Safta Restaurant

3330 Brighton Blvd #201, Denver
(720) 408-2444

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Casual but chic Mediterranean spot. Whatever that steak pie thing we had was excellent. Interesting wine list

eric bornemann

Awesome Israeli food. You can’t go wrong with and if the dips but the hummus and baba ganoush are excellent as is the pita. The lamb with pomegranate is killer. Great takeout.

Eric Sola

Safta was a great experience. I started with whipped feta and lamb hummus. Both were simple but fantastically flavorful. The lamb was full of meaty flavor but no gaminess at all. The braised wagyu beef makmoura was equally well executed. Lightly spiced but full of beefy flavor with crisp and tasty crust. I drove an hour to get here and this place was worth the trip.Vegetarian options: Good vegetarian options available!

Lindsey Scalera

Having grown up in southeast Michigan, I have been spoiled by excellent middle eastern and Mediterranean food. Safta offers many traditional regional dishes in an elevated manner. It’s a simple, friendly presentation bursting with flavor. The staff are all lovely and attentive. As far as what to try, I’m pretty sure we sampled about 1/3 of the menu, so… everything? Anything? We shared everything - with four of us, we were very happy! I don’t think there is a wrong choice!

Derek Sarbou

The food at Safta is delicious. I would say the best option is to get the pita and various dips. Some of the entrees that are considered family style are a little on the smaller side to share.The only thing that needs a bit of improvement is the service. We came on a Wednesday around opening and there wasn't a ton of people there but a lot of staff. It took about 10 to 15 minutes after being seated to have someone ask for our drink order and another 10 or so for the drinks to show up.It seemed like other tables were receiving a bit more priority than ours. Once we received food we had to wait again to get more drink orders in or to get more pita. Overall the food is great if you're willing to wait.

Tiffany Anderson

As a massive fan of Alon Shaya's Saba in New Orleans, Safta was on the "must try" list while visiting Colorado. It did not disappoint! We ordered the mushroom hummus to start, which was a delightful revelation. The falafel, lamb kebab, and whipped feta were delicious, but the stand out was the crispy eggplant. As always, the pistachio walnut baklava to finish was fantastic. Highly recommend making a reservation and visiting Safta


Everything is amazing! Can’t go wrong.

Shruti Jituri

It's been 2 years that I moved to Denver and in the two years, I've heard so much about Safta but somehow never managed to come here! Now that I have dined here, I get it!You have to get the lamb ragu and murmurrah- both brilliant! I can't believe how amazing the lamb here was. The pitas are fresh out of the oven and they're fluffy - yes fluffy!! This is not your regular pita , This is probably the best pita I've had in my life (bold, yes)!Drinks were good but I think they can be better - mine was pretty strong so I surely want to explore their cocktails more. For mains, we had the lamb tagine and harissa chicken! You have to get the harissa chicken - so tasty! The lamb tagine was good but I liked the chicken better- very flavourful! We were bummed that the crispy eggplant was sold out and so I surely want to come back for that.Service was superb and the price point is great too! I definitely am coming back and recommend you check it out!


We visited Safta on a busy summer night, and the place was packed. Service was a bit slow to come take our order but food came fast. The various hummus are amazing, especially the one with lamb ragu, and the curried cauliflower one. Their pita bread is by no means what my middle eastern family would call pita, but it’s absolutely delicious (and dangerously addicting). The eggplant dishes were great (we had both). The charred cabbage was interesting but not sure I’d order it again. The low note was the kofta dish (overcooked, burnt into the pan - maybe too much going on and the kitchen missed the timer?) Overall a great meal. Highly recommend.

Michael M.

Service was top notch. Having worked in the service industry for 10+ years, this is always my first critique. That aside, the food was stellar as well. We had the pickle plate, roasted mushroom hummus and the lamb shank. All were phenomenal. Can't recommend this place enough.

Diane B.

Incredible brunch! Tremendous assortment of scrumptious Israeli ish dishes - and the BEST granola ever! Go! Go! Go!

Evie H.

