1203 Main St, Fort Morgan
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Levi Koch

The last six times I've been to McDonald's in Fort Morgan they have gotten my order wrong. The last time I went, they said to pull forward and they would bring my food out to me. I waited 15min and finally had to go inside. They said they forgot about it. By far worst McDonald's around.

Eazy-T Tj

Very rude people and most of the kids don't listen so they mess up your order almost everytimeFood: 3/5

Jenni Grubbs

Great service at the drive-thru. Our order was fast and accurate.Food: 5/5

Dan Stubert

Its McDonald's folks when you have to have that micky D taste. Not sure but looks like the burgers got a little smaller. Can not prove it. Like I said when you just have to have that flavor. Say micky DsFood: 4/5

Gabriel S.

I haven't been to the McDonald's in a couple of years but recently when I did go they remodeled it and took away the playground with the tree. That's probably why Joel left. I used to wake up early in the morning grab a coffee with him and drop my kids off so they can play. I'd then borrow Joel's bike to cycle to work and then when lunch time hits. BAM! I'm power peddling over to go order some grub, then head back to my 9 to 5. Finally when I would get off I'd cruise back to McDonald's standing on my back pegs even though a lot of people say it's hard to do it's easy for me, I can also ride with only one hand on the handle bars. At times I would find my kids peacefully sleeping under the big tree (Sometimes I would join them if I was really tired from work). I ended up losing my kids to the state and Joel doesn't go to McDonald's anymore so I don't eat here anymore but the foods alright.

Joe Riddle

9-30-2022First of all the food at this McDonald’s was delicious.Fresh and piping hot. Soda very cold.No complaints about the food 5 stars.However, the first one I’ve been to that does not have any of the things I need for my meal out in the open. Usually a shelf with napkins, ketchup, straws, salt and pepper, plastic knives and forks, serve yourself soda, lids, ice and water. None of that at this place. You only get what they serve you, no more.This place was very clean, very nice counter help.Just wish I could have gotten some salt for my fries.

Trigger Fpv

The staff seemed more apt to fool around in back and the getting rid of the drink fountain makes things way less convenient and more difficult to find what I was looking for. The recent changes in the store block off a lot of the food prep area making me wonder why they are hiding the cooks.

Connie H.

The scrolling menus are a waste of everyone's time!! With a line you are not going to wait to find out what the specials are... You notice only after you have paid twice the amount while you are waiting for your order.New remodel, chairs bolted to the floor. Not user friendly. No longer have a refill station for soda. Have to go to counter to beg for a refill. Prices have gone crazy. I know all prices have risen but the prices have risen and sizes have gotten smaller.

felicia woods

People are rude, when you say thank you they don’t say your welcome or anything at all. Managers are rude as well no customer service and act like they don’t want to be there. Just a few low level employees that are great and are very cheerful. Also witnessed a manager hugging employees as they left, just not professional at all. A lot of the time the orders are not right or take forever for a curbside order like they forgot and I had to call the store a few times to get it. Really need some experienced people in here it’s basically teenagers running the store. Rated a 2 for the few nice people that they have working there now.Parking: The parking is ridiculous the have a bunch of spots right by the drive through entrance and if you park there and the drive through fills up you can’t get out. They really need a different layout but I doubt that will happen.

Tara H

Date of Visit: 9/18/22 - Starving while on a road trip. Glad we were able to snag a bite after miles of nothing!

Robert and Karrie Carpenter

Absolutely no customer service skills. No one seems like they know what they're doing. They just ignore everyone. The curbside app never works anymore. Wait times we're easily 20 minutes the last two times we were here.

Belinda R.

Went thru drive thru. I was told to pull up, after 5 minutes our order finally came but was missing 1 fries. The lady took the bag and asked for my receipt, another 10 minutes, after waiting a total of 15 minutes for drive thru food I parked and went inside.Now it's more like 20 minutes my bag is still on the counter but manager starts arguing with me about how I didn't order that 1 extra fries evendo they have my receipt and accused me of leaving evendo I had pulled up and waited in that area! Asked for a refund for my cash purchase but rude manager wouldn't give me a refund unless I gave them a credit card and my refund was put on there. Horrible experience over 1 missing fries. I have never been treated so rudely.

Jenni R.

We went inside and had to do the ordering ourselves as there was no one at the register. They had an employee walking around the parking lot picking up - I guess - garbage. He would have been more helpful if he was inside helping with the order process as it looked he was more like the parking lot monitor! When we received our order (first time we saw an employee) they told us that we didn't know what kind of large fountain drink we wanted. Well - duh - I ordered on the machine & it didn't ask! The employees have to get the Coke for you as well as refills since their coke machines are not available for customers to fill or refill themselves. What is up with that?

Tomasz Goralczyk

The order process was painful (i think new employee) and at the end we got food we did not order. The point is there should be someone to help that new person.

Lilo Santos

We stopped at this McDonald's for breakfast and it's very empty. As in there was only one register and two kiosks for ordering. There was also no drink dispenser. But the bathrooms were clean and the service was quick.

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