Zoe Ma Ma

1625 Wynkoop St, Denver
(303) 545-6262

Recent Reviews

Max Schroeder

Exceptional Chinese street food, doesn't matter what you get you will love it! Don't forget to add the sichuan pepper sauce.

Sonya Blade

Best Chinese in Denver 4ever! Very reasonably priced for the amount of food you receive! Definitely order the “CPR” - chicken potato rice dish. Plus, they add a tip into every price to ensure their employees are taken care of. How much more could you ask for from a company? 20/10 would recommend


Good sized portions at great prices, with no tipping required because they pay their workers. Great place to get some buns, a bowl of noodles, and have a beer while watching the hustle and bustle of Union Station.

timliu75 tim

The dining vibe is great. The noodles are authentic and delicious. Not a big restaurant but the decoration with Ma Ma’s photos and percolation make the place cozy. Zoe Ma Ma is still working in the kitchen to ensure the food authenticity. The restaurant directly faces the platforms of A Line in Union Station. Highly recommend for quick bites from or to the airport.

Stefanie C.

I had a friend come into town for a few days. She wanted Asian food, so a mutual friend suggested Zoe Ma Ma in our neighborhood. It was a cold and snowy evening. The winter storm had deterred most people from going out, which made it perfect for our dinner plans. We found street parking near Zoe Ma Ma, and it was completely empty inside. While waiting for my friends, I ordered a Dale's Pale Ale, the only beer they had at the time. When it came time to order dinner, I was pulled in so many different directions. Everything on the menu sounded good, but because it was cold outside, I thought a noodle soup would do the trick. I ended up getting the Sichuan Braised Beef Noodle. I'm perplexed by the low reviews of this place because the beef and noodles were phenomenal. Just from one experience, Zoe Ma Ma has become one of my favorite eateries in Denver. I'd like to come back to try the Za Jiang Mien and dumplings. I do find it interesting that there's different dishes for different days of the week.

Il P.

Cheap yet excellent food. Atmosphere was mysterious with all the old news papers with chinese characters. Very kind and professional staff. I'll definitely revisit.

Tim L.

The dining vibe is great. The noodles are authentic and delicious. Not a big restaurant but the decoration with Ma Ma's photos and percolation make the place cozy. Zoe Ma Ma is still working in the kitchen to ensure the food authenticity. The restaurant directly faces the platforms of A Line in Union Station. Highly recommend for quick bites from or to the airport.

Milton S.

What a let down. I will never return. Not good food. You can try it if you want to but you've been warned. Zero stars. Have I made myself clear. I was nauseous on the drive home. Edit: I threw out most of my meal. Here is this. Go try Din Tai Fung then tell me this is good food. Ya'll are crazy with them five star ratings. Zoe ma ma is so bad I'm slightly mad about it.

Ian Geoghan

Zoe Ma Ma, is an authentic, yummy, fairly priced Chinese street food restaurant in the heart of Denver. Rather than spend a lot of money at Denver's various dim sum places, where you have to wake up early to ensure your spot. Come to Zoe Ma Ma for the same quality and satisfaction at a fraction of a price. This place is authentic as all get out, and I will be coming back for more of that duck wonton soup

Virginia C.

So I prefer the original one in Boulder - the union station one is sometimes a hit or miss, except when Zoe Ma Ma is actually in the house!!! When she is there to do the QC check and rolling out the dough for the Bao, it's on point. Things to Note: 1) 15% automatic tip or No Tip. They call this a sustainability living wage for their employees. 2) always get the Bao, except it's only pork based 3) love love the noodle dishes, especially the Za Jiang Mian This is the deal - let's say u need to go to union station for a quick casual bite or are heading to the airport or to your casa in the burbs, this is a great stop. Pretty large inside too with lots of seating compared to the tiny location in Boulder.

Maya S

Absolutely delicious and the price is very reasonable for the portion you receive, as well as compared to other similar Chinese places around Denver. Absolutely amazing, by far the best place to eat lunch downtown. I ordered takeout, so the presentation isn't what it is when you dine in, however the taste will surpass any reservations you have ?

Willy M.

We actually came by this place twice in one day. Yea, we came by for lunch and dinner. We were in town for work and we had some time for food breaks while working on a project nearby, plus it was very convenient to where we were staying. It's located just outside of the Union Station building, you shouldn't be able to miss it. It caught my peripheral when I was walking by when I got into town, so why not check it out once, or in our case....twice. Walk in, order at that counter, grab a table. Or in our case, we did takeout as we had to do a working lunch. They will give you a little buzzer to let you know your food is ready. Asian fusion menu looks good, from dumplings, baos, noodle bowls, rice options, and some specials of the day. For lunch, I just got a couple potstickers, the pearl meatballs, and the special they had for a pork belly bao. My coworker got some potstickers as well and a salad option they had. I like that you can order piece by piece as they price the item individually. It was all pretty good to me, flavorful and nicely pan fried up potsticker, good filling, dough was a little thick but I thought it was fine. Pork belly bao hit the spot. Pearl meatball is basically a meatball wrapped in rice, it was just ok, pretty straightforward, just dip it in some hot sauce, you will be good to go. Skip to 8 hours later for dinner, we were still working, so we were just like, let's just go back since it is right there. Shift change with staff, they didn't recognize me because I was still wearing the same clothes from lunch. Anyways, I did takeout again to finish up with work, I decided to try their noodle bowl...."Za Jiang Mian". It's egg noodles with ground pork and some veggies. You gotta mix it up good before you dive into it. It was pretty good, good flavor, a little spice, good sized serving, not sure about authenticity but I was cool with it. Simple and direct with a little spice....just like me. Prices are good for those tightwad expense reports and staff at lunch and dinner time were friendly. Unbeknownst to me, I didn't realize this place was on a Food Network episode with that guy with the spiky blonde hair from Flavortown. Glad to come by twice, enjoyed our food and would come back next time we are in town.

