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Glenn Wilcox

I want to give this place 5 stars for food. But 4 stars for the price. One burger was $20. But it was a really good burger. Probably one of the best I've had.Food: 5/5

Marcus Gillespie

I came here about a month ago. the kid behind the counter was nice enough but didn’t seem to be very knowledgeable about the menu at all. Which is okay he seemed new. The real issue was the manager or lead that was working that day. I can’t remember his name but he was incredibly rude. When me and my partner went to enter they were cleaning the area right in front of the doors and after a minute or two we politely asked if there was another way into the establishment. He rudely said “you guys are just to gonna have to wait”. After we got in I asked the gentleman running the counter a few questions about gluten-free options since I have a gluten allergy, the guy running the counter relayed these questions to the manager and he was extremely rude about it. Once we ordered our food, it was very bare bones, they forgot the lettuce and tomato on my burger as well as the bacon, and in general the food just wasn’t very good at all. My partner got the wings and they were pretty disgusting according to her. We also both felt pretty sick not long after eating there. The only good experience was the shake I got and the gentleman running the counter was nice. I will never be coming here again, do not recommend.


Really lucky to want this burger at odd times. Today it was around 3pm. Perfect burger. The cashiers and cooks are always smiling. Good attitudes, great atmosphere. Delicious.

Ozzie Simonet

Burgers are good. Fries are good. Chicken tenders are good. It's the price. Spent 80 bucks for the cashier to not even listen to us. One of our burgers didn't come. He forgot all our fries. It's kinda frustrating. We even told the guy and he's claiming "you didn't order that." I wouldn't come here again, i wouldn't recommend you come either.

Lars Larsen

The food was horrible. I had a smoked bacon brisket burger. Stringy bacon pieces, the bun was too soft and overall there had been only 4 pickles on it. The meat was charred and as I said stringy. The burger itself was kind of collapsing as they haven't composed it properly.And on top the cashier was very uninterested.At least the Smash Fries were decent but pricy.I do not recommend this place.Parking: Some parking lots are available.


Yes, I am reviewing a burger place for it's salad... The Cobb salad. To be honest, it's better than most salads that you would get at a higher end restaurant. It's all spring mix lettuce, with real bacon. And much to my happy surprise, comes with a fried egg on top. It's a huge salad. All the ingredients are fresh. I've been multiple times now. Always the same quality salad and same quality service. The employees have all struck me as very hard working and know their jobs.

Joe Vercellotti

I just ate an excellent burger from here. Really great time. Fries were soggy and somewhat regretable purchase. But the burger made up for it. If you are wanting a fast fresh burger send to smash.

Kensey L.

Restaurant was clean! Food was overpriced. We went to this Dillion CO smash burger location around 11:30 on 8/16/2022. We were helped by an employee named Israel, he was very impatient with us and didn't seem to want to give us much time to look over the menu. When we were ordering he used a very deeming voice, he didn't get our order correct either. Overall, I would not return to this Smash burger location.

Bean S.

DO NOT GO HERE. TRASH. If you want to spend 20$ on a burger and fries while also being scolded by the staff on how you are a bother for ordering food. Staff is first off very rude. As I was asking one question and got told to read the menu. Second off, I waited for my food went to my car. And it was half a container of fries which kind you are 5$. Just to then have a mediocre burger. Please save your time and money and go to anywhere else. McDonald's you can order 4 times the food and get served faster and with a much happier presence.


This really struck me as awful. Some server were nice while most were blank expression, tired, and very forgetful. The shakes cost as much as the burgers. I don’t think the tables get wiped on a weekly basis. Always packed and extremely long waits for food. Very unclean and a generally gloomy atmosphere. The fries are borderline In N Out bad, but that depends on preference yet we’re still Salty, soggy, and relatively cold. The only good thing about this place was the burgers, some of the best I’ve had. Would not come back here again.

Christian Silverio

Nothing special. It was good. Better than McDonald's.

Austin M.

Every staff member ive interacted with was friendly. the brisket burger and smash fries are delicious

Robert Nevarez

Good job to the Grey bearded gentleman who patiently waits on his customers at the register, than quickly heads to the dining area to wipe off tables. I admire his professionalism; good job to the entire Team the customer service was outstanding!

Jennifer Gamble

This is a great fast food burger! I got the BBQ bacon burger and it was very good. The smash fries with rosemary and garlic are a must!

Shaun Wagner

If this was in another state, I would give it 3 or 4 stars. For Colorado standards, it is 5 by far. The employees recognized that customers came in. The employees understood that they were at work. They had a good idea what was on the menu. They knew how to enter an order in the register. We received what we ordered on the first try. The drink machine had syrup in most spouts. The area was generally clean.I spent a week in Colorado. With the exception of this Smashburger location, all restaurants were very dirty, the employees were annoyed when asked to do their job, they had no clue what was on the menu, they couldn't use the register, and we rarely received anything similar to what we ordered. Therefore, our visit to this Smashburger location was a highlight of our vacation.

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