The Noshery

4994 Lowell Blvd, Denver
(720) 524-3893

Recent Reviews

Nora Grossman

Best pancakes I've had in Denver so far!

Lance Noble

The BLAT and potato salad are both delicious.

Ryan Haase

Gorgeous little cafe with an amazing atmosphere. The food is delicious too! Definitely coming back

Robert Castillo

The Noshery lacks service, and quality. I have been in 3 times. I got a coffee my first time. Pretty easy to do. The second I was told that a ten top had walked in and “if I wanted hot food, I should lower my expectations”. The third time I stepped in I was told the wait would be 25 minutes because they were ‘understaffed’. There were 3 people up front and I can only imagine how many in the kitchen, but an hour later I did not have my food. After asking if I could be reimburs

Daniel Alvarado

Delicious brunch! Definitely worth it!

Anna B.

I used to come here all the time when I went to school at Regis - this place is such a neighborhood gem! They make great coffee, have a very extensive menu of breakfast & lunch eats, and they're sooooo beyond friendly & accommodating. The breakfast sandwiches and pastries are particularly good. They have punch cards for frequent customers, and even give student discounts. Great outdoor seating options, and they even host local artists/designers' items for sale in the shop! I'll be back next time I'm in the Regis neighborhood :)

Stewart Meek

Doesn't feel like The Noshery anymore. Vibe and the menu has changed quite a bit. Really miss the place my fam fell in love with years ago. Still yummy food, and a nice place to visit, but much of the unique charm and focus on bakery seems gone. Feels a lot more like other places in the region now. Still worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood. Thanks for all the great times!

Vanessa Mayer

The BEST coffee shop in all of Denver. I’d highly recommend building your own breakfast sandwich on their amazing brioche bread. Love the indoor and outdoor space or grabbing our food to go and taking it over to Regis for a picnic.

Melis Gullu

Me and my husband used to be loyal customers until the time we had an unpleasant encounter with the owner. The people who work there are lovely and kind but the owner can scold you rather than apologizing even though they are at fault.We ordered sandwiches and went to pick them up even later, 20 mins later than the time they gave us, so we waited for two sandwiches for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Probably they did not start the order until I got there. So I was telling a lady that if they would be more realistic about the time, it would be fine. I was not snapping and was talking in a normal tone giving feedback. However, another lady, apparently the owner, stepped in taking me as a threat (without talking to me and understanding the situation), started to tell the other lady to give me a full refund and to give me free things from the pastry with a very unkind and attacking attitude. I did not accept the refund or free stuff because of this disrespectful manner. Moreover, she told me she is a "feisty lady" before fleeing into the kitchen so I am not sure if I should take it as a threat or not....I would really leave there happy if she would be just kind rather than offering me monetary compensation with that disrespectful teenager attitude.So Justa, you promoting being kind everywhere in your cafe and treating your loyal customers in a horrible way is total hypocrisy. Please do go see a therapist or take classes on customer service and customer recovery so it won't happen to anyone else.Plus, they have changed their sandwich menu and the new menu is not as good as the old one, so we won't have issues not going back there anymore.

Reed J.

Amazing. Got the chefs egg sandwich and it's EXACTLY what I was hoping it would be && more. Their tomato jam oh my gosh.

Heather C.

After a few visits, this place can grow on you. It is located in the northwest part of Denver west of Federal and across from Regis University (southside of street). There is a light on the corner, which is nice. There is also street parking and some parking behind the building too. The eatery shares a building with a few other cafes. They offer seating outside, but indoor dining is also allowed. All my visits, there has been music playing. All types of music too! From reggae to rock to rap and hip-hop. The walls feature some artwork and some pieces are even for sale. If you pay attention, you will notice 2 alligators above the exit door. They also have restrooms for patrons. They are a breakfast and brunch place with fresh made bakery items daily. I did enjoy their cinnamon roll, though it was rather large. Their sausage biscuits and gravy is very good, but also on the peppery side. I'd recommend a half order unless your very hungry. You can always take it to go. I love that they offer provolone and mozzarella cheese too. They have BIG mushroom pieces if you order them with your eggs, something I love. I do wish they had black olives. I also enjoy their Brioche bread but LIGHTLY toasted. They have a homemade cream cheese that is really good. They do offer Chai tea, some juices and coffee. They only have almond milk and regular milk. No Soy. I don't like almond milk with my Chai, just weird tasting to me. They close rather early too, 2:30pm every day except for Monday's. That is the day they are closed all day. They do open early at 6:30am. It is a very artsy place and prices are decent. It is easily found by driving, walking or even biking. I wish they had later hours along with offering more food and drink options. In the past, they have allowed special orders. I first heard of this place looking for a special order for a family gathering 3 years ago. They did a pretty good job on both orders too. Check out their desserts including seasonal ones.


This place has amazing food! The people there are so nice, and there is art everywhere! 100% recommend!!!!! ?

Jonathan Petersen

An awesome place with fantastic food and absolutely wonderful staff. Thank you guys for such a great breakfast today!!


Came here recently and enjoyed my food a lot! I had the savory pancakes and was not disappointed at all. Service was friendly. They seemed a bit overwhelmed, so it was a bit slow to get our order in. I wasn't too bothered by it though. My one note is that the entrance should be redone as my husband almost rolled his ankle on the way out. There is a uneven slope that is a bit dangerous. Just something to be aware of.

Eli Bruce

Little bit of a wait, but great food and pretty good margaritas, though a little pricey.

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