Really good food here at Safta. I really liked all the items we got - the wood roasted mushroom hummus, whipped feta, charred cabbage, crispy eggplant, braised wagyu beef makmoura, and the moroccan lamb tagine. Would definitely recommend getting one of their hummus. It's so so creamy and very flavorful. It also comes with unlimited pita which is made super fresh, hot, and just the tiniest bit crispy on the edges. I can fill up on just the pita and hummus alone honestly. I would probably say their smaller plates are more worth it for the price. Their larger plates are just as delicious but the ones we tried really could have used a bit more meat for the price. For example, the lamb tagine had a ton of cous cous with just a few pieces of lamb. Not sure it's worth $38. The wagyu beef makmoura had just a little bit of wagyu beef wrapped inside more dough. Fortunately we were full enough towards the end of the meal that it didn't really matter ultimately but if I was hungry, I wouldn't have been super happy. Still, food is tasty and unique. I would return to try some of the other plates and for that pita and hummus!

Vicki L.

The food was so fantastic here! Since we had a large party, we were able to order the prix fixe chef's menu at $55 per person. The meal came with wayyyy more food than expected and we had so many leftovers! We probably only got through like 60% of the food. My favorite was the Harissa rubbed chicken which was incredibly tender and juicy. The pita bread was also amazing as it was soft and fluffy. Lastly their hummus was so flavorful and they were kind enough to throw in an extra hummus dish for our group since one of the guys in our group wanted to try the hummus with the soft boiled egg. Highly recommend Safta to anybody looking for a great dining experience in Denver.

Marty P.

This establishment is located inside of a hotel building. There is public parking on the nearby streets and there is a parking garage for retail patrons as well. I recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to ensure you can find a parking space and be on time for your reservation. Reservations are highly recommended! You will need to walk through the double doors at the side of the building where you will see a sign for Safta. After you enter walk past the hotel service desk and look for a set of stairs. Walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor. After arriving on the 2nd floor walk about 100 feet and you will see the front entrance for Safta on your left. The establishment is clean and there are public restrooms outside of the restaurant. They're clean as well. I dined here today for the Israel Brunch Buffet. It's well worth every penny! My waitress told me that the buffet is phenomenal and I couldn't agree more! The buffet offers a very wide variety of foods all the way from appetizers (breads, hummus, cheeses, wood fired grapefruit and fruits), entrees (grilled and baked fishes, shakshuka, eggs, lamb and several others) to a dessert bar (cakes, cookies, baklava, whipped cream and fruits). They also offer complimentary beverages (coffee, tea, Moroccan mint tea and iced tea, etc...). Of course you will need to purchase alcoholic beverages or speciality drinks. Some of my highlights from the buffet were wood fired grapefruit, sunny side egg, scrambled eggs, hummus with eggs, hummus with chilis along with hazelnuts...yumm, challah, another Israel bread that I just can't remember the name, lamb....another yummm, apricot scone with tumeric, banana bread, halwah and King Solomon cake. Staff is very friendly. Atmosphere is classy. Loved seeing all the patrons feasting, having good conversation and just embodying the phrase "breaking bread." I highly recommend this place as it will not disappoint. Be prepared to spend $$, however, it's worth every penny! Looking forward to returning!!

Ramanjit Sranna

Impeccable food, drinks and service! I went to Safta for dinner with my friends for my birthday and honestly I can’t even begin to describe what an amazing experience I had. Our waitress Rebecca made excellent recommendations, she was super knowledgeable about the menu and helped us so much. She was even able to tailor her recommendations according to our dietary restrictions. The service was honestly the best I’ve ever had! Everything we ordered was delicious including the beverages! They make fresh pita bread in house and it was honestly to die for. We ordered several different types of Hummus and the consistency was impeccable it was honestly the smoothest creamiest texture! Rebecca highly recommended the chicken and can I just say it was AMAZING! We had a total of 4 desserts and each one was better than the last. I would definitely definitely go again. I cannot say enough about how good the food, drinks and service was!

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