Taco Bell

634 16th St Mall, Denver
(303) 893-2125

Recent Reviews

Christina Barton

texmex... so tasty. I love this place always quality food & service. The bill was average for the menu.

Sabrina Archer

texmex and the atmosphere at this spot is very good. I was super full. It has an awesome feel to it.

Jay Duncan

texmex and the setting here is better than most. i love eating here. i've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. reminds me of a cafe in chicago i loved to visit.

Eduardo Kramer

texmex, mmm, super yummy. Great place to relax, people watch, eat good food or all the above. There was quick and friendly service. The place has an awesome feel to it. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I liked.


Good taco bell never had any problems here been out here with friends and the mom.

Skye Swanson

I never write bad reviews but this was Literally the worst Taco Bell I have ever been to I was visiting Denver and I ordered just one item.. there was barely any other customers there the cashier was rude and you could tell she didn’t want to be there and didn’t want any customers to be there the whole place was filthy and I waited for my bean and rice burrito for 25 minutes they never asked if I needed something or why I was waiting I finally told them I ordered something 25 minutes ago and showed the receipt which I then got handed a cold burrito I also asked for the door code to the restroom and before I could finish asking got interrupted and told with attitude the code to the restroom I suggest new staff for the location that have better customer service

Kim I

Eh. I've seen some of the other comments about there being better places on 16th St mall, but when you don't want a $40 sit down meal, it's nice to have the option of something quick and cheap. This is why we went here. I'm giving two stars because the lady at the cashier(the only staff we interacted with) didn't want to be there. Or didn't want to wait on us. Maybe both. She wasn't necessarily rude, but she wasn't nice either. We order and she goes back over to a table and starts talking to her friend again. We get our order and it's wrong- I stood at the counter for several minutes before her friend said something and the cashier took her time making her way back over to ask "what you need now?" When I told her my order was wrong she said "sorry." and that was it. She didn't offer to make what I actually ordered and at this point, we had had a long day and I was hungry so I just ate what I was given and we left.

Monica Espinoza

The staff here is amazing and professional. There's a nice cashier here who provides wonderful customer service and very friendly and professional. I think she deserves a promotion, her name is Michelle. She has a great work ethic as well

Mallory Avis

I hope management/owners read these reviews. I visited at lunch on 3/10. My receipt says Ursula was the cashier. It appears that everyone except her had work to do. She was rude, dismissive, unknowledgeable, and displayed a general disregard for any kind of customer service or professionalism. She asked me to wait to order while she finished a text on her phone. She then took a solid minute to hand me my receipt because she was back to texting. She disappeared to the back again for a while with her phone, at lunch time, and the girls on the line had to fill in at the cash register. She has no sense of urgency or desire to be at work. I'd recommend termination or retraining for her.

Denver Girl

They close most of the tables a hour before they close we had just got out food and sat down when we were rudely asked to leave our table so they could close that section. With only three open tables left open that were all occupied it was impossible for us to finish our food so we left unable to enjoy our food hot. The customer service at this location is extremely poor.

Chris White

I know its a fast food place, but this is outrageous. I came in late night, after a great tour of downtown denver, hoping to solve my need for food. Lady behind counter was actually complaining about customers coming in. The place has the grossest floor I have ever seen, and garbage was overflowing. Had I been a bit smarter, I should have just left, but, I was hngrry. Rude staff, needs to be fixed.

Raymond Macon

Poor service here. You even have to wait in line to get the free refills for your drinks. The only bright spot is the courteous staff.

Billy K.

Rude service and filthy. Tables aren't always clean and you typically have to eat out of a paper bag, even after specifically stating your dining inside

Travis Hosier

It is a good place to pick up a snack before enjoying a continued night out down town. Wasn't sure how friendly the staff really felt, they seemed disappointed that they had Customers.

Anon Mous

Everything here is what you would expect from a food joint on the 16th street mall. There will be a line and wait time and the dining area gets filled. I’m giving it 3 stars because unfortunately there was a long hair in my food.

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