Zoe Ma Ma

1625 Wynkoop St, Denver
(303) 545-6262

Recent Reviews

Lynda Lowe

Delicious place for hot pot. Cute environment, good service, great food. Very affordable. Lunch M-F includes a free tea. I love their two lamb special combos.

Charles Pierce

Food quality was good. They need a better system to sort out everything you order. The lady with the magic marker that crosses everything out so you cannot see it on the receipt missed several items and for a group of 4, it was ridiculous trying to sort it all out how things were plated. Also, please ditch the food pagers that go off nonstop with the high pitched sound. It kills the vibe.

Rickelle Nelson

First place I've been in Denver and I am not disappointed. They have a few delicious vegan options too! I got the vegan dumplings and the hot vegetarian meal with rice instead of egg noodles, and everything was fresh and tasty. LOVED that they offer water, after all the travelling I really needed it. I will absolutely be back next time I'm in Denver!

Jerrett Nelson

By far the best Chinese food I've ever had. from the concept of the business to the food and service they provide. They're environmentally friendly, pay their employees great wages, and they don't cut corners on flavor, portion, or service! When I come back to Denver, Zoe Ma Ma is my first stop to eat and it should be yours too!

Cynthia Dawson

My husband and I were in Denver looking for Dim Sum, and we came across this place. The good reviews had a much different experience than us. Their steam bun was hard and the other soggy. Also the dumplings turned into mush. Needless to say, we were disappointed. The food was cold to. I'd recommend that you never eat here.

Valerie Ackler

FINALLY, Chinese takeout in Denver I want to order again! Authentic, quality ingredients, developed flavor. Only suggestion: it would be fabulous if there were more meat forward dishes, without noodles. The rice was PERFECT, I would have loved to order a tasty chicken or beef dish to eat over it, sans noodles. Truly though, this is real food made by real cooks who love what they're doing. You can taste it.

Brad Huit

First time here. Individual vegan dumplings were a bit pricey and a tad sticky/soft, but had decent flavor.

Martin Malone

Great place for some authentic Chinese food downtown. Love the handmade dim sum options and the roast duck wonton noodle soup is my favorite. Wish they made it everyday! The location is only steps away from the tracks at Union Station and could not be more convenient. The food here is not cheap (especially with the sustainability charge) but well worth the cost.

Joy X.

Surprisingly cheap and delicious (and fairly authentic) noodles! Had great dan dan mian for $8

Filippo S.

Incredible noodle bowls for an unbeatable price! I tried one of each dim sum and all were good. If you are looking for authentic Chinese street food look no further! Za Jiang Mian was excellent, very tasty. The Sichuan braised beef noodle was delicious as well.

David C.

Stopped here in the way to our hotel. Simply amazing is all I can say. Simple menu with a large flavor palette.

Sammy C.

I love the vibe that Zoe Ma Ma's got going on!! I stopped in during lunchtime on a weekday. Not too busy, I think we just beat the rush! I tried the Lion's Head - a huge pork meatball served over rice with mushrooms, cabbage, and bamboo shoots. It's came out hot and fresh but seemed a little bland to my tasting. They have an array of HOMEMADE sauces that you must try. They add an extra "wow factor" to any dish you order. Overall, I had to give an average rating, but I can't wait to go back and try some of the other classic Chinese street foods Zoe Ma Ma has to offer! Updates to come...

Mike N.

Bland sink water... This is my 3rd and final time at this restaurant. I planned to catch a quick meal before jumping on the train at union station. The only place with no lines was this restaurant. Well..... I was the only customer in this restaurant. Super old outdated furniture, gross dried food caked on table. I got the duck and wonton noodles. $12.79. And 2 pork belly bao buns. 2.99 each. The bao buns, bun itself was soggy, drench in steam to the point of falling off when I picked it up. 2 slices of cucumber, and a pork belly in the middle. The port belly was cooked and let sit out to dry, kind of like pork jerky. The noodle soup..... the good part is it was hot, first tasted the broth it tasted like super bland soup, like water with maybe a little bit of salt, soy sauce and MSG. The noodles was so soft. It's like eating chunk of dumplings. There was 4 small wonton, now I don't know for sure but wonton filling is not suppose to be sour. It's not fresh for sure. The duck, that's my favorite part of the noodles because there was probably 5/6 this slivers of it and it was good, made me want to eat more duck. Well, I did mention in the beginning that this is my 3 time here. The other 2 times honestly was not that remarkable either. I remembered the first time the soup was super salty. The second time I only got a couple of dumplings (expensive). But this time is for sure my last time. Sorry but it's a no go for me.

Jessica W.

Owner Is prodigious. Will never step foot in there again .Telling all my friends She hates people of color I had plenty of money. I got nothing but the stink eye from her.

Nikolai Puc

Hands down amazing authentic Chinese street food! It is so fresh and tastes amazing. The shop itself is very clean including the Kitchen which is spotless. However, it is a little pricey and they include a 15% sustainability charge on every order (which I donโ€™t necessarily mind, but just to be aware).