Teal Harada

We stopped in for lunch at 11 on a Wednesday. Perfect timing - they open at 11. My daughter and I shared a Zoe Ma Ma chicken noodle soup and a steamy bun. So good, especially on such a cold day.

Maribon M.

Love the street food style! People are very friendly there. It was very cold snowing day in Denver yesterday. I had beef soup noodle. Very comfy great food! It was my second visit. I'll visit again when I I'm in Denver.

Ronado G.

We ended up here after we found out that the wait at Uncle was 1 hour and 45 mins. It wasn't the best replacement to say the least. This place is okay. A few very delicious items and a lot of just okay items. Their dumpling sauce was great with strong garlic undertones. I tried the buns which were pretty good... also got the vegetarian noodle bowl and it was pretty plain. The kimchi and chicken bao tasted strange (like liver) and had literally no kimchi. Overall this place is ok for an ethnic valor if it's one of a few options but I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something that will blow your mind.

Isaac Schilling

Holy cow. I was a bit intimidated because I did not recognize a lot of menu items, so I just ordered the special (Sichuan beef bowl I believe). It was incredible! Super layered back tight atmosphere. Definitely a comfortable place to eat alone. Staff was friendly and helps as well.

James Teng

Good food and nice price. The location is a plus and the food always good! Highly recommended!

Ali A.

This place is sooo good! One of my favorites. Would definitely recommend the za jiang man and pork belly bao bun. You won't be disappointed!!

Christopher Provost

We stopped by here for a late lunch on a Weds. Holy cow, the deliciousness of their dishes amazed me. From the steamy buns with the Chili sauce, the original potstickers, and the famous Lion's Head, it was fabulous! I'll admit I over ordered and have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. But whatever you try, get the Jasmine Iced Tea to wash it down. We'll definitely be back!!!

Stacy S.

Super meh. First, this is not fast-casual. Casual, yes, but my noodles and potstickers took almost 25 minutes. My potstickers, like another reviewer mentioned, were burnt on the bottom, like carbon black. The noodles were just okay. The braised beef was fatty, there was little bok choy, and the noodles were overcooked. All the tables are self-bussed, but no employee came out to wipe down tables or clear the bus trays, so bowls and plates were stacked dangerously high and tables were filthy. Lastly, everyone is given a pager for when their food is ready to pick up at the counter and they beep until they are returned to the counter. Super annoying. Do not get the hype.

Kira Boyle

Soups are amazing, and really curbs a spicy craving (spicy sauces can be added to the meal to make them extra spicy and delicious, but are not necessary). The spot is in a fantastic location of you're going to be using the lightrails, or just want to explore Union Station a bit. Lunch can be busy, so be aware if you're going to visit with a group!

Wei Zhao

Amazing Chinese street food in a retro-funky environment, with old movie posters, vintage furniture and fine china display. Love the food here - my favorite would be CPR and Sichuan Braised Beef Noodle Soup, pairing with potstickers on the side. Make sure to say hello to the owner, ‘Zoe Ma Ma’ herself, a very nice and energetic lady that’s full with warm hospitality!! Love!

Ryan Meador

The crystal shrimp dumplings were excellent. The wonton soup was a little bland until I added soy sauce, then it was pretty good. Great decor and ambiance, which is surprising for a place that is basically fast casual.

Bathroom Guy

One of my favorites I've been to in any of the Denver metro area. Wonderfully decorated, not covered in filth, and the pleasent aroma of food instead of sewage. An excellent bathroom and great food to boot, would use their bathroom again.

Mai K.

I placed my noodles and dumplings through Postmates. Turns out my dumpling's were missing. The noodles were tasty but the flavoring was bland. Maybe it was just an off day for me? Perhaps I will try this place again at the restaurant instead of delivery.

Lindsey W.

I went here for the first time this weekend since my friend wanted to go. It is in a really prime spot next to Union Station. I ordered the Za Jiang Mian, which seems to be one of the more popular dishes and consists of noodles with pork sauce and veggies. I chose to have it with rice noodles instead of egg. I also had the shrimp dumplings (order of 3) which were delicious. The iced green tea and jasmin tea were super refreshing. The entire meal was under $20. My sister lived in China and I sent her photos of the place and she said it looked pretty authentic. I want to go back and try other dishes next time.

