Teaura-Cherry Creek North

2500 E 2nd Ave #102, Denver
(303) 386-4144

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Cassi Mayo

Went here for tea and waited 30+ minutes for 2 teas. I understand being short staffed but it took 20 minutes to even get our order taken. Upon walk in it was almost 10 minutes before we were even acknowledged - mind you there was ONE other person in the shop and they were there before we were. After making it clear we were going to leave - our order was taken. Then it took an additional 10+ minutes to get said drinks. The drinks were flavorless or just down right gross. Not worth the wait and ABSOLUTELY NOT worth the price paid. I dont recommend going unless you have time to waste.


The absolute best chai latte I have ever had. Plus the owner has the best customer service. I promise you it doesn't get any better than this place!

Lauren R

Excellent customer service. Beautiful shop. Great place to find gifts for the tea lover in your life.

Anna Beth Adams

THIS SUCKED!! My friend and I came here for bubble tea and it was not good. The wait was long, overpriced options, and the tea was not good. Do not come here for bubble tea!

Shay Argyres

This place is great! I had never been here before and Ayman was very welcoming and knowledgeable about all of the teas. Will definitely be back! Thanks ?

gaby t

got the matcha bubble tea, it was so good and the atmosphere here is relaxing. The employees there are super friendly and make you feel at home. Definitely coming back.

Tyler A.

I was in the area and the sign for this place caught my eye. I love tea so I decided to step in and check it out. The place is pretty confusing with boxes of tea diffuser sets everywhere and a counter were you buy dry tea in the back. (You can't see it from the front.) on the left you have the hot/iced tea counter. The menu was super confusing and not straight forward at all. I decided to get a mate, a type of South American tea like drink which I'm pretty familiar with. Usually made and drunk out of a special gourd. Well the attendant made it in a tea diffuser which I thought was weird and kept asking if I wanted it iced after I said I would like it hot. It wasn't good probably the worst mate I have had in my life. Also it was very expensive around 6 usd for a cup. I heard another lady complaining about her milk tea also so I guess it wasn't only me who didn't like their drink. The confusing set up and the bad drink just makes this place not worth it.

Dan Van Note

Worked here for 4 months. I know the owner struggled due to COVID affecting his business, but it was very difficult working for him. There was no training on measurements for drinks, no written directions on how to prepare drinks, and he changed his mind a lot on how to prepare drinks. Any shift he was supposed to work he would show up 1-2 hours late for, and he never took responsibility. And he was late on paychecks consistently. Very frustrating.But the tea is excellent. Buy it and brew it yourself is my suggestion.

Josh L

Refreshing tea house with a large variety of teas for sale and drinks to go. Ordered an iced matcha and an iced coffee, both were tasty. Friendly staff

Nicole Manning

Lovely experience shopping for tea. Iyman was super knowledgeable and pleasant. He answered any and all of my questions and helped me pick out a new tea I never knew about.

Avan Mutumba

Friendly Stuff and Great Ambience.

Kasey Taylor

I ordered the coconut chai iced & it tasted like water. What a waste of six bucks..... Look at that.

Ashley B

Matthew is exceptional. I had such a wonderful experience with him, and his knowledge and service was unmatched. I will be back to see him very soon. Thanks again Matthew, you're a wonderful himan!

Betül Yılmaz

Great host. Delicious tea, bought one box to move on at home . Highly recommend to visit and enjoy with tea and nice place?

Kamren Starkey

Says they’re open until 8. Came at 7 O’clock on May 9th 2021. Their “Open” sign was open, the door was locked. Guy inside didn’t acknowledge us.

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