1284 S Pearl St, Denver
(303) 777-5919

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My new favorite place in Denver. Finally some new flavors in the Denver landscape.

Joel Loncka

Where’s the 6th star when you need it. Cant say enough good things about this neighborhood spot. One of my favorite breakfast spots in Denver. If you are looking for a fresh quality breakfast in a beautiful well lit space with amazing music that fits the vibe this is your spot. The cafe De olla will change your life and the farmers burrito is no joke.

Victoria Morse

This place has it all! Good food, lovely people and the cutest ambiance. I love how they have vegan options that are super tasty and the Cafe de Olla is the best coffee drink I’ve found in Denver right now.

Maria Halloran

Very fresh and tasty fare and excellent service. Great terrace in the back.

Kate Zolock

Healthy, tasty and very friendly place! Thank you for the delicious breakfast!

Paulina G.

Honestly stunned at the popularity of this place. I went with my fiancé and we both got the farmers burrito which seemed to be the consensus favorite on yelp. Well we paid 10+ dollars each for a burrito that is mostly cabbage and cucumber. I couldn't taste any of the eggs and my fiancé said he couldn't taste any of the chicken that he paid extra for. Good for Hoja for figuring out that if you have an "instagramable" restaurant that poses as Mexican you can charge absurd prices for food that is really not good. Like I just had chunks of cucumber in my burrito? Like some slices are good but that shouldn't be the main ingredient. The coffee was good though, and the drinks we saw other people getting did look cool.

Morgan G.

Wash Park win! This quaint counter-top order spot has simplistic style but complex flavor combos in their drinks AND their food. Left satisfied but not heavy. Sitting out on their burlap-shaded patio felt like an escape to a private B&B. Sweet staff and definitely a spot to return to!

Austin F.

This place is awesome. Amazing vibe. More southwest modern vibe that I personally love to be in. Great vegan option! The owner is extremely nice, and his mom is amazing as well. They really care about this place. Go support!

Sabrina S.

Such a cute little spot hidden on pearl street! Has a lovely little backyard patio space! Service is great and you can see the food is made with love! Everything looks delicious. We only tried the Mexican latte and it was so unique. Can't wait to go back for food!


Looking for some quiet and healthy with a patio? This is it. Pretty straight forward menu with fresh ingredients. Just get burrito loaded and be done. Huge portion and just the right amount of heat. Satisfied on all fronts. Service,presentation, space.

Betsy F.

Hoja is such a sweet little gem of a restaurant. Went here for brunch and could not have had a better meal. We shared a matcha latte and a cold brew Mexican spice coffee drink- both excellent, a farmers burrito (packed with good veggies, yummy slaw and a little spicy drizzle) and matzo ball soup. And some baked goods for brunch dessert. The whole restaurant is just beautiful- light and airy with plants everywhere and such thoughtful touches. We can't wait to return and support this neighborhood cafe!

Linda C.

Can I say cute?! The establishment is small so make reservations in advance, if you can. Loved the cactus wall decor. Came here with 4 other girlfriends for brunch while visiting from out of town. Definitely try the cafe de olla (it's so pretty!).

Neil Robertson

HOJA is an awesome little spot near Platt Park. First, the space is wonderfully modern that naturally puts you in a good mood in the morning. Take advantage of the back patio. The staff is also very inviting. I had the Farmer's Burrito and highly recommend! I added jackfruit chorizo and this fully stuffed breakfast burrito paired with a guava mimosa is a near perfect breakfast. If you're looking for a lighter or smaller portioned dish, go with the chilaquiles. I also recommend trying their excellent hot sauces on any dish.

Beth M.

While on vacation, we checked out the S Pearl Farmers Market (highly recommend) and then came across Hoja (pronounced oh-ha). Everything about this restaurant is five stars. The bright white, minimalist decor with gorgeous greenery, the menu that offers variety, yet is not overwhelming, and a backyard area with outdoor seating. I shared two dishes with a friend and recommend both: matzo ball soup and farmer's burrito (added avocado and jackfruit). We also shared a Bloody Mary (extra spicy), which was good, although we could barely finish it. Bottom line: eat here (non-vegans, like myself, can fully enjoy).

April Killian

The Farmers Burrito was excellent. We will definitely be back:)

Owen B.

Different is good. Went with the Farmer's and it did not disappoint. The burrito was packed full of vegetables, eggs, and meat; all wrapped together in a delicate tortilla. This breaks away from the traditional Denver style. High quality ingredients that are thoughtfully prepared to make a delicious meal. Also I recommend the coffee - Pablo's Danger Monkey. Full bodied, chocolate forward complimented the spice so well. Just so good. Finally someone is doing something different. Go check it out.