Shawn & Stacy Stover

My friend & I ate here while on a Denver Food Tour during vacation over the long 4th of July weekend. Absolutely delish! Generous portions. Fresh ingredients. Reasonable prices. We stopped here again on our own and ate early dinner before heading to the airport at the end of our trip. It's almost a month after our trip and we're still talking about the food here :-) Thanks!

Nick Rogers

Food took 40 minutes to be done and when I went to pick it up young lady tolled me itโ€™s not all ready and the rest will be up in 10 minutes. Asked her why our foods taking forever and others are getting it right away she proceeded to tell me that they were busy and nothing she could do.

Nadine R.

I probably eat from here more than I should. That says something good about this place (less so on my diet). I either order this in or have gone here while working at my company's downtown office, just down the street from Union Station! The Za Jiang Mian dish is by far my favorite! TIP: get the red chili sauce (it might be Huy Fong) and put that on top. You're welcome.

Bob B.

Zoe Ma Ma is excellent! The braised beef noodle soup rocks. The Dan Dan mien is fantastic. The pot stickers are delicious. Everything had amazing flavors, great sauce selections, tender noodles. They've got it going on. The only downside was trying to eat noodle soup with a flat American spoon. I've seen pictures with Chinese soup spoons. So I'm guessing too many were stolen or something. Don't let that deter you. ZMM delivers quality Chinese food that is reminiscent of the kind you'd find in Chinatown LA, not the American Chinese you typically find around Denver.

Shad Self

A few vegan options with modification. It's quick and inexpensive. Can get busy during the lunch rush. They have a nice outside patio with a good view of the fountain at Union Station.

Grecia P.

This place is cute, has an authentic feel, and has warm yummy food. LOCATION + This one is right next to Union Station. Pretty prime spot, but it wasn't full when we stopped for a late lunch. + It's a long narrow place with small tables. There are big windows that they can open as well as outdoor seating. + The decor feels homey - there a lot of pictures of the family that's owns the restaurant. FOOD + I tried the CPR, which is chicken (with bone), rice and potatoes. The chicken was soft and so flavorful, and some of the broth seeped down to the rice making it an overall delicious dish. The only thing I wasn't a fan was the potatoes. + They have a couple vegetarian options, not sure how customizable they are. I'm taking off a star because the girl who took my order (using the cash register, handling money) turned around and starting making dumplings without changing her gloves and continued to take orders in between. That is not sanitary at all.

Jackie H.

I went to Chengdu China a few years ago and have yet to find a place that has authentic Chinese cuisine ... UNTIL NOW! This place is amazing if you're looking for the true flavors of China. I am so satisfied! I had the Sichuan beef noodle. Perfect amount of spice. All ingredients are fresh and delicious! The potstickers and side orders are the perfect addition with great flavors. Everything was ready and on our table within five minutes of ordering. Walking away full and extremely happy :)

Eric Thies

The food here was fantastic, and for me it was a truly unique place to eat, there is nothing like this in my home town. The steamed buns where a little over steamed and that made them difficult to eat, The ordering process was well organised but, not explained, and all the food was stuff I've never heard of before, so ordering was a bit intimidating. However, the food was well worth the wait!

hey soda cola

Man do I love this place! Street food bowls and buns, lots of variety. Amazing outdoor patio with great views of Union Station, perfect for great weather days. Their cold green tea is a great beverage option. The CPR (chicken, potatoes, rice) is by far my favorite option on the menu. Check out their sauces available for your dish once u get it. I always get this place on my mind and have to walk down there and grab a bowl. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

John Dyer

Updating my old review. Every time I go here, it's a circus. Tonight was closing early (or hopefully just new hours). I could only get take out, the sustainability fee is still weird (just raise your prices 15% and drop the fee and there's fewer sauces. I'm just over the games here.

Gina Rivera

I was dying to visits this restaurant after seeing it on Diners, Drive In's and Dives. Finally got to visit Colorado and went to the one in Denver instead of the original on Boulder by accident, but was still pleasant pleased with the food. Great prices for such large portions.

Calvin G.

Got some noodles with beef and vegetables, it was delicious. Added some chili oil and sriracha, and it was perfect. Not sure what there is to dislike here, but my experience was positive all around.

Rickey C.

Great spot. Perfect for a workman's lunch. Huge portions of quality food for super cheap! No pretenses. No Frills. Just plain good! The food couldn't be fresher. Super fresh all the way around This is an authentic high level product.

L M L.

OK, I don't get this place. I passed by every week, heading to DIA by light rail. Starving, I finally decided to stop in for a quick take out. Had to climb stairs...which next to a train station is really impractical, not to mention a deterrent for people with a suitcase. Oh well, I climbed the stairs, with my bags, and was greeted (?) by an older, impatient woman, in a hat. I assume she was the owner. Didn't even say "hello". I fly to Asia 2-3 times a month, this was a weird cuisine. Hard menu to decipher, weird prices. Some prices were reasonable, but some prices were outrageous. My 4 dumplings were pricey! Food ( shrimp dumplings) was mediocre and bland at best. I've only been once, so I may have picked a bad night. I'm glad I tried it. I pass it every week or two, and just keep waking. Definitely not worth climbing stairs with luggage!!

