Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

1701 Wynkoop St Suite 150, Denver
(303) 825-3536

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Tony Molina

my burrito was good but my wife didn't like the pancakes. she said they were dry. on a positive note we didn't have to pay for the pancakes. my wife's a cheap date LOL JK

Tina K.

You can't go wrong with snooze ever! The chicken pot pie, their eggs Benedict, and if you are lucky enough to be there when the have the pumpkin pancake go for it!!! Their is always alone but worth the wait if you aren't to hungry and can catch it under and hour.

Justine W.

Delicious! We were in Denver for 5 days and went to brunch everyday and this place is tied, in my mind, for one of the best brunch places in Denver! They give you huge portions for great prices. I had the Breakfast Burrito, which was delicious, but the Breakfast Pot Pie was AMAZING. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture, but I highly recommend it.

Jacqueline M.

Our first time there in 2019 left me dreaming of their Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes! I was timid about visiting again but they did not disappoint! Our most recent visit was just as good as the first and we will be visiting Snooze every time we are in Denver. Our waitress was very attentive and extremely helpful with her menu suggestions for our next visit. We were put on the waiting list for a table and had walked around the corner to a store where we received a txt that our table was ready. On our walk back it said we had taken too long and we had been removed from the list. When we got to the reception desk the hostess made no issues of our tardiness!! In fact, she moved our names to the top of the list and had us seated in ten minutes. 10/10 service!

Rita K.

We came here on Labor Day at 10AM and this placed was packed - one of the few brunch spots still open during the holiday. Located at the Union Station. The wait was ~1-1.5hr long for the two of us, but we luckily found a spot right behind the hostess that is open seating and near the bar, at a high table. So we sat immediately. One of the workers cleaned our table and another one took our order shortly thereafter. The worker who took our order and took care of us was really friendly, he was attentive despite how crazy the restaurant was. The lady who cleaned up our table gave us an attitude and asked us how we got seated. We told her the hostess said this spot was first come first serve, but she ignored us and walked away. The menu had a blend of standard breakfast items along with unique items. The drinks looked good as well but didn't have much of an appetite. I ordered the corned beef hash with corn tortillas and the husband tried their duo eggs benedict (two different kinds). The portions were standard and the foods tasted good. My corned beef hash tasted like another other corned beef hash - I did like their habanero sauce. Tasted like tabasco with a bit more kick of spice. The prices are standard - $30 for the both of us after tax and tip. Overall a good brunch spot, and we were lucky to find two open bar seats quickly.

Colton W.

Snooze is really fantastic. It's rare that a chain makes the experience feel both consistent and unique at the same time, and Snooze always does. Whether you're eating in the Denver Union Station or in La Jolla, the food, service, and experience is always great. Get a pancake flight (even if you get something else as an entree). They've got some of the fluffiest pancakes you'll ever eat.

Piedad S.

Heard about this place online so we had to try it out. The restaurant was busy but they sat us right away. I had an avocado Benedict and my husband had eggs and ham. The food was good and we received good service.

Staci Mortham

The food was delicious. The device was decent. The wait was long, so get on the waitlist early!

Kris K.

The wait time can be long, but its located in a train station, so that is to be expected. We got sat near the entryway, which was fine, but two different homeless people (both with either serious mental issues or high on meth) wandered into the place, within 6 ft of us. Just hangin out talkin to themselves. The staff didnt seem to understand how to address them. They did ask the very weary, almost threatening male vagrant if they could help him with anything. He didnt pay them any mind and continued to walk in and out of the entryway glaring at the staff with an eerie gaze.Ok now to the food. They were out of lemonade and few other drink options. No biggie.We ordered a breakfast sandwich and some pancakes.It took them 30 min to serve us the food.Our server misunderstood me when I asked for bacon as an addon to the sandwich. So i got a cold double bacon, no sausage breakfast sandwich.The pancake was warm on everything but the top where the toppings were. It def wasnt freshly made in the last 5-10 min.I complained about the temp and content of the sandwich. The cooked me a new sandwich. The new sandwich, comped, was piping hot, and also delicious!My gf liked her pancakes. If they were fresher theyd have been great too.If the food wasnt great and the server not super friendly, this could have been a 1 star review. But the food quality and server hospitality really saved it.

Gabrielle Johnson

When we first got there the people explained we had to order it to go. It took 45 mins but it was worth it. I had the breakfast sandwich and hash it was very tasty.

Nathan R.

My girlfriend and I were from out of town but we kept on hearing that Snooze had the best brunch in town so we took the locals advice and put our names down for a table of two on a busy late Saturday morning. They said the wait was about an hour and a half which was expected on a Saturday, especially with the farmers market steps away. Once we got seated we were greeted by our kind, inviting and humorous server. The whole energy in the place felt light and cheerful. We sat inside but they also offered outside seating which we were hoping for for the people watching aspect haha. They had plenty of veg/vegan options which is always a relief for us. The sweet potato veggie smash up was just what my stomach needed after a night out on the town. The sweet potato not melted in my mouth but something of very similar nature. The dish was warm, comforting, and super nutritious! My girlfriend got the bountiful buddha bowl and this was equally as excitable as my entree. I usually get to finish her leftovers when we go out but in this case there was none! It was that good. Great spot with great food and if we're in Colorado again we'll be back!

Paul Jackson

SNOOZE! If you've never been, GO! If you've been before (as we had) it's a no brainier return. The experience is worth the wait!

nick “Sir Bodanglelot” mcgrath

Hannah was a terrific server and the food was delicious I had the Barbacoa Benny. Service was fast and attentive. I will definitely stop by again before I head back home!

Josh Pagano

Best breakfast around. From the vibe to the staff to the food. Get yourself here for a great meal :)

Lucie T.

This was recommended to me and everything was perfect. It's always crowded so the wait time is easily over an hour. The bar counter I s first come, first served if there are any available seats. I had the veggie omelette with a single blueberry pancake and a mimosa. The food was delicious and tasty. Very reasonable prices inside the Union Station.

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