Owlbear Barbecue

2826 Larimer St, Denver
(720) 667-1181

Recent Reviews

Stephen Tifft

Fantastic food!!! Their pulled duck sandwich was amazing and their sides were great too especially the Mac + queso. Only improvement I would have is a little quicker service but the food is definitely top notch!!

Aaron C

My pick for best bbq in Denver. Haven't been to every spot yet but this is very good. Got there early on a Saturday and had no wait. By 1130 the line was starting to form. Had brisket and ribs. Both were cooked perfectly. The fatty brisket was amazing. It was melt in your mouth good. Could have a little more seasoning for my taste but that is really looking for issues.


This is now a brick and mortar place not a food truck any longer. It is located in a small retail strip on Larimer near 28th street. It is set back a little so I drove by it once until I found it tucked into a corner.. . The food is quite good, authentic, not like other places nearby at all. The smoker is out in front too. I had a taste for a mixture of meats, so I had pork belly, brisket, and one rib. I also had a sid of potato salad which was good but I didn't love it. Two types of sauce, tangy and sweet, I liked the tangy better. . . The brisket was great the pork belly also, The rib was good but I didn't love the rub, just a personal preference I suppose.. . The place is edgy and fun. A long line always because the word is out now how good this place is. But it moves fast. Staff is friendly. Some seats inside but lots of people were taking their food to the brewery about 30 yards away and eating on their tables which seemed to be perfectly fine.. . Well worth checking out. It has been a while since I had barbeque this good, especially in Denver.

Elvis Colucci

Owlbear is in a small pavilion that houses food trucks. Get ready for wonderful food!! The owner worked at Franklin BBQ in Austin, so you know this is the real deal. Your food is served right from the smoker, meat by the pound. We had brisket, ribs, sausage with sides of cabbage slaw & mac & cheese. You take your tray to a picnic table inside which is a bar area, a common area for all of the vendors. Your food is served on butcher paper, fine with me. Lots of paper towels & hand wipes to clean up. I don't need ambiance, just good food. Imagine meat that melts in your mouth. Get here soon. Visit often!!

Antonio Parés

Excellent brisket! Sides are fine. Love their vegetarian options, which includes their sides. Would recommend their sweet tea and lemonade - delicious.

Maniesha Lowe

Yummmm! It has been a long time since I have had spectacular Texas BBQ. No sauce needed when the food tastes this amazing, Brisket, Ribs, Pork, Pork Belly, Man N Cheese. I can't wait to go back. B2b With Rob's Window Cleaning

Thomas Tusia

Best Texas style BBQ in Denver. It rivals what you would get down south and is better than a lot of places I have been to in Texas. Brisket and ribs are tender and moist without being overly fatty. Sides are all yummy.

Tom Jones

Phenomenal meats. Can’t say enough good things about the brisket and pulled pork! Also, the smoked pork tenderloin was perfectly tender and had great flavor from the seasoning. The mac & cheese was also very flavorful and the potato salad was some of the best I’ve had. Only two sauce choices, but their meat doesn’t need any sauce. Can’t recommend this place enough!

B Fram

Just go. Do it. You'll be glad you did. Everything I had a chance to try was incredible, but the pork belly sandwich was over the top ridiculous. I thought I'd need to put a little sauce on it (both sauce options were wonderful) but the buttery melt-in-your-mouth amazingness if the meat didn't warrant it. I'd absolutely return again and again.

Nicole Schamaun

The ambiance here is for a particular crowd. It isn't a typical BBQ joint in that sense. A trendy neighboorhood on the edge of a really sketchy area. The Owl Bear is apparently a reference from Dungeons & Dragons. Not my cup of tea but it will appeal to others. They played heavy metal music while we were there and I didn't love that as we had our toddler with us.

julia m.

Great people. Great food. Start here for you're night out before they are out of all their delicious side dishes. The owlbear reference is not just trying to be trendy - these guys are legit D&D fans that know how to do barbeque. I went with the pork belly sandwich tipped with slaw and home made pickles. Perfect balance of flavors. Don't miss the amazing sweet tea lemonade pudding. Perfect way to end a meal!

