2001 W Alameda Ave, Denver
(303) 722-0734

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Dae Jung

Best wingstop I’ve had in a while! The service from the two lady’s at the cashier was amazing, food was sooo fresh and crispy! I’m extremely impressed ??

Abdey bebe

i luv their wings but they take forever its a long wait, just be prepared to wait a while

Evelyn Grace

I’m not the one to talk negative on a company especially during these trying times but let me tell you horrible experience I just encountered here. If the one star reviews don’t justify the company here, I don’t know what will. I order the wing bundle which comes with fries, drinks and veggies. I was missing fries and missing three pieces of chicken so I kindly went up to the worker and told them about it. One worker there literally started raising her voice at me saying that “because I’m missing the fries, I need to pay extra to get them replaced” literally.. anyone with a brain would think that’s crazy. Why would I pay extra for fries they didn’t give me? That doesn’t take a mad scientist to figure that out. Then the manager comes out and she’s even worse! She started raising her voice at me saying “because of Covid, we can’t give you your fries!” The lack of brain cells that work in this company is astonishing. Then they proceed to cuss in Spanish after the encounter. Worst Wingstop ever. I rather drive down an extra 15 minutes to Lakewood to pick them up.

Fe kezia Fo

Had the corn and fries. Delicious ?

Rayshawn Sudduth

Can't go wrong

Vanessa Andrade Martinez

Horrible service. Told my order would take 15 mins, 30 mins later it wasn't ready then I found out that they were just letting my did sit ready. Did receive a fork in my take out, since food was sitting and no one told my it was ready my food was cold. Staff literally acted and looked like chickens with their heads cut off.

Arwing Wrx

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to Wingstop stop For putting my wings upside down in the carry out bag. To only realize that all the buffalo sauce would drain on my leather seats of my brand new vehicle which then would continue to drain on to my company shirt shorts and shoes. You guys really do know how to package a take-out order. You’re the real MVP’s.

Aaron Tru (Mr. Goodspeed)

The food just tasted cardboard like it was not a whole lot of flavor but wings not a lot of meat I don't know for the money that wasn't that great

Gd H.

Hi please stop making people sick this is serious. I am just getting better. Make sure your stores are clean we want to support your workers. The wait is ridiculous. I cannot keep ordering high priced food I throw away. Do you really deserve our money? Best of luck used to be good food.

Bailey G.

I ordered a 30 piece meal around 11:30 on Friday 8/6 and it said it would be done in about 26 minutes, it took us 30 minutes to get there as we had another stop to make along the way. Once we arrive there is only one other person in there and it still took another 15 minutes to finish my order. I wasn't too worked up about it since I didn't really have anywhere else to be and they provided friendly service. I get home and start eating my wings, they were pretty good but I could tell my fries had been sitting out for awhile as they were soggy and lukewarm, my husband even asked if they were microwaved. It wasn't a huge problem since I just threw them in the oven for a few minutes until they were crispy, the fry seasoning is super tasty and the fries are amazing when fresh. I really liked the mango habanero, perfect level of spice and nice flavor. Everything was going pretty well until about an hour later, when I started getting a sharp pain in my abdomen and my stomach began to turn. I decided to smoke a bowl and take a nap and hopefully sleep it off, but while I was asleep my husband began puking and shitting his brains out and he'd had diarrhea for nearly the entirety of the time I was asleep. I roll over and pull the garbage can near me and started vomiting as my stomach had only felt worse at this point. This was like something out of a movie and, honestly, I wish I was making this up. We fought over the bathroom for almost two hours....I have never experienced such evil brewing in my body. It was almost non-stop, once one person hopped off the toilet and the other got on we were begging for it back. We even ended up calling into work because there was no way we could be away from the bathroom longer than 5 minutes. This was our second time ordering from Wingstop, the first time we DoorDashed from another location and it tasted waaaay better and this definitely did not happen so it has to be this location or something. I normally do not write negative reviews, especially because I know people can have off days and I worked in customer service so I know how it can be, but this was just such a vile experience I had to share it. I definitely will not be coming back to this location, and I don't think I'll be wanting wings for a long while. I can see how this review could come of as a joke to some of you, but it really felt like a cruel joke was being played on us.

Alexia Diaz

Horrible customer service. I will never order from this location again. Gave me boneless wings when I asked for bone in and refused to fix my order. Plus the wings from here always taste weird. Save yourself the trouble and go to a different location! Staff is rude

Matthew C.

4 stars cuz yall got dankies and food cane fast and delicious... BUT WHY IS THERE A FRIDGE OF UNSELLABLE BEER? It's visible ti customers and I wanted a beer to drink for my wings. Can u get back on your beer sales or sto teasing

Javier Barraza

It was OK but I ordered 30 wings and got 28 wings I think they need to learn how to count

Kaylee Michelle

Always good service at the alameda location. The wadsworth location always had issues with my order. Wings always cooked right and seasoned accordingly.


Great wings, and fries. Good service. Very much enjoyable.

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