Jessi Richter

Friendly service, great quality food, and environmentally conscious

Allison S.

Adorable and hip little breakfast spot in Wash Park. The iced coffee, cafe de olla, is a must try! It's delicious and potent! If your feeling a morning/afternoon cocktail they have that too! I enjoyed the basic grab and go burrito. The green chili is veggie and flavorful. My friend had the farmers burrito. I had a bite that was packed with crisp veggies. The burrito is filling yet light and refreshing. Great vibe and patio area. It's small but wasn't too crowded for a Sunday morning. The owners dog hangs out in the back and is super friendly giving the place a personal touch.

Kristy Keim

HOJA - Delicious and Consistent!

Lauren Kallergis

The lady who works the register is seriously the nicest person! The chefs were just as nice and super accommodating for any diet! We all loved our food and loved the healthy and fulfilling options! Adorable interior and perfect location! Thank you to the adorable lady who runs the register and serves the coffee!!!

Alexander Lomas

This place is out right good!! The owner is super friendly, food is full of great veggies, and this is a great fast casual spot. Can’t wait to check out the patio this summer!

Maria C.

Came here 4 days ago and am already looking forward to going back. Have zero complaints. The man working at the register (around noon on 4/14 if any management is reading this...unless he is one...) was incredibly knowledgeable and put up with my plethora of questions. I asked right when I walked in "what do you have that is vegan and/or GF?" And he said "we are your new favorite restaurant" and he might be right. Clearly I had not looked at the menu before coming here but he said pretty much everything they have can be made vegan and/or GF but most of their menu is already that way. They also have vegan and gluten free bakery items. I was too full to try them but I definitely want to in the future. The aesthetics are to die for and gave me major NYC vibes. I love how small and intimate it is. The design is well done and the decor is minimalistic. Every staff member I saw interacting with guests are nice and personable and genuinely seemed thankful for their business. I got their 'nachos' with jackfruit chorizo and it was very good! Only thing that would have made it better was hot sauce - not sure if they don't have any or if I just forgot to ask for some. Also got the hibiscus tea which was good. My friend got the grab and go burrito and hibiscus tea as well and said it was really good. I will definitely be back over and over and would recommend it to friends, vegan or not.

Sara P.

This is a restaurant that is attempting to do something different and I appreciate that so much. We ordered the Farmer's Burrito and the Avocado tostadas (which were recommended). The sauce on the burrito was delicious and the amount of avocado they put on the tostadas is very satisfying (most restaurants skimp). There were a couple of flavors I wasn't crazy about but appreciated....like pickled broccoli stalks (!!)...not my favorite flavor, but I certainly appreciate using all parts of a vegetable, so kudos. The slaw in the burrito was a little odd too, but I can't determine whether I mean that positively or negatively. The portions are large and satisfying. The space is beautifully decorated (I believe the owner's wife is responsible). The woman that served us was super friendly and kind and even showed us where they're planning to have a back patio when it gets warm. All in all was a very good experience, and I would go back.

Ricky B.

Quality ingredients, great value and flavor, nice environment. I had the Avocado Tostadas and added jackfruit on top, it was super diverse in textures and flavor and filled me up without feeling heavy. I loved all the vegan options they had! It's nice to see a restaurant offer more than 1 vegan thing haha. You can tel they care about quality of food here, I will return for more! The outside patio is nice too

Debra F

Hoja is a little gem. I've been here twice and can recommend the avocado tostadas, veggie taco and my favorite, the matzo ball chicken noodle soup. The food is fresh, local and delicious. For now they are open only for breakfast and lunch. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, like your favorite neighborhood place. The young chef is creative and has a light but instinctive hand with flavors. Staff is friendly and professional. I might be back weekly for the soup alone.

Ash A.