Emylee F.

Best barbecue I've ever had. I love the verity of the menu and the atmosphere. Make sure to go in early, once they sell out -- they're out for the day! Everything is fresh and definitely worth it!

B A.

Absolute best Denver BBQ. The brisket & ribs amazing. The potato salad & mac/cheese fantastic. The pudding was great too. No wonder sold out daily! Wow.

Kim Smed

Good BBQ. The lines are still pretty long as this place just opened but it was worth the wait and the price. A unique addition to the standard fare is smoked pork tenderloin. There isn't any chicken or turkey but that is fine since the ribs and brisket are pretty great. The seating is packed in pretty tight and most people just go to one of the neighborhood breweries to eat. Overall a good experience.

zach P

awesome meats awesome sides. the owner Carl talked with us for a food 25 min hes a great dude and so is the rest of the staff. very appreciative of the gracious service I received along with my delicious food

Ronald Snow

Best. Brisket. Ever. Seriously, it was the best I've ever had! The guys at the counter are super nice as well. Highly recommend.

Kc C.

By far the best BBQ in town and I'm not saying that just because I'm from Texas. Arrive early and still expect a line. Not a problem tho as the smell of perfectly cooked bbq hits you as you wait in line. As soon as you arrive at the counter you are greeted with a sample of whatever is on the cutting board. I went with the chopped beef brisket sandwich and a 1/4lb spare rib. No words can describe how the meat falls off the bone of their ribs. And did I mention all their rubs are gluten free!!! If you're in town and want the best BBQ, OWLBEAR is the only location.

Marin G.

AMAZING PLACE!!!! First of all, the brisket was heavenly. We got there right as they closed and not only did they hook us up with a little extra brisket, they gave us 4 homemade cookies to make up for the fact that they didn't have enough pinto beans left to give us a full order. The best customer service I've had at a barbecue place and the food was incredible. Definitely a must when in Denver!

Marcelo Corpuz

This is some of the best barbecue I ever had in Denver. Friendly staff and excellent food. I will be back.

Chris Ewers

I've been to every BBQ joint around Denver and there is nothing even close to this level of BBQ. This is what BBQ is suppose to look and taste like. Everything is juicy, and the smoke flavor is clean. Everyone who works there seems to be excited about being there and serving great BBQ. Definitely get the brisket, tenderloin, and the pork belly. The only downside was that they were sold out of mac n' cheese and I was excited to try it.

Jen J.

WOW. Just wow. The pork belly was PHENOMENAL, literally melted in my mouth. Close second was the amazing pulled pork. My ONLY suggestion - please put baby changing tables in your bathrooms, mamas and daddies of little babies like BBQ too!!!


Loved the brisket. Definitely the best BBQ in Colorado. New brick and mortar next to a brewery. Win win win.

Christopher S.

Karl and his team do a bang up amazing job at providing a true bbq experience. From the hickory smoked brisket, ribs, pulled pork sammie and all the sides. You can't go wrong here. Crisp delicious pickels, heavenly mac and cheese and sauces to boot. Grab a plate and head over to OMF brewery next door to take in the Rino vibes. Big Fans.

Arenas V.

The brisket sliced was absolutely fantastic. It melted in my mouth. Turns out, the owner trained in Austin Texas. No wonder it's so good. The macaroni and cheese was out of this world. This is the closest thing to Texas style barbecue I have found in Denver so far. Being from Texas, I really appreciate this. I'll be back.

Tony T.

All Hail Owlbear!!! Best BBQ in Denver by far!!! Eat the brisket! Eat all the meats!!!

Tehmasp C.

Great BBQ. Had the brisket, tenderloin, slaw and potato salad. Super tasty and well done. Will be back!

J m.

Best BBQ around! The brisket was melt in your mouth and the pulled pork, fantastic. Also, don't miss the Mac and cheese. The guys behind the counter are super nice and gave us some free samples too. It's a bit of a joke in the wall but who cares when the food is deciduous?

