Del Taco

11155 E Arapahoe Rd, Centennial
(303) 706-9204

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david service

I eat here weekly and the food is always good and accurate and the staff is friendly. Definitely the best del taco I’ve been to out side of California

Nicolas Luna

This is all I’ve had to eat today. Got a couple bean burritos today, cheese, red sauce when I asked for green. I am extremely sick at the moment. Someone needs to help these people cook their beans, keep their tortillas fresh and keep their food up to date. The beans tasted over cooked like they were re-heated from yesterday or even the day before. Watch out for this location. I’ve been dry heaving for the last 2 hours. CDC has been contacted

Cortney Malin

I eat from here 3 to 4 times a week. Service is outstanding! Very professional and very kind &friendly. I always have my orders altered and they accommodate this very smoothly for me. Also want to add I use drive through and their timing is very professional, however there is plenty of parking available.The food menu is Amazing, these combinations and ingredients are fresh fresh fresh!!! There is absolutely no comparison to other well known taco chains and this is exactly why I KNOW you will Love this menu!!!

Mark B

Del Taco does the American taco better than anyone else and the price is unbeatable.This is probably the best Del Taco location out there. However, staff isn't super friendly and they approach you with an attitude every time.

Debbie Mitchell

ADIOS Taco Bell! HELLO DEL TACO!First Closed Lobby. Then Closed Early. Yesterday CLOSED ALL DAY.All without notice.WAS a huge TB fan for 40+ yrs. NO MAS!ADIOS TB! Moving on to Del Taco—open dining room, open drive thru, open all hours shown on door every day!

Robert Garcia

It was my first time there and I have to say I was super impressed beats Taco Bell by a long mile their food is excellent service was excellent will definitely return

James Rowley

I brought up some sanitary issues to the new manager. She stated she will correct them. I will visit again to give either better or worse stars.

Marilyn “Kyitdee” Carlson

This location is sloppy and disrespectful. I came here twice for lunch break and each time they’ve messed up my order they tell me I didn’t say anything it’s my fault. I AM ALLERGIC! Im ALWAYS saying NO TOMATOES OR TOMATOE PRODUCTS. And because ya still don’t believe me.. I can show receipts. But they would rather give me my correct order with an attitude and continue to be disrespectful by putting ketchup packet with my burrito… no fries.

Michael Layne

Missed items, no napkins, no reciept, RUDE service from some girl wearing a chucky tshirt and sweatpants. The items I did receive were cold, made sloppy and overall not satisfactory. Avoid this location as a late night option. The staff couldn't care less about the service or food they provide. Terrible.


Hands down, the BEST taco chain. Period.This place absolutely beats it's competition, easily. The quality of the food, the portion sizes, and the price... It's all perfect!

Meghan Thompson

Favorite location, food is always fresh and fast and customer service is always really nice as well. Fish tacos and carne asada fries are my go to's. Delicious every single time, have never had a bad experience here.

Mike Rivas

Food is great, but find it intrusive that they have a tip jar at the drive thru window. Everyone in the country knows its not standard practice to tip at fast food. This is a owner/employee problem, not a employee/customer problem.

Jonathan Casey

Great for chicken taco Thursday. Lunch time or around 12 pm you will wait for a minute unless you go inside.

Madison Cooper

Was just embarrassed, i will not be returning....apparently there card reader isn't working had to swipe the persons card in front of me a few times for it to work. They swiped mine twice didnt work i had money in my account but they said still not working, so i gave them another one that obviously would work too and they said no i had been waiting 20min to order my food. Im on lunch i didnt have time to argue so i left....but will not be going back to that location

David Schmidt

There are better than Taco Bell in anyway possible. Better staff, better food and no obnoxious advertisements.

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