Honestly, I don't understand why this place has such good reviews. Originally, I tried to order the Farmer's Burrito. I asked for them to leave off the egg, but apparently they cannot do this because "everything is mixed together in advance". But I had the option of them using the tofu mix instead. I would have, but I am allergic to soy. So no Farmer's Burrito for me. Fine. Instead, I ordered the Vegan Veggie Taco, and my boyfriend ordered the Farmer's Burrito (with egg). In regards to the burrito, it looked amazing! The same cannot be said for the taco though. The real problem was taste. Both items were served cold. I kind of understand this with the taco, since it was mostly hummus. But to serve a burrito with cold eggs...that's not good. It kind of seemed like random things were thrown into each item, to try and create a "hip" taste. The taco was the most flavorless thing I've ever eaten. The roasted veggies were cold and floppy - like they'd been made hours before. It was wet, flavorless, and just didn't work. My boyfriend said that the burrito was random too. The filling was cold, including the eggs. Clearly, it was prepared earlier, as indicated by the fact that they wouldn't omit eggs or tofu. We ate as much as we could, but I had a hard time eating it. The cold brew was good, but the glass was mostly ice As for service, it was also weird. After ordering, we were given a little card to put on the table (totally standard for many restaurants). But it was annoying that every time food or drinks were ready, the staff would come look at our card to see if the food or drinks were ours. They kept doing this even after we had all of our food! They just seemed so confused and disorganized. Plus, there were no forks on our table. So I ate my taco with a spoon until the nice guy at the table next to us gave us one of their spare forks. This place has so much potential. It's cute, and the food could be really good if it were actually made to order, served warm, and had flavors that go together instead of just random things. And, if they really want to appeal to those of us with dietary restrictions (as they clearly want to, since they have vegan options), they should not mix everything together. This could also be solved by making things to order. Overall, I obviously won't return. This place is adorable and has so much potential, but from the food, to the staff, to the lack of modifications, it's just not good. But hey, it sure is photogenic and hip. If that's what you're into.


I enjoyed this place. It’s simple interior and clean look. Very comfortable. Our waitress was great! Enthusiastic and explained everything on the menu. This is a great option for vegetarians and vegans. They also serve beer and have outdoor seating. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal. The coffee was great as well! I will be back!

Debbie Beasley

Love the chilaquiles! I highly recommend them!

Jeff T.

What a cool place! Ambiance is somewhat minimalistic - clean, white but still cozy. Service and staff was exceptionally warm, friendly and inviting. My son had his new Rottweiler puppy, and they immediately welcomed us into the dining area, providing treats and a bowl of water. The staff took turns with the puppy; the morning was getting started, so besides one other guest, we were the only ones there and that would quickly change! Order and pay at the counter and sit down at a single row of tables down one side of the space. We tried the Chilaquiles and Farmer's Burrito. Chilaquiles looked small but was quite filling in the end. Crisp tortilla chips, a perfectly poached egg, and a spicy, tart salsa verde. The Farmer's burrito was huge; my son said it was great. It had a lot of the cabbage slaw in it and a sweet flavor which was not his favorite, his two negative comments about the burrito. I had the iced cafe de olla which was delicious with hints of cinnamon and citrus. We also had a Bloody Mary made from a spicy house mix,and it was also quite good. Overall, I would come for the service alone. The food is bonus over the top.

Laura S.

SUCH a lovely establishment! Hoja's environment is unique, warm, lively, and fun, and the food and drinks are absolutely DELECTABLE. my favorites are the grab and go burrito, the chilaquiles, and the Mexican Iced Almond Milk Latte. the space is snug and cozy, which i particularly enjoy - however, it can be a problem if the restaurant is packed, of course. the small space enables you to interact with the employees and watch them cook, which is quite enjoyable. i can't wait to see what they do with the patio space when it gets warmer out!

Veep Aurora

Fantastic vegan friendly cuisine.

Alex Arel

Oh my gosh! The farmer's burrito is a must-try for people who find themselves wishing other restaurants would stop using potatoes as a crutch and fill burritos with some real flavor, creativity, and delicious veggies!

Joe Susnick

Best Matzoh Ball Soup in Denver. Great vibe, great food. A lot of lighter fare but also some more filling options. I’ve never left hungry or had that gross, ate too much heavy food feeling. Can’t recommend it enough.

Adam Cohen

Excellent food, lots of flavor and comfort food no doubt but also lots of fresh crisp vegetables. Good bevies and chill atmosphere, nice ppatio. Can't wait to go back soon.

Daniel Mendoza

Amazing food at affordable prices! I can not wait to come back. The services was just perfect. I got The Farmer's Burrito & Matzo Ball Chicken Noodle Soup

Debby Kaufman

Delicious comfortable gorgeous place. We had the giant farmer’s market burrito, the Chile verde with poached egg. All so good!!!

Rebecca Cooper

We had the breakfast burritos and they were so good! Fresh and healthy ingredients! Customer service was amazing too!

Alan A.

Excellent food, lots of flavor and comfort food no doubt but also lots of fresh crisp vegetables. Good bevies and chill atmosphere, nice patio. Can't wait to go back soon.

Debby Kaufman

Most delicious farmer burritos loaded with everything good. Don’t miss my favorite...the avocado tostadas...heaven! And vegan chili with cashew crema. Finish with a muffin or vegan chocolate chip biscotti. Friendly place. Gorgeous, classy decor. Alcohol and Mexican coffee drinks! I love it here.

Vanessa Reveles

Love the laid back vibe and clean minimal decor. The employees are genuine people and very helpful. Food & drinks are made with care and quality!