Jacob Healy

I'm not sure how to endorse this place enough...it is awesome. Best BBQ I've ever had, granted I only ever get the brisket, but it is incredible. I've been following these guys for a long time and they never disappoint. I think they have had a lot of success opening their brick and mortar so the first time I went they were already sold out of food for the day, the second day I had to wait in line for a while. All worth it.

Julia Monahan

Great joint hidden in the lot with OMF. I had the pork belly sandwich with slaw on top and a side of cucumber salad with lemon sweet tea pudding for dessert. Not one bad dish. I highly recommend getting extra picked and onions. Pretty sure they are homemade and they make everything even better (maybe not the pudding).

Adam Welbon

Best BBQ in Denver, hands down! The owner Karl even came over and talked with us for a while. Great dude, great BBQ, great location...Owlbear has a loyal customer for life!

Sandra N.

Holy this was really great bbq. I'm loving all the Denver food, they're doing a fantastic job. We got a half pound of every meat and it was AMAZING. Juicy, tender, so soft it'd fall off the bone, wow best pork belly we've had. The pulled pork was so flavorful too. Ribs might be my favorite. My friends loved the tenderloin. Also their coleslaw was amazing?! I was surprise, it's not ridiculous levels of mayo, more vinegary which tasted wonderfully paired with the meats. Also, another huge thing to note is the people working there are so funny, kind, and cheerful! Really quick to give suggestions or even let you try a piece. It doesn't feel like they just want your money or anything. Great people and awesome food :)

Sam Ireland

Hand down the best BBQ in Denver! They absolutely know what it takes to make great food. Do yourself a favor get there early and enjoy.

Mike Thomson

This is tremendous barbecue. It's Houston style which is cooked slow with salt pepper seasoning and lots of love. You will not have a better brisket anywhere. Despite how good the brisket is you also must have the ribs and pork belly. It's best to go with 3-4 people so you can have a little of everything. They'll give you sauce if you ask for it but this wonderful bbq does need it. I know its Denver but this is as good as bbq gets.

Bill D.

John A, get a clue - most GREAT bbq joints are open until they sell out. You should probably set your alarm AFTER you change your bogus review.

Aaron Nickerson

I have been searching for good BBQ in Denver for years and every new place has dissappointed. But this place is the real deal. Best BBQ I have ever had. Brisket is perfectly tender, juicy, and flavorful. The ribs are amazing. And the staff is awesome. Instantly the best BBQ joint in Denver and I am already planning my next trip back.

Josh Spare

We had brisket and it was definitely pretty good but I wouldn’t say it was the best ever by any stretch. Loved the red onions and cucumber salad. The weird thing is they don’t have ANY sauces. Never heard of that for BBQ. It’s not like it’s steak and A1 sauce. It’s an absolute must for BBQ unless your BBQ is the best. Brisket was slightly dry but not bad. I’ll be back but I’ve had better in Nashville and South Carolina. I’d give it a 5 if it was slightly less dry and they had sauce.

Sarah J.

3 Texans walk into a BBQ restaurant touting "Texas Style BBQ" and walk out happy. The guys are really nice behind counter - the Brisket was awesome, the Mac and Cheese awesome, Potato Salad was not Texas Style but Coloradians will probably like. My friends got the pulled duck and although I was not a fan just because - Duck. They raved about it. I would like to see Smoked Wings on menu but overall loved the place and its cool you can go to neighboring brewery and drink and eat your food. Will definitely be back.

Beth A.

Good brisket is hard to find, and after living in Texas for college, it has been even harder for me to find decent brisket. Well, when I learned Owlbear worked for the Franklin BBQ in Austin, I figured that it had a shot of being good. I was correct! Everything from the brisket to the sides were amazing.

Steve R.

Hands down the best bbq in Denver. Great location in Rino next to brewery's and bars. Friendly service and free samples. You can't get bbq this good anywhere in Colorado.

Jason Bellows

It has been worth the wait. This place rocks...