1284 S Pearl St, Denver
(303) 777-5919

Recent Reviews

Courtney A.

This place is amazing. It has a small menu but after trying a half dozen items, they are all delicious. Who knew spicy cucumbers and peanuts would be so good!! A cute little cafe open for breakfast and lunch also has a great cocktail list! A must try!

Picky P.

One of the best discoveries in Denver in a long while. Really unique, delicious options. We love the Quesadilla, the farmers burrito, the chilaquiles, and the Cafe de Olla.

Evan Hall

Excellent breakfast burritos to go. Will absolutely stop in again. Really want to try the farmers burrito now.

Jennifer S.

We fell in love with this place when it was just the base camp food truck we'd see at the farmers market. Ben, the owner, truly cares about flavor and quality. His brick and mortar restaurant is slamming good. Everything here is amazing!

Megan Ross

Always my favorite! Delicious food. The ambiance is very nice and the service excellent.

Karen S.

We stopped here for brunch one Saturday morning and we're glad we did. The place is cramped, loud and busy, but the food is worth it all. I'm a big fan of apricots so we sampled the apricot and almond granola, which was delicious! We also tried the poached eggs and salsa macha, and the Enfrijoladas, which were both excellent. Lots of vegetarian and GF options! The staff are really friendly too and like a chat. I also took home a few goodies from the bakery cabinet. We'll be back soon to try more off the menu!

Adriana Duran

The food is amazing highly recommended

Hayden P.

I love this little cafe off Pearl. It's really cute, kind of feels like it belongs in LA, with tons of natural light. The breakfast burrito is massive and has so many fun ingredients. Also, they do an iced coffee with orange that is so strange but so good.


Excellent take on breakfast burrito with a pile of fresh veggies. Great drink selection. Really nice people

Mishka C.

Fresh tasty, lite Tex mex is how I'd described it. I got the Chilaquiles (13 dollars) and my boyfriend the farmer's burrito (11 dollars) in a bowl with tortillas on the side. We both ate our entire portion without feeling like we overate or the usual stuffed guilty feeling that accompanied eating a large Mexican breakfast dish. The ice cafe de Olla (Mexican iced cofee) which has some cinnamon and nutmeg spices we enjoyed because it gave us a break from our usual plain iced coffee that uses syrups for flavorings. The orange was quite interesting but nonetheless delightful to add to the spices in coffee. Not sure if you were suppose to add it in to the coffee but I did! The vegan banana loaf was soft and had some sesame seeds. It was good but nothing amazing.

Lindsay Clemans

Absolutely love this place! Food and ambiance are fantastic. I always love to stop when I'm in this side of town!!

Katy P.

What a treasure! Our waitress at True Foods recommended this place for breakfast and she was spot on. The restaurant itself is fresh-feeling and simply decorated. The server at the counter was SO helpful and nice, and the food we ordered was divine! Highly recommend!

Shery Jo

Love the coffees and the matcha green drinks. Big burritos

Kelly B.

HIGHLY recommend! This place just makes me happy. The ambiance, the music, the food, the DRINKS. Came here with my boyfriend who is from Mexico, he loved the food. It is so nice to find a Mexican style restaurant that uses fresh, wholesome ingredients. Took him back to his childhood when his mom would make food from their garden. We both ordered the chilaquiles. When it initially came out the poached eggs were underdone. They were more than happy to fix them for us.Their horchata is out of this world amazing and refreshing. Their paloma cocktail is also delicious. Although the price for the food here is on the higher side of things, it is definitely WORTH it. You 100% get what you pay for. Left feeling nourished and joyful. This is my new favorite place to eat in Denver. Can't wait to try everything.

Kelsey R.

I've never written a yelp review but I felt this place deserved one. Everything about this place is awesome, from the food, to the atmosphere and service. Hoja means "leaf" in Spanish and you can see why they decided to named this beautiful place. They take simple ingredients and make them into something not only delicious but healthy. Definitely give them a try, you wont regret it.

Karlee D.

This is the cutest little neighborhood eatery! The staff was super kind and the food was delicious. It wasn't too pricy. I had the most delicious guava mimosa!! I'm already planning on when I can go back to try the rest of the menu! It is only open until 4:00pm because it is mostly brunch vibes.

Gregg Kennedy

Fresh food, high quality ingredients. The staff cares about the eating experience- from flavor to texture to space appeal. Super good for breakfast or lunch and their drinks are on point. I usually skip this at most places but definitely worth trying here, particularly the olla, macha, or hibiscus creations.

Valery L.

I'm obsessed with this place! The decor inside and outside are gorgeous. There are tons of options to switch up ingredients to make things vegan, gluten free, etc. I had a quesadilla on my first visit, and vegan chilaquiles on my second visit...both perfectly cooked and incredible! I even got a vegan chocolate chip banana bread to go, which was probably the best banana bread I've ever tasted. The staff is so sweet and welcoming (they had a guava mimosa at my table about 2 minutes after I arrived, as I waited for a friend...yum!)...this is a place you'll want to keep coming back to. Hopefully they open a downtown location!

natalie d.

Wow, can't believe we didn't discovered this little gem earlier. The farmers burrito was delicious the flavor profile maximum & huge. The cold brew coffee was perfection. We will definitely be back again, so cute and cozy inside, love the SW flare.

