Domino's Pizza

201 S Elm Ave Units 209 & 210, Eaton
(970) 612-9200

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Katheryn Vazquies

I placed a large order online however wanted that order for a different time. Unfortunately it is not immediately noticable about how to do that. As a result I had to make a call to the store to advise them of that time change. Please be careful hunt that website if he you want a different time.

Shannon Rich

I have been sitting here for 25 minutes watching my raw pizzas sit and get warm without going in the oven. I will be picking up my order 20 minutes later than promised. I walked in and paid, and was never notified there could be a delay in receiving my food. I am highly disappointed in this establishment. I will not be returning and I will be telling everyone I know about the extremely poor service. The staff had no interest in trying to offer anything to me to make it right either.

Rebar Jenkins

Order was deliver fast and hot by Gloria. She was very nice person . Got the extravaganza pizza it was excellent! I will call the Eaton Dominoes again. Thanks!

Rich s

Not too bad if you like warm, expensive pizza, hope you're not too awful hungry when you originally placed the order because you're going to have a long wait if you have it delivered. Hey, maybe that's why it wasn't hot, I just placed my last order with Domino's that's for sure.

stephanie elston

We always have issues with this dominos. Save your money and eat pizza plus in Ault. We’ve had cinnamon twists with no cinnamon. Raw dough. Cheese dip that was so burnt it was rock hard. Pizza with no sauce. Pizza with the wrong sauce. And pizza with all sauce and hardly any cheese. And if you call? They’ll tell you “let us know next time and you’ll get discount. Free items etc” Then the next time they act like they never said it.

Trevor B.

They incorrectly made my pizza and the manager was very rude when I called. I would have to recommend a different restaurant that will actually get your order right or at least will make you another meal if they mess up the order.

Blake Hanick

Not the first time with this location. Pre-heat your oven when you put your order in. This is the 3rd time the delivered pizza has been cold and raw. Cold sauce, raw dough, loose cheese, and uncooked meat/veg. Also...the wrong size and crust this time. Called in, put on hold twice and was thanked for cooking my own pizza. Pretty incredible failure on all fronts.

Leeah Hemor

Poor service. New hires at this location made thin crust pizza and crust was burnt. Duane stated he would not remake.


We called (I was not able to place it via the website) to have a Pizza Delivered however after 45 min I called to find out why our pizza was not here and was told our order was voided? We placed the order again and it was here in about 20 min. When the delivery driver got here he was pretty rude, I asked him if I received the points on my profile he pretty much told me to shut up and if when I ordered and it was attached then they would be there. 2 hours later he called to ask if he dropped his wallet at our house, after taking the time to go look outside and outside our fence I was not able to find it. I suppose Karma is real.

Elijah Johnsen

The food is great and almost always what we ask for so wait to go guys! Also the cheesy bread stuff there rocks.

Harvor Vester

This sore never have driver's everytime I place a online order I always get a call back it's never fails then the manger acts likes he don't Care it's doesn't matter what time I call I'm so done with this dominos they need a new night crew mangers in All at the manger can be a lil more caring about the customer at least offer me a free drink or water something pizza hut here I come

Mellinda Navejas

Usually forget my sauces every time. Given under cooked chicken Alfredo bread bowl Fast delivery though

Nathan Ransom

Great pizza tasted amazing! Same with my sandwich, one downside is they originally messed up my order and brought me the wrong pizza but they instantly brought me my correct one and even gave me free cinnamon things so that was nice. Great customer service too

matthew householder

You know I used to love ordering from domino's. This particular store is trash. The past 5 times over a month period I have attempted ordering they claim to be backed up by a few hours and can't take my order so they cancel it. Hire someone who knows how to run a buisness and isn't lazy not wanting to work.

Denise Heinz

This was the absolute worst pizza I have ever gotten. Wasn’t feeling great and didnt want to cook. Haven’t had pizza in awhile. What a total waste. Wasn’t cooked all the way and very doughy. I could only scrape off the top to eat the toppings. Will never waste my money there again. I’d rather cook a frozen pizza.

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