Nozawa Sushi & Hibachi

282 Dillon Ridge Rd # B, Dillon
(970) 262-6600

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Lushen Wu

Had a great lunch here. Specialty rolls were great. We also tried the salmon steak which was cooked to perfection.

annie blackwell

We come here often for date nights. They have wonderful service, fresh and delicious sushi and it feels and tastes like a much more expensive meal than the bill reflects. Also, the plating never disappoints!

Julia Rivera

We have had a great experience in 2019! Coming back today was a disaster!!!!! The servants are rude, don’t understand English which in my eyes is important if you deal with the US public!!!!! The server did not understand our questions, brought a totally different roll ! REALLY??? Then the server was making fun of us to a coworker about our questions which she did not understand in the first place so actually making fun of herself. You get half the portion you see pictured on the menu but then they give you 20%off! I rather pay full price and get a full meal! I was never asked if I would like dessert! WE ARE NEVER GOING BACK!!!!! You are better off in Frisco!

Deacon Dan C

My wife and I enjoyed three of their specialty rolls and found them very fresh, well prepared and delicious. Service was good, better than most mountain restaurants, and prices were reasonable. Would highly recommend this place if you want good sushi.

Jack Daly

The food is excellent and the service is good and very friendly. Sushi is very good for the area and has lots of choices. Enjoy that during the off-season that they take 20% off their lettuces

Phacharaphan Daowadueng (Ploy)

Teppan yaki with nice view !!Reasonable price with real Japanese chef


The hibachi dinner show was real fun and entertaining the food was decent quality and the sushi was delicious. For being in the mountains and having some real crazy competition from the resorts the food and prices are great. This was our first time coming and it felt real friendly and personal even with two other parties at the table.


Best bang for your buck. Great options on the sushi side. Excellent service. Doesn’t need to be fancy for it to be good. And if you enjoy hibachi grill, the other side of the restaurant can accommodate big groups for that.


Went here with ~15 work colleagues recently. The service was fast and friendly. We ordered a boatload of sushi (bad pun, sorry) and it was amazing!

Freyhan D.

Went here for the hibachi, so can't comment on the other side of this restaurant as they do separate it in two parts. Pretty much like most other hibachi places, so nothing too much more to comment on. The staff had difficulty understanding orders, but the chef was good and had at least a little more personality to him as well. The quantities were decent, although of course majority of it ends up being vegetables versus rice and meat. They do cook it well though, and the taste was good as well. Overall, I think for the price you pay it's a pretty good deal considering you get the whole experience behind it as well.

Viviana Veber

We went here two nights in a row because our friends wanted to try the sushi. The 1st night we tried the hibachi and unfortunately I didnt feel that it was the cleanest place. The 2nd night we got sushi only and really enjoyed it. We loved the Jackie special and the phoenix rolls. Our friends also go the mussles and they were phenomenal.

Luna Z

Service was pretty bad here. Also the ramen tastes like it’s from powder packets (which is probably true). The bacon scallop is surprisingly tasty but the presentation… refer to the pic below. And don’t order the fish chin. It’s dry and salty and has too many bones

Nicole Stoudt

The best sushi I have ever had in Colorado and by the ocean! It is a popular place and can get very busy so the service lags more in the busy hours. However, they do a discount on takeout and if you make reservations they do fairly well. Everyone works really hard to please customers and the wait staff is super friendly. This is always our go to spot in summit county.

Tracie Bea Photographie

I think any restaurant that made it through this pandemic is awesome. Period.That being said, order more food than you think you need; portions are very small.I'm guessing they had to either raise prices or cut food costs, and the latter won.Nothing bad with the food, I just didn't wasn't impressed for the price.

Cathie K.

The food was too sweet and horrible. Not coming back here . The service was ok that is why I gave one star.

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