Spangalang Brewery

2736 Welton St, Denver
(303) 297-1276

Recent Reviews

Joe Patierno

Love this chill little brewery. Great spot to stop in if you have to go to the Kush Club, DMV, or Duke’s!

JJ Love

Great place to enjoy some very tasty and unique craft beer. Super helpful and friendly staff and a cool location in Five points. Free bar snacks too. ;-)

Sam S

It's probably not a good idea to get there 30 mins before closing. The food was really bad, like overcooked fish tacos bad. The drink and vibe were alrighr. The service was careless. This place ain't for me.

Bradley M.

Been wanting to come here for years. My buddy has been advertising them by wearing their shirt in California. Went to check it out. A little hidden to find not being from Denver. The place was packed as they were having trivia night. Beers were great. I had a beer aged in red wine barrels and it was fantastic. My wife also enjoyed her beer. Definitely would recommend this place and would go back.

Mark C.

Great brewery. Jazz theme is perfect. Great patio in the sun and spacious indoors. Beer selections are always changing and all high quality. Highly recommend.

Nathan Peoples

I usually love this place. Great beer and music. I especially love that they have Mexican soda made with real sugar for my kids. Stopped in this afternoon with my son for a beer and soda. It was pretty slow. One person was ordering and we stood behind him to order. There was a group behind us in the line. One of them in the group behind us sat down at the bar. The bar tender helped that person before us. No big deal. Then after helping him he ignored us and went and helped a couple that had just walked in. Then he helped everyone else seated at the bar. By then someone had come behind us in the line. He ignored us and asked the person behind us what they needed. They nicely said that we were ahead of them. I then told him that he had helped about 4 people that we were ahead of. He then gave me attitude and was a j**** We took our drinks to the patio. When finished we set our glasses on the bar and said thank you. He was also not friendly then. He was either really bad at his job or intentionally being rude. Only reason I can think of is we were the only people wearing masks inside. My family has had to be very careful with COVID because of a close relative going through chemo. We don’t go out much because of that but was really excited to and what a disappointment. Bar tender was some dude with a rat tail.

Carl Kaase

Great beers, better beer names!

Aditya Masekar

Great beers. Nice vibe.

David K.

Went there on 12/23/21. Only got to go beer. Good space inside. A decent sized patio. Good selection from light to dark. Parking is not fun. Small lot in the shopping center. Most likely going to have to park on the street. Friendly bartender. Got a crowler if the Hefeweizen. Prob should of tasted it before I got it. Not a fan of it. Def want to go back and try other beers. Cheers!

Tj Rowe

Nice brewery, good vibe and great beer. Parking is easy and food is close.

Alden C.

More adventuring with Denver breweries! I miss adventuring in Denver itself and it's breweries since I moved all those years ago. Quite a bit there has changed! But my heart truly lies where I'm at on the West Coast! The outing involving Spangalang was a fun one! We purchased a crowler here. We were in full lager mode at the time and got their beer Space Is The Place. It was a good lager and one I could get into! It had a good flavor profile. A little bit of a biscuity flavor I really liked! Futher examining of their tap list reveals other interesting beer as well which will prompt me for some future visits!

Dan Catanzaro

great beers, great staff and the atmosphere is unique to those who love random encounters with spirited people.

Riean Cazenave

Great convo and great atmosphere.

Lisa Bosche Bailey

What a fun evening … good beer and great friends. Then there was the really amazing jazz! Every Tuesday at 7pm

Richard G.

I thought a rather small selection of craft beers. Tried an IPA and it was good but I like to know the alcohol contact of my beers. Surprised that that info is not included on the beer selection info board and the bartender was unable to find a menu even though there were only 4 people at the bar. To me, it was nothing special.

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