Taco Bell

634 16th St Mall, Denver
(303) 893-2125

Recent Reviews

jackie royals

It?s the 16th st mall, if you?re mad about the environment that?s not the employees issue. Call corporate to help them alleviate this issue. The employees here are great and this is the best Taco Bell in Denver with the best service and the food is always good. Hang in there Taco Bell employees

Beth Blizzard

This is a pretty nice Taco Bell especially being on the 16th Street Mall. They are a lot more accommodating than many other places (7-11) on the mall. You can actually relax and enjoy your meal. But don't go in there and try to hang out they don't tolerate that which is understandable

Stephanie Nichols

This location is a hard place to comment on. Different days different lead to different results. It's not the staffs fault about no fryer its not the staffs fault people that have no where to live hang out at the mall. The staff has to deal with a lot so I applaud them for their great job. Well done!!

Jeremy C

Extremely slow, wrong order. Only two people working to make food while about 15 people are waiting for their order. Two workers are standing and watching them work.

Kathi Kistler

I love Taco Bell. I get something a little odd. I order a flour tortilla with just the cheddar cheese and a little green sauce, rolled like a burrito and not melted with 5 sides of cheddar cheese on the side. It's UMMM really good.

Kiya Garrelts

I went here on a Friday night. It was very sketchy, drink fountains not available (they were behind the counter) and a loitering sign limiting you to thirty minutes. Also, the next day I got very sick, possibly food poisoning. However, the staff was nice.

Ian Cline

Best Taco Bell I've ever been to (and I've been to a lot of them). The whole point of Taco Bell is customizable orders, and my 2 beefy fritos burritos (best thing here) were ordered with extra rice. Oohhhh, and did I get extra rice. I had some trepidation about moving to this city till I had a chance to try this familiar chain. I am not disappointed.

Zachary B.

This is genuinely the worst establishment lmfaoooo. These employees don't care about anything

April Shah

Worst experience I have ever had. I asked for no cheese, simple enough. They made it with cheese, no biggie right? Just remake it. Being lactose intolerant this is not the first time I have had the same issue, but this is the first time I had someone who I later found out was the manager be completely awful about it. I showed her the cheese in my order and she kept denying it was there. I was expecting a simple sorry and we will remake it but nope, she was in denial and then said I had a bad attitude. I ended up getting a refund because she was so awful. I don't know how she got to be a manager with such poor customer service skills.

Jennifer Smith

This Taco bell is filthy. High chair was so dirty Fortunately not behind the counter where they make food but the dine in area is disgusting. On the plus side customer service is good. Friendly staff

Alex P.

The people working here really seem to have no clue whats going on. I ordered a few relatively basic items (though, I think the potatoe griller has gone out of fashion), and the cashier really had a hard time adding them and eventually I told her to cut the griller. In addition, my girlfriend's food came out wrong. It's worth noting that there are a number of homeless folks hanging out, though that's just the reality of the location and isn't taken into account for the rating I'm leaving. The most ridiculous aspect of our visit was asking for a water cup. This seemed to be an entirely foreign concept to the cashier, possibly because she'd only ever re-hydrated with Mountain Dew. We then asked if we could have a soda cup for water which led to more confusion. Finally, we asked if we could just pay for a soda and then just get water. This proved to be too much pressure and she called over her manager who sold us water at a soda premium. Cashier Lady, you have autonomy make the call yourself!

Joseph Boysha

The staff, while I was in there appeared fine, until a gentleman came in and asked for a cup of water. The staff then attempted to strongarm him 5 cents (which I do not know if he had) for a cup of tapwater. I went across the way to Target to get him a liter of water after that appalling display of lacking compassion. I will never even consider this Taco Bell for food again.

Jeremy Donaldson

It was lunch hour so it was very busy. The young man at the cash register was calm and smiling even with a line of customers. He took my order, answering a question about their $5 boxes adequately. The food was prepped and ready quickly. I don't know if they have refills but it's the only Taco Bell that I've been to with the fountain behind the counter. I could have used a refill, but it was so busy I thought I would be in the way. I believe the refill status should be clearly posted.

Marius P

Went here for a little snack. The food tastes like taco bell, but the floors is a little messy with napkins etc

Emily Gordon

I eat here often for lunch and I have always had great experiences. The staff members are generally friendly. I always order some weird modified stuff (I am vegan) and they have NEVER made a mistake. That is pretty great in my book. Also, it is generally very clean, fast, and food is good. Considering the location, all of these things are surprising to me but very welcome.

X23Evo Gaming

Efficient service.. 50/50 chance of having staff be polite or opposite. Dirty interior with disgusting facilities and the seating areas full of homeless aren't cleaned. Most of the homeless are nice and peaceful but the location needs a full time lobby attendant for maintenance and ensuring the prevention of germs being spread - especially with how many customers they serve in this particular location. 3* for good food quality and prep area maintained.

Jenny Herk

very rude staff. We stood at the counter for 10 minutes last night at about 1130. Neither of the people behind the counter even acknowledged us. There was no one in front of us and the folks at the tables all had their food....not sure what was preoccupying them. The bathroom area was completely closed off. We finally walked out and not one employee ever said one word to us while we stood there. I wouldn't waste my time there and I won't ever again. Use to be our go to, however, this is the second time this has happened. If you don't want my money, we will be glad to go elsewhere.

Anderson Lee

Smells bad, sketchy people at night, and half the dining is usually closed. But you're really there for tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Location is great and it's probably one of the few places open late at night.

Star Bright

Love this taco bell. Great food good service

Kynton C.