Steven W.

I have been to the Boulder location many times and they always received a 4 start however the downtown location just doesn't seem like the food or service is as good. I have been here 3 times and ordered my favs which are the chicken noodle and beef spicy soup. (name?) I still enjoyed the food as it is great asian fresh made but I did not think it was as good as Boulder. Perhaps it is the environment and rush but the service is not as high quality either. Not as many smiles downtown. Still good food but missing that little something I get in Boulder..

Crystal C.

Cons: I love Asian street food, but this place was not for me. The pork belly bao , steamed pork bao, and Kim chi chicken bao had strange flavors that were not familiar to us and/or were not tasty to us. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. The CPR was ok. The rice, sauce, and potatoes were tolerable. The chicken was dry and unseasoned. Counter service. I usually prefer sit down restaurants where I don't get my own stuff. Clear your own tables? Most people weren't?. Pros: great homemade dumplings. Super fast service. Takes credit cards.

Leo Q.

The crystal shrimp dumplings is really bland. The pork bun doesn't take good at all. It is kind of pricey per each size. Overall, it is an okay food. Would I recommend to anyone going to Denver Colorado? No.

Sean H.

I've been here 3 times. The first 2 times I was not impressed with the menu items I tried. I had the Dan Dan, the Crystal Shrimp Dumplings, and the Za Jiang Mian. All were lacking in flavor as served. The Shrimp Dumplings were by far the most lack luster of the first dishes I tried. I tried using the available sauces (mixing a little dash of sauce with each dish in the disposable cups) and with that the Za Jiang was able to get to a point that I enjoyed it enough. The Dan Dan, however, was bland at first and then turned into bland but now with a different sauce flavor. The sauces did not add to its flavor profile and just didn't work with it. I went back today and gave the braised beef noodle soup a chance, as well as the crystal meatball and potstickers. The meatball was fine, but not spectacular, the potstickers were good though the filling was chunky. The braised beef was ok as-served, but came to life with the use of their sauces. I went with the Szechuan pepper sauce and a small dash of the fresh pepper sauce. I didn't use a lot of sauce but the added salt and heat made the soup way better. If it weren't for me deciding to add the sauces, I think this would have been a 2 star review. If every item on the menu was as capable as the braised beef soup, it would easily be a 4 star review. Since the menu is inconsistent and I had to pep up my own food after service, I am giving this place a 3 star rating. It is not amazing, but it is good enough to be satisfied much of the time. The menu is inconsistent, but when you find a good item and use the available sauces, you can end up having a pretty good meal.


The food was meh. I got steamed buns and they were barely warm. Different kind of seating arrangement, I'd rather look outside than at their kitchen. Pretty dirty where you get sauces and drinks. I'd say there are better restaurants to try downtown if you want Asian food.

Lillian L.

I was craving authetic Chinese comfort food and didn't want to order from my usual take out place down the street. I tried this place for the first time and it HIT THE SPOT. I ordered the Sichuan braised beef with noodles and it was exactly what I was craving. This place will be my go to when I want to walk or bike to for some noodles. Note: if you're looking for Americanized Chinese food, this is not the place.

Julie S.

I'm not sure why everyone raves about this place. It's decent but nothing to write home about, especially if you're looking for super authentic Chinese food. The noodles are fresh and homemade, but other than that it's just ok. I got the Spicy Braised Beef Noodle Soup, which they claimed was Sichuanese but it tastes more Taiwanese than anything. And the items I expected to be spicy weren't. In fact, the Sichuan Peppercorns spicy oil did not seem to have any Sichuan peppercorns in it at all. So maybe it's a matter of resetting expectations? Is this a Taiwanese place? Or Sichuan? Because it seems to be a confusing blend of both it ends up tasting pretty Americanized, which it claims it's not.

Gary K.

Don't even bother coming here. The taste of my Zajiang noodle is bland and horrendous. The pot stickers are all Pre made and they are not fresh. It was thick and soggy, utterly disgusting. I almost puked eating the food and my family nor I could even eat half of the portion served because they are so bad.

Justin Cheng

Having been to Taiwan many times, I'll say that this place has pretty much authentic beef noodle soup (็ด…็‡’็‰›่‚‰้บต). Their name for it is Sichuan Braised Noodle Soup. Their pork buns (ๅŒ…ๅญ) are pretty good as well.

Teddy Womp

It's a good spot in a category that Denver is definitely lacking, authentic Chinese noodle dishes. The flavors are good and noodles and veggies are made fresh. I also had the crystal shrimp dumplings which were delicious. I rate four stars for a couple of reasons, one, I don't love the 15% fee charged regardless instead of tipping. You order at the counter and bus your own dish. Second, the spices can be overpowering at times, just a personal taste thing for me. Pictured is the Dan Dan noodles

Crystal R.

I really enjoyed this place. The duck soup is out of this world. Also I really enjoyed the Jasmine Hot Tea. I loved the ambiance of this place as well. The service was right on point. The place is located in a beautiful location right next to the Union Station. The food is delicious and it is definitely a place you should check out if you happen to be in the Denver area.