Burger King

1200 Barlow Rd, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-3005

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Oliver Umanzor

Today the manager refuse to order my food due the card system fail inside the restaurant. The drive thru is working and I asked to her to order for me and she refuse one more time.

Tom Weikel

Absolutely disgusting! Ordered cheese sticks & they were so old I thought they were old chicken fries. Not even the correct burger I ordered plus it was also cold and old. Stay clear!Food: 1/5

Maya Love

This is getting really out of hand. Eavry time I go here I have to get new food. I ask at the for my food a sertion way because I have allergies I always ask for no tomatoes the girl who took my order even said it but when I get my food it coverd in them. This is a Helth hashed this is how people end up in the hospital. Is your staff to stoned or do they not care.

Desiree Conner

Went to burger King in Fort morgan and its a complete joke. Workers don't wash their hands, don't listen and have the music up way to loud. Not family friendly at all and couldn't get an order right to save their lives.

Heather Lopez

Get your order to go. So many flies in the restaurant it's ridiculous. You can NOT eat comfortably.

Andy S

Mote flys than in a waste yard. Jesus. Flies all over. Fries covered with flies. No one cares. They treat them like butterflies here. Nasty

Jack Doyle

Came to this location at 930 on a Monday, sign says 10pm. They already closed. The nice young gentleman with pink hair told me to f- off.

Morgan Woods

I asked the lady why they don't have changing tables in the bathroom and she told me to change my baby on the TABLE. It's dirty, sticky, and there are flies everywhere!

Rick A.

Awful experience. They were blasting crappy rap music from the first drive through window. Very unprofessional. And then the kid who charged us, took forever to give us our food. The worst part was when we unwrapped our food. I was given an impossible whopper instead of a regular whopper. Cold cheese and no tomatoes or onion on it. Then the two original chicken sandwiches were burger buns? What the hell? AVOID THIS LOCATION.

Christopher Reeves

Ordered $45 Dollars worth of breakfast to feed everyone and it was all TRASH. Drove 8 mins with the food to Brush and everyone attempted to eat some hash browns, and what they got. all hard, cold, and hash browns clumped together. Gave the benefit of the doubt and drove back to Fort Morgan and took a bite of my French Toast on the way, it was hard. Get to the restaurant and the general manager insists it was all made fresh. Says I ordered 25 minutes ago. Yeah I ordered 25 mins ago but it also took you 5 minutes to get me my food, and 8 minutes to drive to the edge of Brush. But yeah this picture reassures me my food was made fresh. Don’t eat breakfast at Burger King in Fort Morgan.

Rhonda K.

I ordered 2 Whoppers w/ Bacon ( Lg Combos) came home with 'Impossible' Whoppers... Threw away the fake burgers & ate the fries ?

Jojo Apodaca

We got the most excellent customer service today. Thank you Russ for your outstanding customer service we greatly appreciate you. We enjoyed our meal much much more thanks to you.

High Cosmonaut

Manager rudely hung up on me after they messed up my order, avoid this place no matter what. Those losers will never amount to anything and will be working mediocre fast food jobs their whole lives.

David John

My experience here was a month ago from the date of this review. Google seems to be blocking negative reviews of several businesses claiming that they are helping them through Covid.This is one of the Absolute Worse Burger Kings in the entire country.Burger King outlets in every state I've been to recently, seems to be continuously declining in value for money, quality of food and general customer service.There is nothing at this place called customer service!!The evening shift seems to consist of only 3 people.An old guy with a short fuse doing the impossible task of putting together the sandwiches...A teenager boy who does everything else including cleaning, sweeping, mopping, bagging fries and orders..And the other person is a short lady wearing glasses who is also short fused, arrogant and always appears to be busy but does nothing. This lady is the manager and seems to just hate customers.This interaction however, was the last time I will EVER step into a Burger King establishment.Like I said, customers are always left standing at the counter with everyone walking pass them. None of the staff says anything and no one takes your order. Two couples who were waiting at the register just angrily left when they saw no one attended to them and the manager passed them several times and said nothing.Even though I was the only customer inside the restaurant and the drive through was empty, I still waitied over 30mins to get the 1 simple order I made.Reached back to my truck to notice that everything was completely cold. None of the burgers had the lettuce, tomatoes etc that I paid for.And one of the burgers had some kind of hard, nasty smelling pieces of bacon strips that was not supposed to be in the burger.I returned to them and asked about this burger. The arrogant manager lady refused to even look in my direction. She waited for me to speak to the teenager boy who then had to relate the message to her even though she was standing right infront me.The boy acknowledged that this burger was not supposed to have any of this bacon.. The manager then angrily went to the kitchen to make over the correct burger. She angrily slammed the bread and patties etc because it seems she couldn't tell the crazy old sandwich guy that he messed up another order.Old Sandwich guy eventually realized what was going on and decided to frequently stare at me with anger, as though somehow it was my fault that he couldn't read simple instructions from a screen to make a burger.At this point a couple of drive through orders came in.. and to my horrible surprise, I saw this crazy sandwich guy putting every burger he made into a microwave (with the wrapper and everything).What was the temperature of the burger meat for them to be microwaving everything?That's why they refused to put lettuce and tomatoes etc because the microwave would just melt it.You can see the microwave just next to the fryer if you don't believe me.Then people in the drive through think they're getting hot flame grilled burgers..I now understood why the bread felt so extremely soft and soggy wet.This is why they always close the dining area to the public.. it's because they don't want anyone to see that every burger is being microwaved.They also want to keep their nasty kitchen and dining area secret.As I returned to my truck a second time.. I noticed to my disgusting horror.. several pieces of smelly, rancid, old looking pieces of bacon inside my cold fries..I threw everything away and took the time to write this so that others can be warned.

Rory David

I normally won't take time to write a review, but I couldn't help but do so today. Memorial day a tough enough for veterans. I was out getting errands done this afternoon when afterward I stopped at BK with the last couple bucks cash I had and ordered a bacon double cheese. I pulled around to the window and this Latina girl with glasses and a bright smile opened the window and said hi your total is 3.20. I was like ok here's 2.80 cash and the rest on my card. She came back a second later and handed me my order, card and some cash and said that she paid $3 and I 20 cents and to have a beautiful day. I was so shocked I didn't even get her name to include here, but I have no doubt her boss knows whom I'm referring to. She made a disabled veterans day and to her I say thank you sweetheart!

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