1218 N, Main St, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-6888

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Charles Alvarado

Me and my partner get the same meals everytime and are never disappointed, its just delicious and wonderful ?Food: 5/5

Bruce Porter

Received horrible service tonight! Going through the drive-through I waited at the front window to pay when after a few minutes of waiting the girl opens the window and says "What do you want", I was shocked! I said I just wanted to pay for my food. She said "Yeah well just wait!". I just wanted to pay for my food. I had done nothing to this person or said anything that could have warranted such a reaction.I don't understand why she acted this way and then proceeded to double down too. Who hires a rude person like that to speak with customers? She should learn how to treat the people.

Quinnerine Parrberts

They will serve you in and out. Really quick.It's a little outdated. And the staff isn't rude and not nice. They are just ok. Not talkative.Food is good .Food: 5/5

Nicole Rosales

Food was hot and fresh, order was correct, staff was EXCELLENT!

Mo Kelley

When you order a French dip it's mainly because it comes with the aujus! Well got home and guess what???


Nice people, great food. You won't leave hungry


Been stopping here for years on our way to Denver. Always clean.

Brad Wiese

Been stopping here for years on our way to Denver. Always clean.

Dan Higgins

Best I have ever had .... must of been a district manager their who was greeting and had a smale for all who came his way tell his employees how good they was doing . Nice to see some do care about their own

James Sedam

Stopped at Arby's in Fort Morgan. Went through the drive-thru didn't get all of our food. Tried to go inside to get the rest, doors are locked. Called them and Maddie the manager wanted us to go back through the drive-thru to get the rest of our food. Only 20 cars in line, what a joke

Josh Silence

Never dissatisfied. I just wish they would bring back the loaded curly fries!!

Tiffany T.

Walked over from our hotel to get my family arbys for dinner. Walk up to the door and another customer said the door was locked, the lobby said it was open until 9( it was 8:30) the customer at the door had already ordered through the drive through but they didn't get all their stuff. The employees kept avoiding eye contact and then when they did they just laughed at us. We took our business to DQ.

Mark Lansville

As long as I can always get a Beef and Cheddar, curly fries and a ton of Arby's sauce I'm sold. Chicken is great as well any way you get it

Jeffrey Brady

Tasty burger but left off tomatoes and lettuce employees seemed indifferent like they wanted to be somewhere else

Lou Y.

Consistent good customer service and the food is good. Of course I can only speak about my visits, but they have always gotten my order right. I'm always appreciative of good customer service. Another place in Fort Morgan (Taco John) has horrible customer service. I ordered double meat, instead of being placed appropriately, it was just thrown at the bottom of bag underneath what I had ordered. Completely disgusting Needless to say, I will not return even if the food was free. Kudos to Arby's Fort Morgan!!!

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