Phillip Scott

This place is always good i was full and you feel so clean after eating here i try to come her at least once a month if not more.... recommend the iced almond chai latte and the famers burrito looked amazing

Will Thomas

Very kind people work at this bright and thoughtfully designed restaurant. The care is felt from the aesthetics to every bite and sip. Cafe de Olla yes-please. You haven’t had a latte heightened to this craft cocktail level of sophistication. The burrito too. The first one I’ve ever had I describe as having umami. Can’t wait to go back!

J K.

The Matzo Ball Soup was very good but pretty small. Almost $12.00 is way too much for a bowl of soup! No senior discount is another reason that we will most likely not return.

Bernice Barrera

First time in today and I love the food options and the environment around here too !! I also love the framers burrito it is phenomenal as well !

Christopher Cummings

I had a nice kimchi breaky burrito here, cute cafe, outdoor space and the had a great sour beer from two roads. everything was very fresh and handmade.

Christopher C.

I had a nice kimchi breaky burrito here, cute cafe, outdoor space and the had a great sour beer from two roads. everything was very fresh and handmade.

Douglas Marts

Had breakfast here. Unusual, unique, unambiguous. Fresh, hand made, and presented well. These entrees and this quality be themselves are hard to find and the pair well here. This is a place to be remembered and visited often and I will very soon. Coffee was smooth. Very interesting meal. Very memorable experience.

Steven S H C.

Filled with very simple food that's good for you. Come in and order 1st, then find the table. Dont forget about the back porch. It so secluded and relaxing feel to it. Last visit, I had matcha latte and you can feel the love from the staff. One of my favorite place to visit!

Matt Gruber

Amazing food. Great service.

Juliet Lewis

Super delicious and so many vegan options!


Very simple but comfortable atmosphere with homemade Mexican food. I would have liked to have tasted a bit more flavor to the food items, however they were carefully and thoughtfully prepared with vegan options in mind so I did appreciate that.

Elizabeth O.

Hoja opened in the little cafe space down the street from my workplace a while ago, and I can't stop going there! Not only is the location convenient for me, the food is INCREDIBLE and the atmosphere relaxing and chill. My go to is their Chilaquiles, topped with a beautifully poached egg and tasty side salad. You have to try the Cafe de Olla too- Mexican iced coffee topped with a bright slice of orange. Everything on the menu is fresh, and you can feel the life and energy in the food. Every time I eat here, I feel nourished and full yet light. The owner, Ben, and his staff are all super friendly and you can tell they enjoy working there. I love their decor as well- beautiful white tile, nopales and various cacti decorating the walls and shelves. I really appreciate having a healthy option for breakfast and lunch so close by- Highly recommend this little gem in the South Pearl Street neighborhood!

Cassie Lynn H.

I don't know how anyone couldn't dig this place. Aesthetic is laid back and welcoming, menu has options for everyone, and the house made cold brew was perfect with the farmers burrito bowl.

Terri Charles Watwood

Quaint little cafe offering free range selections as well as wonderful choices of coffee and teas! Great atmosphere and ambiance for all!!

Connor Culligan

Delicious food with solid vegan options for dinner. Breakfast is also tasty but not as many vegan options during this meal. The breakfast burrito was great!

Christa R.

Working through some growing/ starting pains but this place does it right! A very unique menu that has something everyone will love. The owner and serves are all so kind and accommodating. They have taken time to explain the menu and make sure everyone is enjoying their meal. The grab and go burrito for $5 is a steal. Sometimes it's not necessarily grab and go as it's taken 5 minutes but it tastes so darn good so not a huge deal. Coffee is great too! They have an orange Mexican coffee that is incredible!


My new favorite place in Denver. Finally some new flavors in the Denver landscape.

Khaled A.

Hoja has a great service and nice seating area unfortunately the food did not stand up to these other qualities. Given my ratings is based on food it gets 3 stars. We visited on Sunday around 8:30 am and their was only one other table with us. By the time we left at 9am it was almost full so plan ahead if you are planning to eat inside. I went with the farmer burrito which was standard. The burrito wrap itself was dry, and the slaw took away from the flavor rather than added to it. Although the other ingredients sounded amazing on the menu, they didn't work well for me and felt there was something off. My wife went with the grab and go and she enjoyed it. I took a bite from here and thought it was in a similar standard as the farmers burrito. Overall a nice place to snack or grab coffee but wouldn't recommend breakfast unless you are in a hurry and want something to go. Here are my ratings: Farmers burrito 6/10

Joel Loncka

Where’s the 6th star when you need it. Cant say enough good things about this neighborhood spot. One of my favorite breakfast spots in Denver. If you are looking for a fresh quality breakfast in a beautiful well lit space with amazing music that fits the vibe this is your spot. The cafe De olla will change your life and the farmers burrito is no joke.

Victoria Morse

This place has it all! Good food, lovely people and the cutest ambiance. I love how they have vegan options that are super tasty and the Cafe de Olla is the best coffee drink I’ve found in Denver right now.

Maria Halloran

Very fresh and tasty fare and excellent service. Great terrace in the back.