2023 E Colfax Ave, Denver
(720) 530-6853

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Delicious food and creative menu that changes each day. Fun environment. Super friendly staff.

Sheila Ann Pendleton

Lovely people, fantastic model for any non-profit. Dignity and kindness are in Short supply these days, but not at this establishment.Food: 4/5

Eugene “Gingie” Bata

Great seasonal food choices. Power hour is a fantastic way to get in some volunteering and give back to the community as well. Stoked this place is so close to me. All the staff are upbeat and helpful each time I go in.

Kevin Mann

This is a place with heart. They will feed you and treat you as a friend whether you have money or not. We could pay the suggested but we also saw guests pitching in bussing tables and cleaning up, or paying what they could. All welcome.Not only that, the food was fresh, healthy, and delicious.Be aware there’s not much choice - pick one each of 2 soups, 2 salads, 2 pizzas. Veg options available.

Pablo Pasto

Great Healthy Food! At an affordable price, you will always leave satisfied and happy with the fresh ingredients they prepare for the menu that also changes daily!

Jen C

This is an amazing little cafe on Colfax.. You can get a nicely fresh cooked meal of unlimited soup & salad and 2 pieces of pizza for full prize or you can make a donation for as little as $0.01!! Everything is made with fresh ingredients..

A. F.

Excellent little spot, and I HIGHLY recommend it. Love the idea behind it, volunteer if you can't afford it, donate money or give homegrown food if you grow it. Splendid! Not only friendly but the food looked great. Offering soups, pizza and other items, which you can also get a little of everything too. A must stop if you're in the area.

Mina Groom

Amazing food. Amazing people. Amazing place. The food is real good healthy and delicious.

Kim E

This is such a Denver staple!! When I first found out about it I couldn’t help it stop by and I’ve become a regular as well as my brother. It’s a place that offers food for everyone it regardless of whether or not you can pay. You have the option to pay $2+ or date donate your time of a half an hour. Seems like such a good deal right?! Amazing mission and amazing food plus volunteer team and the people that go there are supporting the best cause ever.

Aive Yturralde

Such a great place and good food! Love the idea and happy to help a great cause and enjoy a good meal.

Humberto Buniotto

Awesome concept giving the local community the ability to eat healthy regardless of a ability to pay for their meal. You can volunteer for 1/2 hour to pay for your meal, donate any amount, or give produce in exchange for a meal.Awesome idea. We'll be back soon!

Keenan Alexander

I love the mission of this place and I’m glad to see it’s still around. I was a student of one of the owners and founders 15 years ago. Super cool to see this place still thriving.

Emily C.

I have come here to volunteer a few times recently and cannot get over the incredible mission and staff. This may just be the most welcoming place I have ever set foot in; everybody here is treated like a respected human, regardless of what they can or cannot afford to pay for a meal. SAME Cafe serves up pizza, soups, and salads inspired by donated local produce and the menu changes daily. Whether you can afford to pay $15 for a cup of coffee, or exchange 30 minutes of volunteering for a full hot meal, SAME Cafe will treat you just the same. A few of my volunteer shifts were during cold, snowy days, and it was amazing to see how SAME Cafe offered a warm, safe place for people who needed it the most. I have had so much fun volunteering here, with tasks ranging from peeling beets and hardboiled eggs to mopping the dining room and cleaning the restroom. The positive energy is infectious, making any task enjoyable. The lemon shortbread cookies are a must try!

Nate Bard

Revolutionary restaurant. Amazing local food, vegan options are always on the menu, and donation based. You can even volunteer your time!!

David Dow

I highly recommend SAME Café in Denver, Colorado to anyone in need or is looking to make a difference. It’s an amazing non-profit restaurant with the mission of creating community through healthy food access that provides delicious food options to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

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