ink! Coffee Home

2851 Larimer St, Denver
(303) 292-7327

Recent Reviews

Alejandro Silva Diaz

Me and my 5 brothers went to ink coffee to hide from the cold. The lady in the counter was very nice, told us about het family in Mexico and Puerto Rico, which was cool because that's where we're from The drinks were delicious. I had a coconut soy chai latte, which was off the hook. Highly recommended.

Rachael Warren

Always super nice and quick service. A+ people and place.

Rene G

Good coffee. Great staff serving customers. Been here many times, never had any problems with my coffee or the staff.

Tanya A.

Good WiFi, outlets, different kinds of seating from couches to tables, quiet, nice staff, and overall a great coffee shop for working on a Monday. I didn't try any of the coffee, but I enjoyed their smoothie (I got a peach, strawberry, and orange juice smoothie) and chocolate brownie.


Great service. Very good coffee.

Travis T.

I have been a regular here for three years and the coffee and tea here is actually pretty good. Over 50% of the time I come to this location and the downtown location however they are out of breakfast burritos. I'm tired of driving/walking out of my way just to find out it wasn't worth it. Advice to management - order enough product.

Kyra Doyle

I LOVE this place... Give them a shot, you might find your new coffee spot!

Recan Marine corps

What a deep coffee small ! Hard to find in Texas haha~

Karen H.

Great coffee and teas. Great staff, too! By the way the term "chai" already means TEA, so saying "chai tea" is like saying "tea tea."

George Foster

The happy gentrifiers with expensive, lame coffee and condescending staff. Deserved more than a broken window. Maybe the staff is nice if you "look" like you belong there.

George F.

The happy gentrifiers with expensive, lame coffee and condescending staff. Deserved more than a broken window. Maybe the staff is nice if you "look" like you belong there.

Geo F.

The happy gentrifiers are still around unfortunately. Rude staff and overpriced, average coffee.

Greg Kenney

Great ice coffee and breakfast burritos. Staff was super friendly and when they found out we were from out of town, even gave us some suggestions on places to hit. Thanks guys!

Paola Camacho

Really great customer service! Seriously! I had a tea, and the tea itself was good and not too ridiculously pricey. The place is cozy and simple, but since it's quite small I don't think I'd have tried to sit down if it had been packed.

Tom Rodgers

The guy taking my order was looking at me like I was going to steal. Racists !

Christian Greene

Why go here when there are plenty of other more friendly local coffee shops with a better atmosphere? They are super corporate feeling and overpriced, the coffee really isn't even that good they just try to sell you on the specialty drinks. That really distasteful gentrification sign they posted really sums up the vibe of the place. No thanks. 🙅

Young OG

Coffee tastes watery, and the establishment is really dirty. There were small ants crawling on the front counter along with a rotting smell coming from behind the counter. This place will start your day with your stomach in jumbles. Lastly, the staff created a very elitist atmosphere.

Mary Flores

Great coffee!!!. Sshhhh better than Starbucks. Awesome staff too.

cherrybust .

Don't hesitate to try this. Love this latte soooooooo much!


Don't hesitate to try this. Love this latte soooooooo much!

E Robles

"happily gentrifying the neighborhood since 2014" basically saying happy kicking out poor people so rich people can come in. also i've had better coffee.

Kayla A.

Best almond milk latte I've ever had! You won't be disappointed! My husband got a drip coffee and said it was very good as well.

Joao Escudo

Great coffee, good service. Dont be ashamed for making the neighborhood a better place.

Frank B.

Not into this place at all. My friend has bought me coffee from here as a thanks for giving her a ride to work a few times, but it's not even good coffee.

MyHanh N.

Went to this cafe originally for my bf to use their WiFi to get some work done. Really cute, but small coffee shop. The employees were very friendly and helpful by giving me some suggestions of things to do in Denver! I ordered an iced chai tea latte and bagel with cream cheese. It was on the pricier side though.. My total for my drink & bagel was $10 and some change, but I wanted to get something since we were using their WiFi.

Bruce P.

Coffee is not very good. Strong does not equal good. Had a ham & cheese croissant as well. Croissant was fair, still looking for ham and cheese. Chocolate croissant from last visit was about the same - not really any chocolate. Staff at NJH location aren't rude, but they aren't friendly or helpful either. Prices for all this are very high. Example - coffee is 1.5 times that at Starbucks.