This location does not seem to me to be interested in quality customer service. When I visited, well after the lunch rush, I waited in line for 10 minutes ... There were only two people ahead of me. When I pleasantly greeted the cashier, I got no response. When I said, "thank you" after paying, no response. Meanwhile, with only one cashier, there were at least three employees preparing food for the one or two orders that were ahead of me. When I was handed my order, it was with a short, "here" and nothing else, not even a smile. I left with a sense that not only were the employees not happy about being there, they were unhappy that anyone was there.

Taylor S.

They are incredibly rude here, I was yelled at by one of their employees because I didn't immediately get my oder when they called my number. Really disappointed in this place...

Keith Williams

I went here and was deliberately skipped over several times. When I requested the corporate number I was denied. Another worker continuously touched her face while preparing other peopleâ??s food so Iâ??m glad I didnâ??t get my order. The face touching worker appeared to be on drugs as well and decided to call the police and tell them that I was â??weirdâ?. Iâ??ve seen a lot of before and after meth pictures... I think I was seeing the after. I have video of the entire thing. Other customers recorded and sent me the video as well because they saw what was happening. When the police arrived they advised me to call the morning managers.

diana nowroozi

Horrible horrible horrible service I went in at 9:30pm everyone who was sitting down eating was kicked out of their seats so the staff could begin closing 1 hour early. I was waiting in line to get my food and the cashier Elizabeth with awful manners sweeps my foot with her dirty broom does not say excuse or apologize simply says â?? you could get out of the wayâ? this is a very poor establishment. Dirty and unorganized.

Eilif Tobiason

Customer service was terrible, the order taker was good, but the lady who gave the orders out was very rude and hateful with facial expressions and body language. Nobody attempted even a fake smile, except the cashier. The portions were ridiculously small.

m g

Beware - they apparently do not have a fryer so they do not have a full menu, i.e. no desserts, no nacho fries, etc. This location also does not have online ordering.

Matthew Brown

This place is disgusting. I wish I had observed a few minutes longer before ordering my food. People are walking behind the counter who don't appear to work here. The homeless seem to know they can come here and just hangout and chat with the workers as they prepare the food. In the time I have been waiting I have seen some of the same people circulate in and out of the store two or three times for napkins, the restroom, water, or to just chat with the workers.

Dominique Perez

Extremely rude cashier, they were the only restaurant open late and were complaining about the amount of customers. And at one point the manager said, "I'm sending my cashier home so I won't be taking any orders for 15 to 20 minutes." I had already placed my order and paid so I wasn't worried, but when the guest asked if he could sit and wait and if he could be the next customer when she could take orders again, she was very rude and said, "if you can run up here and be the first then okay." I was like wow!!! Took about 25 minutes from that time, to when we got our order. About 45 minutes in total waiting since we ordered. Once we got back to our hotel we saw what horrible tacos we got. If you don't have the staff or supplies it's better to train your managers and staff when to close instead of saying, "we don't have that", or "nope, we can't serve that, only 3 items or less." Everyone working in there was complaining in there that they were so tired, I work in a hotel, hotels never close and we never be rude no matter how tired or overworked we are. Please train your staff better because everyone in the restaurant felt unwelcome and it ruined my one time off working 12 hour shifts at the hotel.

Allen Roten

So got hair in my taco had to wait to show them. Then her answer (her name was angel) was we don't wear hairnets. Then she brought me a taco explaining that she don't know how a blonde hair got in my food (it was black) .I have been in customer service for 20 that is not how you resolve the situation.

Lorenzo Duty

The service there was ok. Some high school kids was working there so the wait time on my food was not good. Other than that the food was good.

Kent Allen

The Beef Tacos are a quick pick me upper. The Nacho Boxes are primarily nachos and cheese. Very little chicken or beef. Not well kept a little dirty, but for being a fast food icon and being downtown, it's ok for a rush in and out.

George F.

Place smells really bad. There's always people waiting and not enough employees. I asked for a taco salad and the girl had no idea what that is, she had to ask someone else who at the end decided it's a power bowl; i received a bit plastic bowl with barely any food in it at the end.. the bowl was literally half empty. I can't believe a restaurant on a famous well visited street is that bad!!

Grg G.

Place smells really bad. There's always people waiting and not enough employees. I asked for a taco salad and the girl had no idea what that is, she had to ask someone else who at the end decided it's a power bowl; i received a bit plastic bowl with barely any food in it at the end.. the bowl was literally half empty. I can't believe a restaurant on a famous well visited street is that bad!!

Tianchang L.

fucking shitty place, fucking fat fuck eat my order and told me she ain't gonna make it! WTFFFF!!! You should be arrested you fucking theft!!!!

Jarred Mauney

Busiest taco Bell I have ever experienced. These people did a wonderful job producing the same assembly line tacos that my local taco Bell does.

shelby smith

Worst Taco Bell I've ever been to. We waited almost 30 mins for our food, they got the order wrong once we got it, and it's the dirtiest taco bell I've been in. The staff was nice to me, but pretty rude to a couple other customers.

Nick Tennessen

Worst Taco Bell Iâ??ve been to. Waited over 30 minutes for two dollar menu items. Staff was nice though.

Daemon Ash

Decent fast food. A good place for a vegetarian To get fast food.

Fernando Lima

I went for a late snack and the service was actually pretty good. The food was kinda horrible but the whole experience was not too bad. I have to say that I don't like fast food and I don't like taco Bell, so that a pretty good compliment.

Michael Marquardt

I didn't think it could get much worse than the Taco Bell in Lafayette. Boy, was I wrong! Tip to the workers: if smoke is coming out of the grill and filling the entire lobby, you might have left the food on the grill too long.


I craved Taco Bell while on a business trip to Denver. There was a huge volleyball tournament in town so the line was wrapped around the store and out the door. The one guy working the register must have been new. He acted as if it was his first day. Took almost 35-40 mins to order and another 10 mins to get the order. ð???My food was ok though. I got my fix. Lol