Odyssey Italian Restaurant

603 E 6th Ave, Denver
(303) 318-0102

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A staggering disappointment. Way over sold - over booked, and under staffed. Clearly took many more reservations than they could handle - over an hour wait for reservations, yet they still took people at the door and added to the catastrophe. Now place to wait or have a drink - and the food was very disappointing compared to a previous visit. As I said to the waiter, if this was my first visit it would definitely be my last.


Odyssey needs a better reservation system!! We went Friday night with a 7:00 PM reservation and were not seated until 8:30. Despite having a huge rehearsal dinner, they still accepted competing reservations. To make matters worse, the reservation time became irrelevant once you checked in. It was first in, first seated even if the reservation was for a later time. We felt sorry for the hostess who was doing her best and for the staff and kitchen who were faced with 20 or diners all at once. The food was ok, not great


Just lovely. After 2 visits it's our new favorite Italian restaurant in Denver. The food is exquisite and the atmosphere is quality dining.


Seems like everything garlic so much so it covers other softer flavors. We liked our server but things really uneven.

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Great meal, great service!


Our waiter sat down at a table and chatted for 10 minutes. A couple who came in after us got served water and then were ignored for 30 minutes.


We eat here at least once a month and the quality of service and food this time we're down. It was made clear to us that the kitchen and staff were tired and ready to go. Def don't go late on a Monday or a holiday for that matter. Bummer cus it used to be our fav.


The food is outstanding! Keeping up with the tradition that Ignacio established!

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It was nice except they forgot to put the whipped ricotta on my Rustica pasta dish


Odyssey is a locally owned Italian Restaurant in Denver that has historical roots in Sicily. The atmosphere is delightfully cozy and romantic, for family and friends. The food is amazing and one of the best Italian places in Denver. Highly recommend! The staff are all accommodating and kind and the service is quick! Top notch, thanks Odyssey team!


Our server seemed like he was on amphetmines. He forgot to bring my date’s dirty martini and needed to be reminded that she even ordered a drink AFTER he relized he had forgotten to bring it. Everyone in our section got their food before us and we were sat first. After an hour and forty five minutes he brought my plate, which was cold, and forgot my date’s manicotti. When he finally brought it out he apologized and said he was sorry for the wait and that he had been waiting for them to make the food. Out food had clearly been sitting under heat lamps. I get being short staffed, but when servers are too spun out to handle the few tables they do have, they should be sent home.

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We started going to Odyssey years ago and we loved it! But, overtime the quality of the food has significantly declined. The mussels that I had lately tasted sour! Also, this is the third time that I’ve made reservations to then have to wait an addition thirty minutes to be seated. Really disappointed.


Food was delicious. Room they put us in was hot but the staff did their best to keep the air moving.

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Mitch was fantastic! Casear salad was outstanding! It felt like a nice home cooked Italian family meal

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Odyssey Italian Restaurant

603 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
(303) 318-0102