Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

1224 Main St, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-6438

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Andrew Hernandez

I came in through lobby ordering ice cream and the candy table looked so dirty and the floor was messy. I don’t think it’s pleasing to be serving while a candy table is dirty. One of the coworkers had a vape in their pocket as well. I also don’t think that’s very appropriate.

Cody Sharp

Has everything to make a Misty Freeze but , “ don’t do that “ at this location!? No grape either !? Poor communication and customer service! Completely unsatisfied taking my $$ elsewhere!

Michelle Wilson

They were out of country Gravy in the middle of the day they didnt seem understaffed no chicken box if they don't have grav. My husband's favoriteFood: 2/5

MaryGrace Lankhorst

Store was clean and not very busy the employees were dressed up in costumes cuz it was Halloween which I think is cool I think it shows that three company allows their employees to express themselves and connect with their clients.Food: 3/5

Lisa Marie Langley

Line gets a little long but its dq; always great ice cream! Love the xhicken baskets with gravy!Kid-friendliness: Kids birthday cakes are amazingParking: Parking spaces are plentifulWheelchair accessibility: Good wheelchair accessibility

cruz cruz

It's refreshing to see that good customer service is not a thing of the past the manager was polite professional the young lady who wrote on my cake was courteous and didn't laugh even when I didn't know how to spell what I was asking for lol needless to say this has rejuvenated my belief that not everyone are A holes just being honest

angelina espinoza

Ordered a burger combo,Was disappointed ? the patty was broiled tasting like burger King,don't like that taste.This Dairy Queen was nothing like the Texas Dairy Queen .

Phoenix “Jellygachawolf” Flames

It's pretty decent, tho their name for the cheese curds makes it questionable. But overall alright. They serve delicious food, and the blizzard was amazing. Would give it 4.5 stars if I could.

Stephany James

I really like when Tammy is working when I come to get ice cream she makes the best blizzard I have started asking for her and I can tell a difference when she doesn’t make them

Bridget C.

Food TASTED good and that is the only good part I had experienced. I said, "can I have a 4-pc chicken strip basket?" She automatically gave my brother and me an upcharge to large fry and added a large drink. Our 7.29 meal went from that to 9.28 without us knowing. The lady then claimed she asked. I never wanted a drink and definitely did not want a large, if anything. Tried talking to the lady- she was not helpful and said I asked for the largest, but then another worker who was ON HER BREAK overheard and gave us that $2 back. The lady who overcharged us honestly also always kept a positive demeanor. Side note: this was how the food came out (I took the one honey mustard dip off to show the toast specifically)

Luke Nielson

Just a few things;1. One employee constantly handling the rim of cups.2. Manager coming from the back and talking loud enough for lobby to hear to tell everyone that if they already looked at the schedule that it was wrong and had changed.3. Employee making himself ice cream, when questioned by another he said it was for Togo. Didn't look like anything on the order window but possibly true.4. Dr pepper drink order had to be filled by a 2 litre bottle that came from the back, despite seemingly functioning soda machine in lobby.5. Food order was announced for pickup before drink order was started, not a big deal but would be nice to have the order ready to go when called out.6. New seeming employee tossed entire blizzard, assume due to not being correct the first time.7. Asked what was on a menu item, employee had to look at menu item in system and gave incomplete list.8. Had three different cashiers during process.9. It seems the management company is dropping the ball on proper training and support. Would recommend finding out what they are doing to help. Staff of good people just need more from management. Would be smart to have someone there who can help and notices the simple things that could make a big impact on overall service.10. Food came out great, ice cream treats turned out great, 5 stars.

Wendy Lancaster

The service was not incredibly fast, but everything was done with kindness and a smile. Also, they were incredibly busy and I think there were only about 4 people working. They seemed to be doing their best. The food was very good too.

Tiffany Mulford

Mediocre quality for a dairy queen. The staff was wearing gloves and wer touching their faces and hair while preparing food....and the quality of the food could have been better. The staff wasn't knowledgeable about the menu and the offerings, and we overheard that they hadn't watched any training videos so far during their employ. The cake freezer was nearly empty and they service was slow.

Calynn Gwin

This place couldn’t have worse customer service. Had issues with them in the past being rude. Now tonight only 1 person in front of me and they ordered hot food and while I’m waiting behind them for the food to cook they already made my order and had it sitting out, 10-13 minutes go by, and by time I get to the window I’m handed 2 melted down blizzards that look like shakes and the girls responce is “ they melt fast” um no. Any other DQ will flip my blizzard upside down before handing it to me. It was leaking over the sides. The girls attitude made it even worse, asked to remake and she refused since “ they melt fast” never had that problem anywhere else. Then they only put the add ins on the very top and nothing is in the rest of the cup.Only DQ in town but I refuse to go back.

Taylor Musgrove

I stopped in to use the restroom and get chicken tenders & the cashier was so rude. I told her I wanted the basket meal and she asked which one and I pointed to the picture and said the chicken tender basket. And then she raised her voice at me and asked “NUMBER 4 OR NUMBER 6” so I told her that I wouldn’t be ordering from her and left. I didn’t get her name but she was really old & miserable with leather looking skin and a smokers voice/smell.

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