Vue Rooftop- Dillon

122 Lake Dillon Drive, Dillon
(970) 486-8500

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They have 8 dinner options, and on the night we went, 5 of the 8 items were out of stock. They handed us a menu with all of those items crossed out - so they'd run out of more than 50% of their dinners at 7 pm or so. We left.


Food was great and servers friendly and accommodating!


The Vue Roof Top Bar & Restaurant is the only year-round restaurant with a view of Lake Dillon. Floor-to-ceiling windows intimately surround the dining bar. We had dinner for four. The food selection is limited, BUT very good! The cocktails we had were classically mixed; the wine list was minimal. We will be back, no question. The four of us are locals, i.e., Mountain People...and recommend the Vue.


I almost never write bad reviews like this but unfortunately, I must…. Last night was the fifth time I have eaten at VUE and it will be my last. This restaurant is poorly run and never properly staffed. The servers all do they best they can so it’s not on them. One bartender is not enough to properly service the amount of guests. Everything takes too long - drinks, food, etc. Our burgers which cost $28 each were just average and the fries were downright inedible. Go for the view but expect to wait forever for anything else.


Was kinda average. Staff was a bit distracted, and not with much because the restaurant was quite empty. When we were ready to order, we were informed about half (not even kidding) of the entrees were unavailable. Drinks took a while to arrive despite not being very busy. Overall pretty mediocre.

Tim L.

"It's all about the vue" should be taken quite literally. I have alot of patience from being in the service industry for many years but this was by far the worse experience I've ever had at a restaurant, it was almost comedic. We were sat promptly with our reservation but it took over 45 minutes to get drinks. After ordering a bottle of wine, which was sat on our table for 20 minutes (still corked and with no glasses) I had to get up to get my own glasses as I was brushed off by other employees after asking for help. During this wait, we witnessed several other tables looking around for assistance meanwhile waiters were standing around doing absolutely nothing and even saw two tables leave out of frustration. As they left and told an employee, he said okay and didn't seem to care as if it was a common occurrence. After an hour and a half the food came out and was actually half decent other than my girlfriend's chicken tenders being literal rubber and my plate looking as if someone had snacked on half the fries before it came out (see picture for reference). Our waiter was nice at first but made passive aggressive remarks as the night went on as we vocalized our complaints. One example would be when we were ordering drinks and told her we were also ready to order food, she claimed "I took your food and drinks order together, which I didn't want to do, just for you" To management: The restaurant is small with about 10 tables.. this should easily be covered with the amount of staff you have. Either hire new staff or teach them to be better because there is so much lost potential here. Shoutout to the chef for the pretty good wagyu sandwich and the busboy for having to deal with his waiters. TDLR: Do not come here unless you're in for a sitcom-like dining experience, just bring some drinks and snacks while you wait for your order to come out and it'll be a fun experience. The highlight of the restaurant for me would be the giant inflatable snowman


I wouldn’t waste your time eating here. It took 45 minutes to get our drinks and they were out of half of the things on the menu when it came to ordering food. On top of that the plates that came out had 3 French fries. Lol

Gerard S.

We started at the bar. Matthew mixes them with flair. Lounge singer Shana-Ynat. Awesome job. Ambiance nice view of the mountains. The Restaurant however, not impressed with the service the chicken cordon blue nothing to write home about. My question is chicken white mashed potatoes with broccoli side why would you serve it with a brown beef mushroom, onion gravy. Wrong flavor combination sorry To be honest I've enjoyed chicken cordon blue from ALDIs better than this. The Vue burger pretty darn good but the sauce they served with it no thanks The portions nice size we left full but it was restaurant food so I guess what do you expect. Next time I will pass and walk a few blocks in the snow and cold before I eat here again.

Irena F.

Amazing place!! Beautiful view from the rooftop. Must visit is delicious!!! Great service


Cold inside. Bartender thought a Cosmo was Vodka and lemonade.


WOW! A hidden gem with a million dollar view. Food was very good as was the service. As locals we were excited to find a new, reasonable option. We will definitely return.

Shereen Kos

We had a very nice experience at The Vue rooftop deck this week. The view really can't be beat! Our server Jorge was so attentive. It's under new management and the staff seem to be doing a great job. Hopefully the kitchen will be improving as well. We realize it is hard to get employees. Give it a try!

Chuck M.

You will love the "view" at the Vue! Everything else only hits the satisfactory button. The concept of this roof top bar is great! The interior is quaint but small. There is outside seating but the host said the heaters never work, hmmm. Since it was about 38 degrees outside we opted for indoor seating. Next up we asked for the wine list; the waiter tells us there is no drink menu available? All of our meals were "bland", lacking flavor. The staff, while "business" friendly, all seemed to be pre-occupied. I wanted to really like this place, but other than the view I wasn't very impressed.


As of now, I've dined here about nine times. The view and atmosphere keeps me coming back. Everyone I know who dines there says the same thing: The restaurant sits on prime real estate but needs to improve their food and service. I hope management can accomplish that feat as the eatery has immense potential.

Jessica G.

Our group had a reservation made days in advance. Confirmed it. Then the night before they canceled the reservation because "there is going to be a private event". Ummm. What? What's the point of making a reservation if you're just going to cancel on potential customers. Sad thing is we all live here full time too, so guess who'll never be coming in to check out Vue. Lost my interest.

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