one that wasn't marinaded was the Filet Mignon. Again, really fun to cook your own stuff. After that our Rice and Beef came. That was too good. Then came the Harami in Secret Pot. Really good too! The Garlic Noodles came after that, that might have been my favorite. Next up was our last 3 meats. NY Strip, Hanger, and some other piece of meat that I can't remember. All of it delicious. Lastly was a S'more. It was a nice way to end the meal. All 4 of us were full after the meal, full but satisfied. We'll be back for sure. It was so good, so good that I didn't even get to take pictures.

Mike Parker

Very filling, good drink, good meat.

Mayra Karen Landa

The experience and amazing food was to die for! My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary here and will definitely be going back! We loved the variety of meats and new tastes with every food we tried.

Thao T.

The meat here is 20/10. The only thing missing is an all you can eat option which other gyu kakus across the country have. I highly recommend coming for lunch as there is a 2 or 3 meat bbq deal. Only on the lunch menu can you upgrade your rice to garlic fried rice or beef sukiyaki for $2-$3 more. It's a great deal in my opinion cause they cost $8-$9 on the regular menu. I definitely prefer this kind of bbq over kbbq any day

Jacqueline C.

The Skinny: A great Asian BBQ staple - my fave in Denver. Appetizer & bbq meats as good as it gets and bonus - the most extensive happy hour specials. Food/Drinks: Gyu-kaku is a chain in the best way possible - meaning quality food that you can rely on no matter where you go. So far, I've been pretty underwhelmed with the quality of asian bbq that is available in Denver. There are places with good deals - but most lack flavor in the meat. Gyu-kaku has flavored packed quality meats throughout their menu that really makes them stand out - especially in Denver. Mr Kims or Daegee (although slightly different being korean places) - can't come close to comparing. Most of the meats at Gyu-kaku are so good - I didn't even really feel like I needed the sauces. Everything is amazing which means when you come make sure you try a variety (come for HH!). Our favorites for meat were Kalbi, toro, duck, and yaki shabu. Don't skip out on the apps - they are superb as well. I'd highly recommend the spicy tuna volcano, addicting cucumber, and bacon chips. Their house sakes are also quite good. Really can't find enough good things to say about this place. Bonus, their happy hour menu is huge - so huge that instead of having a separate small HH menu that you are used to seeing - they just have HH prices in red throughout their regular menu. Which by the way is already gigantic. The only things that were slightly underwhelming were bibimbap (rice not crunchy) and the pork belly (lacked some flavor - but good if you want something more plain to dip in sauces) Atmosphere/service: The place can get packed at all times! Try and make a reservation if you can (they are on open table). Note you can order regular entrees but make sure you order the BBQ too - it's what they are known for. Every table has a small grill in the center for you to cook your own meats. Service is quick and friendly - a good amount of waiters around. Value/price: $$ Their portions are decent for sharable foods. Their HH is hard to beat. Pro tip - download their app, they have a great rewards system that will get you free items. Just by downloading the app you can already get something for free (like smores that you can cook yourself over the grill!) Would I come back: Yes! I have plenty of times across different locations. This is my favorite asian BBQ place in Denver.

M H.

My new fav asian bbq place!!! Been on my list forever to try & they didn't disappoint. Everything from food to ambience was amazing. They have different dinner options for the bbq & it comes with soup, salad, apps, rice, meat & s'mores for dessert. Friend & I had the Meat Lovers Combo which came with 6 different cuts of meat. The quality of the meats was super compared to other korean or chinese bbq places and I liked that they let you take the time to enjoy each cut of meat. They offered to switch out the grill at perfectly timed intervals and the service was super friendly & attentive albeit the fact that we had 3 different servers through out the meal. Another plus is that our clothes didn't smell like bbq after the meal was over. Seems they have an amazing ventilation system. Definitely looking forward to future visits!

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