Domino's Pizza

1107 W Platte Ave, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-3030

Recent Reviews

Norris Owens

They have a staff that works as one you can taste it bravo ?

Kasey Wolfe

Ordered pizza pretty late tonight at 9pm and got my pizza super quick and gotta say it's absolutely delicious! Good job to the domino's crew tonight to my delivery driver Zachary for being a cool guy! Even gave him an extra tip for coming in this nasty snowing weather! Thank yall!!

Josh Silence

I've order from this Domino's numerous of times within the past years and I can't remember a one time that I've been dissatisfied.

Elyse W

Decided to try Dominos carry-out when the place near our hotel had too few choices for vegetarians.We ordered the make-it-yourself pasta. My husband had mushrooms, black olives, and added cheese with Alfredo sauce. I had green pepper, onions, and roasted red pepper with Alfredo sauce. Both were nicely browned and hearty portions. We also shared a generous garden salad, which had tomatoes, cheese, and other ingredients in separate sections so the lettuce didn't wilt. Perfect choices since we were looking for something a little healthier for our meal!The customer service person on the phone double-checked each part of our order. It was ready right on time.

Woogie K

When you compare the prices to other places it's a little more expensive. However, I greatly enjoyed the pizza and the cheesy bread we got. It was surprisingly good and everything was fresh and not greasy.

Ashley A

Driver Reid had the worst customer service. All due to not being able to add a tip to another persons credit card, however I was going to tip him in cash but started throwing a tantrum before I could.

Jason Arnold

The manager could not help me with a large order and told me I would have to do it online. He also stated I could use a tax id number online there was no where to list that as well. Grr

Dr. Mohammad Shamsuddoha

They made good pizza. But for veggies they should use different cutter. Hope they will take care this for vegan people. Please.

Robert Naeve

I have enjoyed Pepper Pod since the late 60's when my father drove a transport truck for Conoco (Commerce City terminal) to the bulk plant next to Pepper Pod. I remember the old bar was where the buffalo heads are now and the small herd they had behind the restaurant.My family now has enjoyed eating there for the last 30 years since we moved to Brush.I miss the salad bar....?

Cathren Riddler

All deliveries we have had from here were no problem. The only time we went to pick up our order there was a problem and instead of telling us they simply forgot to add the chicken to our order... the employee said there was a problem with the pizza. We really did hear the guy in the kitchen over their headset say they simply didn't see the chicken order. ??‍♀️.We would have understood. But don't lie to the customer....

Randy Johnson

Kind of expensive in my opinion for pizza but for Domino's Pizza is really good quality Pizza the wings are sensational

JR Kruse (jrkruse)

Wish there was more consistency in dominos. One says they don’t do 5.99 mix and match others do.

The Ancient

Awesome service, fantastic pizza made with 99.9% accuracy. In all the many years we've been going here, only once was our order messed up and they made it right instantly. They don't deliver to us (we are slightly out of delivery range), so we use carryout all the time, and the order is always ready when they say it will be! Curbside pick up available, car side pickup available also.

Stephany James

Crystal was very rude when taking my order and hung up the phone on me when I went to ask a question. Horrible customer service coming from a manager

Luke Davis

The last three time I’ve ordered pizza from here they have gotten the order so wrong it’s not even funny. I’m done ordering from here.

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