Andrew K.

My first time trying ink! coffee and I'd save overall it was nice. This location on Larimer has a cool space. They've put in glass to see into their roasting area, which is always cool to see how the process goes down. I'm not sure if it is vintage, but looks they have equipment from the San Francisco Roasting Company. Another cool feature to see is their training room. It wasn't in use when I was there, but it looked like a mini store. It is nice to know that a company puts time and effort into properly training employees. I ended up getting a latte. The quality was overall okay. Pretty smooth with some tints of acidity, but I enjoyed it. I'd say the main reason to check this place out is for the quality service and ambiance.

Bean B.

Rude staff Overpriced beverages Incosiderate patronage Dirty bathrooms Sticky doors & floors Bar area out of creamer, napkins & sugars, when I asked for help I was treated like a idiot

Gers L.

Coffee tastes like the beans have been recycled. I'm not a coffee snob, all I ask for is for a coffee with a shot of expresso to get my day started. I don't understand how you can mess that up, it's a simple request. And when I ask for your workers to fix it, they say no. I will explore other coffee options in the neighborhood.

P P.

I used to get cafe au laits at ink! Coffee because they had it at my workplace. It was ok at best, and overpriced. I made a commitment not to support this place since they were insensitive and out of touch enough to place that tasteless ad re: gentrification "happily gentrifying your neighborhood since 2015". Honestly, with all the amazing locally owned coffee shops in Denver, each with its own unique character, there is no reason to continue to patronize this corporate, cookie cutter, and ignorant establishment. I recommend Crema across the street or Call (new and beautiful, and friendly and local) right next door. Yay local!


Nestled in a renovated industrial area northeast of downtown, ink! Coffee is a good place for a sit and a chat. While not large, it has a few small tables and a nice small couch setup. I rather enjoyed my time reading and sipping my coffee on a Monday afternoon.

Chris M.

Wow! The best coffee in town without a doubt! They actually have a great selection of gourmet creamers, like the French vanilla which is my favorite! The staff is very friendly and down to earth

Ethan C.

I have gone here a few times and always had good coffee and nice service. The folks know their coffee and I have never had to wait in line more than like 5 minutes.

Richard F.

Gone in a few times, but ranking this location even lower because it's so close to other AMAZING coffee shops and it refuses to up its game. I enjoy Crema, which is across the street. I'm not sure what motivated ink! to open across the street from them, but they definitely can't compete. Crema has stellar coffee and food, and the atmosphere is great. There are a handful of other cafes all along Larimer that also provide a delicious experience. Sadly, this business isn't one of them. Generally, their coffee is what you think of when you imagine Starbucks: overpriced, over-roasted, and poorly brewed, with supplemental food that's dropped off rather than made in-house. If you want an elaborate, overwhelmingly saccharine beverage that constitutes your ENTIRE caloric intake for two days, then these guys are it. Honestly, though, I can't even finish their chai beverages, and I have a major sweet tooth. If you're looking for flavourful coffee or delicious food, head elsewhere. There are too many fantastic places nearby for this business not to do better. And it's a little offensive that they think the bare minimum is acceptable with the prices they charge. But hey, fair market will work itself out, right?

Leslie S.

Love this place. I'm so grateful they put an Ink Coffee in this neighborhood. Very tasty and not over priced. Thank you Ink Coffee. Oh yea and the customer service here is impeccable!

Shannon S.

My best friend was going to treat me to something to drink today but the lady at the counter didn't know how to make a vanilla steamer so therefore they lost business today.

Larry L.

Worst cuppa coffee I've had in a long time service was terrible coffee is overpriced the owner is extremely rude I would recommend finding another coffee shop I will never go there again I am quite the coffee connoisseur I don't know where they buy their coffee but it's very low-quality to me 7-Eleven has terrible coffee and there is is worse

Kiki G.

Awesome people. Awesome coffee. Awesome real-fruit smoothies. Awesome bagels. Fair prices. Quick internet. Really cool atmosphere and you get to see the manufacturing process behind coffee/roasting/packaging etc!