The Mellow Lyfe

The staff is amazing, food is amazing, ambience is amazing. I have no complaints. Just go there early in the day if you don't want a crowd. Lunch time is a nightmare if you have social anxiety.

Jay M.

Order all vegetarian takeout over the phone. Pickup order, leave. Half the order has meat. Call to explain. Staff says things on the menu I ordered don't actually exist. Owner wants me to return to the restaurant so she can see the meat I've thrown in the trash. "But why did you take my order if it didn't exist?" Owner hangs up on me. Welcome to a pretty typical experience with Zoe Ma Ma, where staff turnover is as high as any restaurant on the planet; orders are consistently incorrect; and the owner is often in the restaurant arguing with customers. The food that exists (and matches the menu) isn't bad, but that's about as far as it goes. Not worth the gamble in experience.

Chris M.

Good food, although overpriced. I ordered the braised beef soup. Broth had nice flavor, and the meat was ok. For some reason they don't have soup spoons. They use spoons meant for ice cream :/

Kevin Lynch

Absolutely terrible experience. Came here around 7:50 ordered and place was about half full. Checked back 40 minutes later and said it was almost ready but wasn’t. At an hour started getting ticked off and asked again and were brought some burnt pot stickers and a chicken bao with tendons still on the meat. At this point we were one of 3 couples in the restaurant. Brought us out one more dish and said are we done? They completely forgot about our second appetizer and second dish. At this point I was angry and requested a full refund and walked out. How does this place stay in business? Stay away!!!!!!

Annoop Shahhare

If you are in Denver and want to get the feel of Chinese restaurant ambience, Zoe ma ma is best place I have been to. They have unqiue set up with benches in front. For food I ordered CPR and vegan dumpling. CPR included rice, boiled potatoes and 2 chicken breasts/thighs with added soy sauce. The chicken quantity was really great for the price of $9 only. Good presentation was great too. I quite liked it, but didn't match my taste. It's best for someone with non spicy taste or familiar with Chinese food. For me it was difficult to choose what to eat n my choice was clearly not great.

Russell Simon

Nathan Hansen If you waited 5 more minutes for fresh dim sum you would have eaten the food I ate. Thanks for blowing out. This place makes great food. Worth the wait.


YES YES YES!!!!!! Do your mouth a favor, get the best beef noodle soup ever, in plentiful portion, and cool settings. 15% is added for Staff....and for what is provided, worth that and more. Dim Sum menu and meals at very reasonable prices. I got the duck soup because it was the Friday special but when my Hawaiian friend reacted to tasting the beef soup, I took one to go and so glad!!!

Erick O.

The location and interior is very attractive but unfortunately the food wasn't a reflection of that :( I got the steamy bao buns and they lacked so much flavor it's as if I was eating raw dough with a flavorless meatball inside. The chicken and kimchi's were alright but they also lacked flavor. Not sure if I came in on a off night but it was pretty mediocre.

Lynda Lowe

Delicious place for hot pot. Cute environment, good service, great food. Very affordable. Lunch M-F includes a free tea. I love their two lamb special combos.

Alien Rapture

First place I've been in Denver and I am not disappointed. They have a few delicious vegan options too! I got the vegan dumplings and the hot vegetarian meal with rice instead of egg noodles, and everything was fresh and tasty. LOVED that they offer water, after all the travelling I really needed it. I will absolutely be back next time I'm in Denver!

Karin H.

This is my second visit. It was really good. My daughter loved it also. The mandatory 15% gratuity brought the tab to $29. The soup was deliciously tangy with the perfect spicy taste. Big pieces of tender beef, a very filling dish!

Charles Pierce

Food quality was good. They need a better system to sort out everything you order. The lady with the magic marker that crosses everything out so you cannot see it on the receipt missed several items and for a group of 4, it was ridiculous trying to sort it all out how things were plated. Also, please ditch the food pagers that go off nonstop with the high pitched sound. It kills the vibe.

Mark H.

Nice location and outside atmosphere to people watch. But the food is just OK. Pork bun had some grizzly bits. The shrimp dumpling didn't taste like a fresh shrimp, but ground up shrimp. Pearl meatball was just OK. Restrooms were super clean. However, their mandatory 15% "tipping" was a bit much for me. Let's see, you walk up to counter, place your order, get a pager, find a table. Then pager goes off, you go and pick up your order. So what am I tipping for? Also, the tipping notice was barely that. Why not just increase your prices by 15% and have transparency. I have a photo of the menu, and you'll note at the bottom is the 15% tipping notice, which states "NO TIPPING." Odd.

Rickelle Nelson

First place I've been in Denver and I am not disappointed. They have a few delicious vegan options too! I got the vegan dumplings and the hot vegetarian meal with rice instead of egg noodles, and everything was fresh and tasty. LOVED that they offer water, after all the travelling I really needed it. I will absolutely be back next time I'm in Denver!